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Saori Hara small mkvs and picture thread

Discussion in 'JAV Downloads' started by uk21, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Would be interesting to see that movie. :) If the quality is okay... ;)
  2. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Hi CodeGeek

    Yes Garo Red Requiem is a good movie and Miss Saori does a fantastic job in the movie as the evil baddie Karma , plus her costume and makeup in the movie are in her favorite colour purple!

    Now I want to apologize for the youtube link to the full movie, it' seems the video is now set to private?:oops: But no worries really at it was not that good quality, very low resolution and well you can get a small mkv rip with english subs on the first page of this thread if you want to check it out. Plus I have also included a 720P rip which has Dual-Audio English + Hindi dub soundtracks, But please be aware the 720P version as a water mark on the video.:mad:
    Now I just want to say that 720P rip was not done by me, I do have the Blu ray of this movie and I would love to upload a 1080P rip from that, But my internet connection speed is lackluster to say the least, One day I will upload all my DVD collection of Miss Saori as uncompress ISO's, all I need is a faster internet connection speed and more importantly the time.:(:confused:

    Well thanks CodeGeek for the comment and always looking on the thread, plus I do hope you download and check out Garo Red Requiem!;)

    Right I forgot on the 10th of this month it was the SHA anniversary!

    Miss Saori blackboard 2.

    Miss Saori and SHA back in our heyday( yes I'm crazy!):p

    I think this calls for a few pics...:cinta:
    Shhh !! It's Our Little Secret.....:D
  3. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    I hope things are going well for everyone. Since Sir uk21 has been posting some really fantastic activities (photos, videos, etc.) about Miss Saori lately, I would assume he has managed to overcome his “under the weather” issue. Wonderful to hear from you again, Sir uk21.

    I would love to see some videos from her latest showbiz activities when you have a chance.

    And thanks to all the guys who have been contributing to the SHA's thread.

    Take care and have a wonderful day folks.
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  4. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    Great to hear from you too, my friend. Sorry for the slow reply to your post(again), plus regarding me feeling under the weather, well I've still got that ear infection and well my head feels numb to be honest with you.o_O:confused:

    Now you know Sir icsaigon as soon as I can get any videos( interviews etc) I will put them on the thread ASAP. well I always appreciate your thoughts and comments my friend.;)

    Right today I thought you like a little update of GARO: Gold Storm, This is nothing really new , but it's a update nonetheless. Now you may remember from one of my previous posts I posted a video which was on youtube of the press conference for GARO: Gold Storm in which I said Miss saori is only in the video for a split second!!. well I got two more videos of that press conference were we see more of Miss saori!!

    GARO: Gold Storm update



    Feb 8th 2015
    Working hard on a night shoot for the Garo GOLD STORM tv series.

    Feb 8th 2015.

    Feb 22th 2015
    On set again This guy better watch out Miss Saori is doing her naughty innocent pose which I love.:)
    Feb 22th 2015.

    25th February 2015
    She said Today she is going to do interviews for Garo! and she will do her best, plus she said in this Photo she wanted to show us how she looks before wearing her makeup.*looking fine*:cool:
    25th February 2015.

    Now Wearing her makeup with her co star Inoue Masahiro(you lucking guy):mad:


    Garo gold storm movie trailer with english sub(Please note Miss Saori is not in this trailer)

    press conference.
    This one is more of Inoue Masahiro, But Miss Saori is in it.

    yes finally Miss saori speaks ! (Miyavi Matsunoi):D plus Keep watching until the end of the video and you will see a appearance by me, I'm the guy in the garo Golden armor!! I'm there to make sure Miss saori is safe!!( This is the truth honest or maybe I was dreaming):eek:

    Right onto something completely different, we have not seen Miss saori's two friends for a while IE Chrono and Miro, So to finish this post here are few pics and a little video shot by our leader of Miro doing his business. Now this video is in the .webm format, so just use something like VLC to play it.( The video is attached to this post in a zip file below.)

