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Aug 18, 2012

STAR-231 芸能人 原紗央莉×溜池ゴロー ネットリぬちょぬちょ、オヤジのねちっこい愛撫に悶える小娘。
Quality Video: DVD Quality
Format: .MDF/.MDS or .ISO
Sorry, i can't creat screenshot with DVD, please using Daemon Tools for open DVD after unrar file!
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Jan 30, 2011
So I was wondering if her book has been translated in English? I know it's a long shot but her book looks like a good read!
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Aug 4, 2009

Hi (Saori Hara Alliance)

Yes I'm back and as you can see the thread is in a bit of a mess, all the pictures of Miss Saori have gone and maybe all the members of the SHA have gone too?. so I'm pretty sad about this.:( But even though I'm sad at the moment, The thread is still here with all the comments that members have made over the years which I'm really glad about.
So I just want to say thanks to Chompy for keeping the thread intact, thank you it's much appreciated!:beg2:

So over the coming weeks or maybe months(depending on how much time I have) I will try to get the pictures back on the thread, the only question is how do I do this, Do I post the pictures on the previous posts and try to figure out what picture goes were or make new posts and repost the pictures that way?...I will figure something out.

please reupload Molester Hell (STAR205) :)

Hi hentaiboy48

I've reuploaded that video and the links are on the 1st page of the thread..enjoy.

Thanks for coming on the thread.;)

So I was wondering if her book has been translated in English? I know it's a long shot but her book looks like a good read!

Hi Kumquats

Now as far as I know the book has not been translated in English, I maybe wrong about that, But I've looked for a english translation many times over the years with no luck, The funny thing is I was planning to do a english translation myself and put it on the thread, But I never seem to get the time, one day I will and yes it's a must read for any Saori Hara fan or admirer.

Thanks for coming on the thread Kumquats


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Aug 4, 2009

Hi (Saori Hara Alliance)

Right you may remember a while ago in 2011 in fact, I posted a few pictures from a Tv show Miss saori did for SOD were she introduce SODs new stars..
Sadly the pics have gone from that post, I will put them back up when I get the time, Anyway here are a few little video samples I thought you may like a look at?

I will attach the video samples in zip files at the bottom of this post....:D

Saori Hara~SOD advertising manager.

Advertising manager#2 with Ami..

Advertising manager#6 with Ai Haneda, Sasa Handa, Nina..

Advertising manager#7 with Ai Haneda..

Well I know the videos are very small, But it's Miss Saori after all.:inlove:



  • Saori Hara advertising
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  • Saori Hara advertising
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  • Saori Hara advertising
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Saori Hara Alliance
Aug 4, 2009

Hi (Saori Hara Alliance)

Yes I'm back for a little update... I have put new links up to some of the videos on the 1st page of this thread..Enjoy;)

Ok back in 2011 I told you about a Film Miss Saori made called VENUS IN EROS, It's a Japan/UK co-produced film and it was shown at Cannes.
Well that film has finally been released in Japan on DVD, I've got a small Rip of that video wich I found floating around the web. Before I post the links, Here are a few pics plus the trailers to the film, Yes I did post most of these before on the thread, but like most of the pics on this thread they have been deleted since akiba came back online, So here they are again.....

VENUS IN EROS~pics, trailers etc..

Miss Saori looking over the english countryside.

Miss Saori pics:cinta:



Film flyer, t shirts etc...




'Venus in Eros' Japanese Trailer

Poetry Trailer.

Like I said before this is a strange film for Miss Saori to be in, It's not too everybody's taste I must admit, but Miss Saori is in it and that's all what counts to me.

So here is a small rip of the film, It's not the very best quality, but it's watchable. I will be getting this dvd for my collection, so I will post a better quality rip in the near future, all being well. So in the meantime enjoy this little rip.

