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  • Hi Sir uk21:

    It is always good to hear from you, my good friend. I hope things are going well for you. And thanks a million for all the information on Miss Saori on the SHA's thread.

    I will check my Inbox. :eek:hgosh: Thanks for the info.

    Take good care, my good friend.

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    How are you my friend?
    I was going to send you a PM, but your in box is Full!!:horn:

    Anyway just want to say thanks for still going on the SHA thread and thanking all my post!!!.:hugethumb:

    Take care, my good friend.;)

    Hi Sir uk21,

    Thanks for the updates and the SHA's thread link. I just went to that link and left a note there, thanking for the wonderful updates you have done.

    Saori Hara~Venus in Eros(2010) <<< I am still unable to download this video. So please send it to me again. BTW, Were there any sex scenes in the video?

    Furthermore, I would be interested to see a few uncensored JAV pretty ones. Do you have any?

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    Sorry for the slow reply, having a few problems over at SLF, (google is blocking the website) etc...Plus sorry for complaining on my last message, I Just felt alone and a little abandoned.

    I know you would come on the SHA thread, so here is the link....

    It's not fixed yet, But I'm trying to get all the videos uploaded again, plus I've made a few small post on the last page of the thread.

    Well it's good to hear from you and I hope to talk to you again, so you take care..my good friend.:hugethumb:

    Hi Sir uk21:

    I'm doing fine. I hope things are going well for you.

    I thought the thread was down because I could not find the link. I would definitely come on the thread, my friend.

    Thank you for the wonderful welcome sign you and Miss Saori Hara made for me. You are not alone, my good friend. :eek:hgosh:

    Please show me the link of the thread.

    It is good to hear from you again.

    Take good care. And hope to hear from you soon. :shake:

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    How is it going my friend?

    Looks like none of the original SHA members come on the thread anymore, including you.

    Oh well looks like, I'm the only member left...:tear:

    Hi Sir uk21!

    I fully understand for your busy schedule. Therefore there is no problem with the belated reply. And I hope things are going well for you.

    As for the SHA's thread, I am pretty sure that all the SHA's members and friends will be happy to see the thread back running again for however long it takes. We understand that the thread required a lot of work.

    Always happy to hear from you, my good friend.

    Take great care and see you again. :whip:

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    Thanks for the message, Sorry for the slow reply again...:eek:

    Yes Miss saori's thread is in a mess and like you said finding the time to get all the pics back on there is going to be hard, but I got to try.
    I just hope members will still go on the thread??:lolidunno:

    Anyway you take care now, so I hope to talk to you soon...

    Hi Sir icsaigon

    Welcome back my friend, I hope your well...

    The Miss saori(SHA) thread is in a real mess, no pictures on there, So I'm really sad about that, :tear: But I'm glad akiba is back.

    So all I got to do is find the time to fix Miss saori's thread.

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