    Dec 13th 2014 Chrono:cool:
    Dec 13th 2014 Chrono.

    Dec29th 2014 Miro:cool:
    Miro dec29 2014.

    March 4th 2015(Miss Saori, ChronoMiro):)
    4 March 2015(Miss Saori, ChronoMiro).

    Attached Files:

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  5. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    Sir uk21 - Since your plate is usually full and hopefully after a few days rest you will overcome those problems.

    I certainly enjoy the latest update on Miss Saori and always appreciate how much work you have put into it even though you are still "under the weather".

    Take care guys.
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  6. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    I'm glad you still enjoying the updates, Plus doing these posts makes me feel a little better simply because looking at all these pictures of Miss Saori is a great tonic for me!!! So Hopefully my health will be back to normal soon?
    Well thanks for the words my friend....;)

    Right I thought for this post we can have a look back in the past again , so you might have see some of these pictures before, But I will put them up again because most of them have been deleted off the thread and well like I always say It's Miss Saori, So let's begin with a few pics for Sir alternity, Sir icsaigon and Sir lowleg26 :cool:

    Miss Saori with friends.

    With Sarah(For Sir alternity)

    With Mikie Hara( For Sir icsaigon)

    With Yuma Asami( For Sir lowleg26)

    With Sora Aoi.

    With Akira Elly AKA Yuka Osawa.

    With Risa Kasumi.

    With Rio.

    With Akiho Yoshizawa , Rio and Mihiro.

    On the set of jyouou Virgin.

    Right here is a piece of art I forgot to post, it's by a guy called earache-J from deviantart and is based on the Anime BLEACH.

    Art~BLEACH Neliel.

    And here is the beautiful picture that inspired it, where Miss Saori looks really radiant(love that picture set!):)

    So thanks earache-J for the above artwork.;)

    Ok back to the past, 2010 Hong Kong were Miss Saori is filming a little film called 3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy with her friend Yukiko Suo..

    3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy.

    Miss Saori at the airport waiting for her plane to depart.

    Hi there Miss Saori!! Looking Good!!:cool:

    Saori and Yukiko arrive in HK.
    Saori arrived in HK.
    Saori and Yukiko arrived in HK 1.
    miss Saori in hong kong.

    A Small video of this is attached to this post in a zip file below, if you want a look...?:confused:

    Finally at the hotel,she says "look at that view !"

    Saori and Yukiko having a BIG meal!

    A few days after Miss Saori says she is feeling homesick.:(

    Later the same day, she's feeling better and attends a Chinese ceremony for the beginning of filming.

    Now it's time for hair, makeup and a drink of course!

    On set....

    A few days after the shoot is done Saori and Yukiko decide to chill out and enjoy themselves at Hong Hong disneyland.:)

    And now here are a few pics of 3D Sex and Zen - Extreme Ecstasy 3D mouse pads which were given out at some events and some copy's of the Blu ray.

    Here is Vonnie Lui showing off her 3D mouse pad.

    And here is Miss Saori's 3D mouse pad ( I don't know what to think about this, All that comes to mind is, it's not very flattering!):oops:


    And here are a few vids for 3D Sex and Zen - Extreme Ecstasy.....

    In this there is a little interview with Miss Saori.

    3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy press tour.

    Chinese ceremony as in the above pics.

    Ok let's move on ....
    Here is a little video Miss Saori from 2009 that she did for the mosatsu website promoting her picture card which you can pull off the top layer to reveal her beautiful breasts, which she finds really funny. This is what I love about this video her laughing and smiling and it's a joy to see it again.

    Miss Saori ~The mosatsu video.:D

    Film camera brand Superheadz released their second version of a digital camera, the Harinezumi 2, and they also launched a site where some movies, recorded with this camera, which they uploaded to youtube,

    Miss Saori did a advertisement campaign for them and she's also in these videos, which are small abstract silent movies. Also look out for Aino Kishi in these videos...back in 2009.
    Miss Saori~Superheadz advertisements.
    Miss Saori DIGI2.
    Miss Saori -DIGI2.

