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new releases November + December 2009

Discussion in 'Hentai Discussion' started by redrooster, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Jan55

    Jan55 Member

    I don't know the details I have the info from a other Forum.
    Funimation is an American entertainment company and they produces, markets, and distributes anime and other entertainment properties in the United States and international markets.
    And it looks like they don't like TT *lol*

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    So I just watched Aki Sora... wow.

    I was expecting something like Kiss x Sis, but there sure is fucking in there - straight shota at that. I don't know if I'd count it towards anything though, I'd certainly say it's more like a hentai anime, but not quite. Kind of reminds me of some of the old edited hentai anime they put out in the US back in the 90s. Where they don't actually show everything. At least I don't think I'm making that up. Oh well. Still, nice.
  3. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    彷徨う淫らなルナティクス - out? some one please giv link or hash in PM
  4. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    彷徨う淫らなルナティクス will be released on Christmas Day.

    In the meantime, one can get this new file for Soukan Yuugi 2-2:

    (18禁アニメ) 相関遊戯2 後編[20091211].avi tAPsbJb8y7 283,805,380 00757a6557103fba41c1d239d9aea7cd
  5. Jan55

    Jan55 Member

    彷徨う淫らなルナティクス~後編~ is already out.
    But it's DLSite material so I can't upload it here. ;)
  6. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    It's Christmas in July :evillaugh:
  7. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    Last new covers for 2009 added, except some of the U.S. ones which still are not available (as usual). My job with the new releases announcements threads for 2009 is done. I hope you like what I´m doing and how I´m doing it.


    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    More reviews. Been waiting to talk about these since the site was seemingly down.

    Kurutta Kyoutou: This one started off really promising, I was very hopeful that this would be amazing for about a minute. Yeah, seems I have some weird fetish for ugly guys having their way with hot girls. No, I can't explain it. Anyways... starts off with two guys watching what I assume are live feeds of girls progressively doing naughtier things. We eventually get to the part where some old guy is banging this hot chick. Awesome. Except the two guys watching won't shut up, and it keeps cutting to their faces. Also the scene last all of a minute. Then the rest of the episode is just really random, with very little actual sex. The other sex scenes aren't bad, but again they're very short. I was really disappointed with this one, because it had so much potential to be awesome. Hoping, against my better judgment, that episode 2 will be awesome. Doubtful. Giving it a decent score because it was still usable... somehow 3.5/5

    Kanojox3: I'm torn on this one. On the one hand it's all happy sex - boring. On the other hand there's a few different fetishes in here that I like. Basically the blond being watched masturbating, the guy rubbing his cock in between the girls legs on the train, and the foot job. Then again I don't think any of these girls are really "hot". They're cute, to be sure, just not that sexy to me. It does look really nice though. I'll give it some props. 3.5/5

    Mesu Kyoushi 2: I had forgotten about this series. Apparently I liked the first episode well enough though. This one isn't bad, but again misses out on a great opportunity. I am of course referring to the scene with the teacher. Why couldn't she just get fucked by all the guys in the class? Oh well. Still some nice stuff in here, especially the last scene with the girl being video taped. Guess it's another... 3.5/5
  9. Larcx

    Larcx Waga Itoshii Enzeru~

    Merry Christmas / Selamat Natal:moe:

    Kurruta kyoutou : Was Hoping much from this......... 2.5/5
    Kanojo X3 : Hmm happy sex is just not My thing anyway it's much better than other hen this moon 3/5
    Mesu Kyoushi 2 : This one take a long2 time,no wonder if Ben forget it,I actually too. This one is the best of the three I'll give 3.5/5

    Waiting ~Kansen Inyoku no Rensa ~Saeki Hitomi hen~ Ep 01
  10. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    lol i seem to be the only one here who doesn't dislike happy sex. pretty good month so far.

    Isshoni H - given how the Baku chichi series went i wasn't in a hurry to get this one. boy i was wrong. the animation has definitely improved compared to the BC series. and the style is definitely my fav. my only complaint would be the "perma tears". tears are just not a turn-on for me. sure hope the dvd version has better quality. there's something strange about the video quality of the download version. 4.5

    Diabolus- the guy was a bit noisy and the scenes weren't that long. they did go through all basic positions. 3.5

    MK 2 - didn't like this as much as the 1st one. there's a drop in animation quality. sure hope the 3rd one doesn't get any worse. 2.5

    K3 - this one isn't only similar in char designs to Resort Boin it's also similar in style. good animation but just doesn't work for me. 2.5

    KK - felt like a vanilla / old milky release. with all the girls there i can't believe they just stuck with the bunny girl. the animation quality ain't that good either. 1.0
  11. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    Merry Christmas Everyone !