Saori Hara~Venus in Eros(2010)


Also Known As
Vînasu in erosu: Tenshi-tachi no uta (Japan)

Released:20th October 2012 (Japan)

Saori Hara Venus
Alex Kovas Venus Maniac Alex
Freddie Ingles Angel Michael
Sonoya Mizuno Forest Guard
James Mordaunt Angel Jophiel
Ralph Skan Angel Raphael
Barney Lindsell Angel
Darren Ellis Sculptor
Kavana Crossley Angel Kakabel
Martin Collins Eros
Cassius O'Connell-White Angel Cassiel
Alan Vincent David
Daniel Fontannaz Angel Gabriel
Stefan Leadbeater Angel Sariel
Megan Saunders Forest Mother Megan
Carl Harrison Forest Lover Carl

Director & Writer & Producer: Takako Imai
Producer: Brian Jacobs
Songs: Libera
Music: Robert Prizeman & Ben Crawley
Piano Music: Tempei
Editor: Dominic Jacobs
Editing Supervisor: Nick McCahearty


In a deep forest, the statue of Venus stands alone.
The winter snows end and the ice melts into the river.
As the spring arrives two other statues, David and Eros, are
installed besides her. Venus instantly falls in love with

During the summer Venus falls asleep in the moon light.
While dreaming Venus becomes human and realizes David also
loves her. In a fit of jealousy Eros shoots an arrow at a
sculptor to control his mind to destroy the statue of Venus.
The love triangle dramatically alters into a tragedy.

Time passes by. Falling golden leaves in the forest turn into
falling snow. At Christmas Eve seven angels visit the forest
and sing for Venus and shake hands saying 'Merry Christmas'.
After the angels disappear the falling snow changes into a
storm. The storm changes her fate completely.

This is from the Libera website, which are all-boy English vocal group from South London.

Production Note:
“The beginning of everything was one Christmas card. Which was a photo of a sculpture of naked lady. Ms.Takako got to see the card by chance, and to be attracted by the mysteriousness, eroticism and artistry of it. She sent this card to Mr.Prizeman. He replied to her immediately – “How strange, but still lovely!”. Then she decided to film Venus in Eros using Libera’s songs.”

“When the boys came to the filming location covered with snow, and sang the songs as role of Angels, something memorable happened. Saori Hara (Venus) cried bitterly as their singing touched her heart deeply. They stopped filming and remade her dressing for Venus. The other actors and staffs were moved by her pureness at that time. But only Libera boys looked stupefied as they didn’t get what had happened there. That was very lovely to see.”

Size=348MB MKV

Well that's about it for now, So enjoy if you download it?:cool:

Just want to say I know most the original members of the SHA don't come on the thread anymore, Maybe I'm the only member left..well that's life I suppose.:(
But thanks to anybody who still comes on the thread, it's really appreciated, take care....

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Apr 28, 2009
Hello All,

Thanks a million for all the wonderful updates and as always good to see all of you again, and a warm welcome to all the new folks.

Thank you to all the guys who have been working hard to have this SHA's thread lively again, especially Sir uk21 who has been bringing many wonderful things about Miss Saori Hara to the thread.

Have a wonderful day folks. Enjoy and please pay a visit to the thread regularly as Miss Saori Hara :eek:hgosh: and her company would definitely love to hear from you all.

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Saori Hara Alliance
Aug 4, 2009

Hi (Saori Hara Alliance)

Sorry for the lack of any updates to the thread..:O

Now I got some fantastic news to share with you, but before I say anything, I just want to say thanks to ryuuga for confirming this news I'm about to tell you, so thanks ryuuga :top:

Ok this is the news I've been waiting for, looking for, searching for over two years now, Is Miss Saori still alive after that terrible earthquake and tsunami back in march 2011 and if so, was she ok? Over the last two years I looked and found no real info, only that she had a nervous breakdown or maybe she just retired because she got brokenhearted over a guy she met and just disappeared off the radar, these are a few things I read on various websites over the years.

Now the reason why she retired was not really that important to me, what was important to me was simply is Miss Saori alive? So now I finally know and what a relief for me to finally tell you...She's Alive!! :shooock::wahey::jump:

Yes Miss Saori is back, but under a new name Miyavi Matsunoi (松野井雅), now I like to point out she's not doing any JAV, which I don't really care about, she's just sharing her daily life with her fans on youtube, facebook & twitter, like she did on her blog.