    Miss Saori ~Superheadz videos.

    I want to finish this post with a nice interview that Miss Saori gave about her book "My Real Name is Mai Kato Why I became an AV Girl" for the sinkan website back in 2009 here....


    And below is a translation of the key points she made in that interview.

    Miss Saori ~Book interview-Key points.(Thanks to omfgwtf from scanlover for the translation.)


    And here is a picture of Miss Saori back in 2010 holding the book and saying she was proud of it and was going to show it to her ancestors.

    Well that's it for this post, I will be back soon with some news on another tv show that miss saori starred in recently, So I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane..

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2015
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  7. ozone

    ozone Member

    Another great set of pictures and videos. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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  8. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Thanks for all your efforts, uk21. :)
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  9. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)
    Saori Hara photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki.

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you still enjoying my posts, but more importantly you enjoy looking at Miss saori hara AKA Miss Miyavi Matsunoi's life through the pictures or the videos I post as much as me. :)

    Ok before I tell you about that TV series I mentioned at the end of my last post which Miss saori starred in recently, I want to show you a few screen shots from that Bittare!!! Episode she starred where she plays a woman who is raped.

    Bittare!!! screenshots
    :mad:(SHA will get you mate!!):mad:


    Sadly I can't find this Episode of Bittare!!! anywhere at the moment IE Episode 4, But when and if I do, I will post it on the thread.;)

    Right on to that Tv series Miss saori starred in recently, which was aired last Friday. Well the tv series is called Childcare detective Or Kindergarten Detective and Miss saori makes a guest appearance as a mother named Hitomi Hatakeyama. I really don't know the full details of the Episode, But from the looks of it, the main teacher IE Kindergarten Detective gets in trouble with the welfare Department over a abuse complaint and the Kindergarten gets closed and then Miss saori's character along with the rest of the mothers start a demonstration to get the Kindergarten open again....(Or I might be completely wrong!):confused:

    Anyway have a look for yourself, Now Miss saori pop's up now and again, so keep watching, In fact she's in the very beginning scene with her daughter.

    The Kindergarten Detective Episode 9

    Size=306 MB MP4

    Miss saori as Hitomi Hatakeyama.:)

    Well that's it for this little update, I hope you will enjoy Miss saori in that episode of Kindergarten Detective, So I'm going to leave you with another piece of art and a video of a interview that Miss saori did for the SOD website back in 2010 which sadly has been deleted off their site now, but you can get it here, so enjoy...;)


    Saori Hara~The SOD Interview.:cinta:
    Miss Saori SOD Interview 5.
    45MB FLV
    uk21 Back ASAP
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
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  10. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    Take a trip down memory lane with those videos and photos was certainly a fun one. Thanks Sir uk21. And thanks for the update on her new episode. :ksss:
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  11. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance


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  12. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    It is always wonderful to see the update on Miss Saori. I hope things are going well for you again, Sir uk21. :cerutu:

    Good to see CodeGeek and the gang as well. :cambuk:

    Have a wonderful day guys. :bye:
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  13. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Yes I'm back, Sorry my previous post with the SHA notice board which I like to use from time to time for various crazy things was small. But hey I think you agree it's always nice to see some pics of Miss Saori from the past even if it was only three pics. Just to let you know the first pic was taken in 2009 and the other two are from 2010 respectively.

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    Thanks my friend for the posts and the kind comments you always leave, I'm glad you still enjoy my updates on our leader, even if they are a little late most of the time. :D

    Thanks for asking, well my hearing is back to normal and my cold is slowly going away, So feeling a little better (touch wood!):eek: Now I hope things are going well for you Too?

    Hi CodeGeek or should that be Sir CodeGeek by now!;)
    Now I just want to say thanks for continuing to support this little thread by just pressing the thanks button on my posts, It's nice to know someone is reading my crazy words!, So THANK YOU.:)

    Ok let's roll on, Firstly here is one pic for Sir icsaigon...

