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  • Hi Sir alternity

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the beautiful ARTwork...

    You have made your old friend very Happy!!!!!!

    Hi Sir alternity:super:

    Now I hope your are well and not working too hard ..( love your new avatar, Sexy Sarah!):cool:

    I did try to send you a PM, but I think there's a fault with the mailing system at the moment were you can have only 50 stored private messages, anyway....

    Thanks for the message my friend, your words are true about Miss Saori's thread, that we can rebuild it together and your right we have the memories, all our thoughts remain on the thread for all to see. But I just can't help feeling really sad about the mess the thread is in at the moment, it's a blow to my heart my friend, I can only try to fix the thread the best I can, restore the life blood to it somehow?

    Right I think I will leave it at that for now, I will try to send you a PM or Email. later in the week...You have fun now my good friend.:th_059_:

    Hi Sir alternity

    Welcome back my friend, thanks for the Email you sent me.:th_059_:

    Well it's great to see akiba back online again, but the sad part for me is the Miss saori(SHA) thread looks like a ghost town, all pictures my have gone!!:tear:

    Seeing the thread like this breaks my heart, got to try to fix it some how?

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