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Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by ihmissusi, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. kahm

    kahm Active Member

  2. roypaaa

    roypaaa New Member

    Thank you...great contribution!
  3. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

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  4. kahm

    kahm Active Member

  5. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

    Give them some time
    Even I-ONE haven't release the cover yet
  6. swahswah

    swahswah New Member

    i think i have seen her promote this date on one of her youtube videos. i wonder if this will feature her trip in thailand
  7. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

    RaMu - ラムチョップ!(LCBD-00863 / LCDV-40863)
    LCBD-00863. LCDV-40863.
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  8. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

    FLASH 18.08.14 RaMu part (pics from her next IV)
    Flash 18.08.14 001. Flash 18.08.14 002. Flash 18.08.14 003.