    Here is Miss Saori out and about with her dear friend Mikie Hara on 16 March 2015. Miss Saori said she has been friends with Mikie for 7 years now, she has always been a faithful friend to her what ever distance they are apart and she has much love for her and will always stay good friends.

    Saori and Mikie(Friends always!)

    Now you might know by now that GARO: Gold Storm the television series started last week with a Special Edition Episode with interviews with the cast and a look behind the scenes etc, But the series started properly this week with a Episode entitled the "sword".

    Now before I post info and links etc to these episodes here are a few scans from Wеekly Plаyboy - 6 April 2015 in which Miss Saori(Miyavi Matsunoi) did a interview with the director of GARO: Gold Storm IE Keita Amemiya, She said that they will talk about the world of Tokusatsu.( English translation "special filming") or simply means any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects.

    Miss Saori(Miyavi Matsunoi) interviews Keita Amemiya,Wеekly Plаyboy 6 April 2015 ( Sorry no English translation at the moment):oops:

    Miyavi Matsunoi and Keita Amemiya=WP1.
    Miyavi Matsunoi and Keita Amemiya=WP2.

    Ok on to the GARO Gold Storm TV Series itself , Now I have not seen the film yet, So I'm not really up to speed with the story. But that's what the Special Edition Episode is for, to tell you the story etc... Now I have not uploaded the Episodes yet as I have not had time. But I will attach two torrents for those videos at the end of this post, both are HD. Plus I will also link you to the YouTube versions of the episodes just in case you don't want to download them from the torrents. But sadly they have not got subs yet, this includes the videos in the torrents as well.

    A recap of the plot from my previous post..

    GARO Gold Storm TV Series.



    Episode 0 "Special Edition"(English subs)

    Episode 1"sword"

    Next are a few pics from a event from Friday 10th for the start of the TV Series, in which everyone appeared in costume and they got big cheers from the audience.!! Plus Miss Saori said the director wanted her to look and act bewitching which she said was difficult at times.

    GARO - GOLDSTORM Event from Friday 10th

    GARO - GOLDSTORM On set pics.

    Miss Saori as the bewitching Amiri( Looking good!):cinta:

    (Saori) GOLD STORM 3.
    (Saori) GOLD STORM 2.

    And finally here is Miss Saori at the theater to see the film version of GARO Gold Storm.

    Miss Saori at the theater on the 7th April.

    well I hope you enjoyed all these fantastic pictures of our beautiful leader as much as me and I hope you will download the videos. It's a joy to see her happy and having fun in her new role as Amiri, Long may it continue Miyavi Matsunoi(Miss Saori) !!!:);)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2015
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  14. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)


    Just to let you know I've got the English subs for the Episode 1"sword" HD torrent which I posted in my above post. So I will attach the sub file to the end of this post in a zip file, Just put the file in the same folder as the MKV video file and you are good to go. Plus I will also attach another torrent to the end of this post for the same video Episode 1"sword which is HD, But this time English subs are (embedded) in the video, As in the Screen shot below.(Thanks to Over time for the subs):cool:

    Now I hope you like Miss Saori's glasses in the picture at the top of this post, Well she is wearing them because she can't believe I translated her character name wrong in GARO - GOLDSTORM. ( yes I'm being crazy here) Hands up! I got it wrong Miss Saori's character name is Amily, Not Amiri!!
    Sorry guys and Sorry Miss Saori(Miyavi Matsunoi)!!! I will correct all my posts when I get time...:eek:

    Miss Saori as the bewitching Amily(yes that's Right!):oops:

    Right that's about it for this little update, I hope you enjoy Episode 1 of GARO - GOLDSTORM if you download it and So I will leave you with another picture of Miss Saori wearing those glasses!(Both pictures are from her blog, back in 2010)
    uk21 Back ASAP;)
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  15. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Yes it's me again, Just a little update on GARO - GOLDSTORM, for you. Episode 2 was aired yesterday, So I will link you to the SD version on YouTube, Plus I will also attach a torrent for the HD version at the end of this post.

