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Akiba Citizen
May 25, 2010
Dear admins!
During the last edit of this board there was any mistake in entering my name.I had this name originally Faust® and now there is a sort of character that is causing the misery of those who want me to send internal mail letter.But not only them but also my misery when I want to send a letter to them.In their case, it turns out that what we give as a side-dish image.It is a problem to return the name to the original state in order to avoid these problems?For each computer there is a "Character Map".
And there is the sign ® stated the following - Keys: Alt +0174
This adjustment here you are able to do it yourself, I've tried it, but it was not me.
For early resolution would appreciate Tono Stano


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Nutcase on the loose
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Mar 30, 2007
yes vbulletin, screwed us hand over fist, we had no hand in it at all, but it is being look into


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Oct 16, 2007
When the forum moves your name will be back


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