    I have yet to receive my present 12-25 ストリンジェンド~エンジェルたちのプライベートレッスン~MY BLOW JOBER ACT.4 - Stringendo ep. 4 (Pink Pineapple)
    which i have to see before deciding my best hens of the year :sigh:

    and i have yet to see these two either in share :donotwant:
    12-25 夏蟲 THE ANIMATION molester.1「ともえ」- natsu mushi The Animation molester 1 (Pink Pineapple)
    12-25 感染 淫欲の連鎖 ~佐伯瞳編~ kansen inyoku no rensa ~saeki hitomi hen~ ep. 1 (Suzukimirano)


    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone. I came home from dinner with the family to find three promising new hentai ready for download. Awesome!
  13. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    Merry Christmas :lols: kinda ironic though since i just took down my christmas avatars.

    unfortunately lately the avi/ wmv versions have all had bad quality. they didn't use to look that bad. perhaps the encoders are trying to reinforce mp4 files

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Think this is it for reviews this year.

    kansen inyoku no rensa (2?): Thought the first one was pretty average, this one isn't really any different. Very short gang bang scene, and some video taping. Aside from that nothing too special. Yeah the concept of some crazy "sex fever" infection is cool, but the hentai anime adaption just doesn't look that great. 2.5/5

    Stringendo 4: More Stringendo. Not a bad thing mind you. Still don't think this is as good as the older stuff, but more sloppy slutty sex is always good. Don't like the blond chick or either of her scenes that much, but the scene on the stairs is pretty awesome. Will give it a good score for that alone. 4/5

    natsu mushi: Yes! Train action! Molestation, and rape, and gang bang! Woo! The style reminds me of Hitoriga, which if you recall I didn't like at first, but grew to love. It's still not my favorite style or anything, and the girls are all on the "loli-er" side of things. Still very nice, every scene hits a fetish of mine. 5/5

    Kangoku Senkan 2: Bah! Another disappointment. As you guys no doubt know by now, I'm a huge fan of the style. The super dirty turbo sex is just something that I love. However there's only one good scene in this episode. Granted it's a great that I'm sure I'll get many uses out of. That scene of course is the first scene with the girls dressed in aprons. Good group action there. Everything else? Sucks. Don't like the electricity thing. And the nose rings pretty much ruin the last scene. Then theres a bunch of shit at the end of it. Also, even I have to admit the constant camera bobbing and motion blur is really excessive. I was thinking about giving this a 4 just for the one scene, but that seems like a bit much. Oh well. 3.5/5
  15. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    Strigendo: didn't download, not a fan of the animation style or that author's stories.

    Natsu Mushi: didn't download, too loli.

    Kangoku Senkan: didn't download, first one was a major disappointment.

    Kansen (Infection): only Christmas H-anime applicable to me. I was pleased with it. Using your guys' 5-star scale, I'd give it a 3/5 or a 3.5/5. It wasn't a 4 and definitely wasn't a 5, but it wasn't bad, either, and was in fact quite enjoyable. This is another anime where if you can't understand what's being said (and hell, I can't understand much more than half of it at times myself :\) then you're not going to enjoy it as much as you would otherwise. Then again, I'd say that this complaint holds true for just about everything -- to greater or lesser degrees. ^^;
  16. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    The 3 missing Binetsu 37°C releases have been moved to the parking ground.

    Still missing on current ones are:

    Wife-Swap Diaries (which has been released)
    Learning the hard way (still to come)
    Legend of Lyon Flare 2 - Into the Erogenous Zone (Happy Carrot) - in case someone sees information about it or any file please tell.

    Everything else seems to be finished.

    My very special Christmas present was a bad cold I caught on Christmas Eve, now I am in bed with high fever (High Fever is not the name of a girl...) and my activities are limited to sleeping mostly atm, the worst is the sore throat I have got...

    at least I could watch all new releases that way one by one...
  17. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator


    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Yep, I know what you mean red. I'm down with a bad cold myself. Been in bed all day long and I don't think I've managed to even get a solid 20 minutes of sleep out of the whole ordeal. Sore throats are the worst, I get them everytime I get sick. But, then again, wouldn't be Christmas for me if I didn't get sick.

    Gonna pop in the election topic with a question that you can answer whenever you're making the rounds and feel up to it.
  19. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    Wife-Swap Diaries now has finally found it´s way into the www now, it will be appearing at other websites soon, followed by the [KH] sub version.

    Learning the hard way still seems to be in the middle of nowhere, not even a cover available yet... (gonna move it to Jan+Feb 2010 later...)

    Legend of Lyon Flare 2 has been released though, files still missing...

    Thread will be released from being sticky as soon as last mentioned video(s) will be found...
  20. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    Legend of Lyon Flare II and Learning the hard way both delayed to January 2010, items moved there as well.

    Time to release this thread from being sticky now...

    There only still will be some cover updates to complete versions though...