    But first I want to post a few more pictures of Miss Saori and Yukiko Suo when they were in Hong Kong filming 3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy which I forgot to put on one of my previous post's back in march, So here they are...:rolleyes:

    Saori and Yukiko in Hong Kong 2010 (The remaining Pics)

    Finally at the hotel,she says "look at that view !"(Part2):D


    Let's have a drink!!:cool:

    Saori having a BIG meal!(Part2)

    Back at the hotel room, Looking Hot !!:cool:

    On the Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy set...(Part2)

    Hong Hong disneyland(Part2)
    Miss Saori and a little bunny (What's not to like!)


    Well that's it for the Hong Kong pictures, So now it's time for a few pictures of Chrono and Miro...

    Chrono and Miro~Miss Saori's best friends .:D

    Chrono like's his sleep.

    But Miro like's to scratch Miss Saori's legs, (you devil!):mad: fe6d4025.

    And Today ..18th April 2015

    Now the picture above was posted today by our leader on her Twitter page which included a small video of Chrono and Miro doing their thing. I will attach the video in a zip file at the end of this post, If you want to have a look.;)

    And here is Miss Saori on the beach doing the v sign back in 2010, Trying to signal to the members of the SHA!:D

    Same year (2010) Miss Saori out and about in her kimono costume.

    Well that's it for the pictures for now, More soon,

    Ok time for that GARO - GOLDSTORM update, First thing I just want to let you know Episode 2 has no English subs at the moment, But I expect them to be available soon, So when they are I will post them ASAP on this thread...

    GARO Gold Storm TV Series UPDATE.

    Episode 2""FLAME"

    One last picture for you, it's from Miss Saori's old blog from 2010. I posted it before on the thread, But sadly it's been deleted, So here it is again.

    This is a bit of a mystery, simply because in this photograph Miss Saori is holding a photo of herself with a sister or is it simply a Photoshop picture of herself? Now If I recall I know Miss Saori has got a brother, But not a sister. As I have not got the blog post for this picture to translate I can't be sure, But I think she said in that blog post back in 2010 that she has not changed much in her appearance since she was young, So it must be a Photoshop picture?:confused:

    Miss Saori + Miss Saori !!:eek:

    Now like I said before the torrent for the HD version of Gold Storm is attached at the bottom of this post, Well that's about it for now. I hope you enjoyed the pics and I hope you will enjoy this episode of Gold Storm , if you download it.
    uk21 Back ASAP;)

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
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  16. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    Another set of wonderful updates (videos, photos and news) from Sir uk21. Thanks a million.
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  17. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)

    Hi icsaigon

    Thanks my Friend , I'm glad you like the updates.:cool:


    Ok guys, I've got the English subs for the Episode 2 HD torrent which I posted in my above post, I will attach the sub file to the end of this post in a zip file and like before just put the sub file in the same folder as your video file. I will also attach another torrent to the end of this post for the same video which will have the English subs are (embedded) in the video, As below...(This part of the post is like deja vu!):D
    So Many thanks to AzraelNewtype over at over-time for the subs and the rip.;)

    One more thing I've got to make a correction to the title for Episode 2 , The title is" FLAME" not "Inflammation"sorry about that!:mad:

    Well that's it for this little update, I will be back soon with some more onset pics of our leader with the rest of the cast from GARO - GOLDSTORM for you to look at. I hope you enjoy Episode 2 if you download it.

    Right I will leave you with a pic of Chrono and Miro, which was taken back in 2007.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
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  18. icsaigon

    icsaigon Active Member

    I am happy to hear that things are slowly getting back normal for you. :cambuk:

    I am doing relatively fine, my friend. :aghh: And thanks for the info on Miss Mikie.

    And thanks for the latest little update. I enjoy the Episode 2 and others very much.