I came across her youtube channel by mistake and I did not realizing this was in fact Miss Saori under a new name..,Anyway enough of me talking, I let the videos and pics do that.

She Joined Facebook under her new name on 24 October...

Miyavi Matsunoi AKA Saori Hara.....

Her very first photo on Facebook under her new name, which she Joined on 24 October...

A Few more....




Yes they are back Miss Saori's best friends Chrono and Miro....



Looks like they are still a hand full!

Now the youtube vids...

video 1

video 2

Here is the link to her youtube page so go and subscribe to her youtube channel.;)

So there you go Miss Saori is alive and well and from her facebook page, She has not changed one bit, Except for the different name and not doing JAV anymore of course, But that's not important, What's important is she's back, happy and looking good and I'm over the moon!!

So welcome back Miss Saori(Miss Miyavi):cinta:

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May 27, 2012
tnx sir uk21 for this wonderful update..i'm always visiting this thread just to know any update about her if she's ok. This is really a good news to all saori hara fans :wahey:
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Saori Hara Alliance
Aug 4, 2009

Hi (Saori Hara Alliance) or should that be (Miyavi Matsunoi Alliance) Now???:confused:

First I like to say thanks to everybody who thanked my last post, it's much appreciated and it's good to seen one of the original members of the SHA coming back on the thread again...So Hi lowleg26 or Sir lowleg26 ( yes I know you hate me calling you that sorry my friend!), good to see you again!!;)
But I do hope my other good friends Sir alternity and Sir icsaigon have seen the good news regarding Miss Saori in my above post??

tnx sir uk21 for this wonderful update..i'm always visiting this thread just to know any update about her if she's ok. This is really a good news to all saori hara fans :wahey:

Hi ely_scarface

No need to thank me my friend, it's my pleasure to pass on this great news to all saori hara fans/ admirers who come on this thread. So thanks for your comment and thanks for coming on the thread, I do hope you will come back on again from time to time.:hugethumb:

So let's have a look at a few pics from Miss saori's (Miyavi Matsunoi) latest post (28 December 2013) on her facebook page, were she's enjoying some Mochi, Thats Japanese rice cake to you and me...

She says it's a cold day and hustle and bustle of Shiwasu (December) will soon be over, So it's traditional to eat rice cake (mochi) at the end of the year and goes on to say, she's happy to have come back, so Thank you!.. Have a good New Year's Eve.







And like I always say, Miss saori loves her food!!

So there you go from these pics, she's the same girl alright.....:adore:

Now time for something from the past, 2008 to be precise, when our leader first used the name we know and love, saori hara. She did a few small videos called Scene for odoroku tv and each video had a theme like drama or comedy and were about half a hour each. These videos were once available to watch online, but sadly the links are dead now, only this webpage is live..

Now I think there was five videos made, I maybe wrong about that? anyway I did try to record a few of the videos while they were streaming last year and So I thought some of you may like to have a look.

If you going to download them, I just want to say, the quality is not that good, The picture is small and sometimes the video will stall etc, But as these videos are not available anymore they are worth a look because they are really good and they show Miss saori is a fine actress and I hope she will get the opportunity to do more videos like these in the future.

Saori Hara~Scene...Nov 2008

Scene2 - comedy.
Size=200MB MKV

Scene3 - drama.
Size=200MB MKV

It's a crime that these videos are no longer available and in better quality, But if anybody looking at this post knows were to get these videos in better quality, please let me know.;)

Well thats about it for now, So thanks guys for coming on the thread for all this time and I will be back soon with more pics etc ASAP...

So there's only one thing left to decide should we keep SHA (Saori Hara Alliance) Or should we go with MMA (Miyavi Matsunoi Alliance) or how about SHMMA (Saori Hara Miyavi Matsunoi Alliance):D

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