    Have a wonderful day.
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  19. uk21

    uk21 Saori Hara Alliance

    Hi (Saori Hara(Miyavi Matsunoi)Alliance)
    14 December 2013.

    Hi icsaigon

    Thanks, I'm getting back to normal slowly, In fact I have taken a little time off posting on SLF for a while until I get my energy back in full(They won't miss me anyway!):rolleyes:

    Anyway great to hear you are doing fine my friend and I 'm really glad you are enjoying goro and my little updates!! plus no problem about the info on Miss Mikie hara. It's fantastic to know Miss Saori and Miss Mikie hara are still close Friends.
    Well thanks again for your comments my friend, It's good to know there is one of the original members of SHA still around on the thread to keep me company, Cheers. So here is another picture for you...

    Saori With Mikie and friends( November 2014)
    November 2014.

    Now on to those onset pics of our leader with the rest of the cast from GARO - GOLDSTORM as I promised you on my previous post...

    Now unfortunately not all of these onset pics feature Miss Saori, But I thought you like to have a look at them anyway. Some of these pics are from the main cast and the director keita Amemiya's blogs, So here we go...


    Miss Saori with Kuriyama Wataru , He says she was enchanting as Amily and goes on to say cheers for the great work!!!:cool:

    Kuriyama Wataru's cast drawings(which everybody thought were really good, LOL):p
    CCeDtW1UAAAabYU. large.
    CCeEGxPUIAAzrzD. large.

    keita Amemiya's onset pics.

    Who is this?:)

    CCgmiRvUAAApWc8. large.
    CB9G4I6VIAEG-4t. CC4t148VAAENeoy. CC4tvfkVIAEHk9y. CC21m23VIAAvuN0. CC25M7PUgAIoa9l. CCd5_KmUsAA1Dfj. CCd6V9jVEAE60XM. CCdONehUIAEL40J. CCdxun7UAAAtNyE. CCh2zruUgAAvkbS. CChZZ9yUIAAQFnx. CC8nSC9VAAA_Gbw. CC24EqfUgAEHKpS.

    Miss Saori is not happy!!!:mad:


    Here is uk21 in his acting debut!!!:D
    She's looking at you Kid!!:)

    It's a wrap!!!


    Miss Saori with Sakina Kuwae--Sakina said "Don't we look like twins? LOL" ,While Miss saori is giving us that naughty innocent look!o_O
    CCgp55TUkAEU4oq. CCgp55WUgAEH2GE.
    B-1GO7wUIAEwEAt. large. CCh4rXkVEAAG2S_.

    Doing some sound dubbing for goro.

    This picture is from Miss Saori's instagram page, where some guy said "you are pregnant!" :eek::confused:

    End of shoot-Miss Saori said Congratulations to everybody, But she could not stop crying!:(
    Bless her, Let's give her a big hug guys!!:cool:


    Inoue Masahiro's drawing. He said, The shoot is over. . .Thank you to all the Staff!!
    CC5ZDWzUsAAe8g8. large.

    GARO - GOLDSTORM the launch.:cool:

    And finally.

    That's about it for the onset pictures from goro for now, there maybe more to come? But from the pictures above, It looks like Miss Saori enjoyed playing the part of Amily and she has made some good friends along the way. Which is heartwarming to see! I hope this is only the start for Miss Saori and she will get many more parts in the future, I think she has proved to all, she is more then just a AV girl!!!:cool:;)

    Well I'm going to leave you with a nice piece of artwork, which was posted on Miss Saori's Facebook page last year by a guy from Hong Kong by the name 0f Kwun Lun Leung with the words "You are so charming !" I only just discovered it in Miss saori's personal Photo folder over at Facebook , So she must really love it!

    Now If you look at the top of my previous post, you will see the original photo...Great job Kwun Lun Leung!;)

    You are so charming !
    27 July 2014.
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  20. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Nice! :eek: Is that really from the movie or movie set?

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