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new releases November + December 2009

Discussion in 'Hentai Discussion' started by redrooster, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Larcx

    Larcx Waga Itoshii Enzeru~

    7 name:giveup: That quite amazing:dies2:

    Hmm I only know her role on School Days
    If i remember Sekai voice is totally different than her roles in hentai

    Yeah,I prefer the 3'rd also:secret:
    Psycho Yandere Imouto:evillaugh:
  2. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    Actually i can only distinguish her by her moans :lols: her voice is quite varied when she speaks. i just can't identify her without hearing her moan. i almost didn't know she was voicing Aki cause she was pretty quiet. btw remember how guy voices in hens bother me? Sora still bugged me even though he was voiced by a female seiyuu. strange.
  3. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    Covers and more screenshots now available for Valkyrie and Diabolus at the Poro main site. too bad they just wouldn't load for me. i only managed to get the special tele card for Valkyrie.


    regarding the Poro DVD releases they actually have a different audio stream where there is no BGM, only voices and SFXs are audible. i guess there are people who get bothered by that. now if only they'd make one more track where the guys don't have voices...
  4. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    it´s the same mess with the PoRO site like it is with Suzuki Mirano´s, it´s slow as hell...

    already tried yesterday and today to get the still missing covers, but found mostly sketches only with missing bar codes...

    edit: the cover is complete but far too small to see anything, you can only safe it from site, there´s nothing to dl or to open as a separate page.
  5. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    i actually save target as telecards and covers from SM and Poro since trying to load it from their page usually just ends in failure. btw funny thing about the Kansen 2 page at SM. the mini thumbnails of the screens properly show scenes from ep 2. but when u click to maximize them u see screens for ep 1 instead. i can't believe they haven't fixed that yet.

    good news for HLL. a new 3D doujin game came out from Kiyoshi. now she looks like a yandere hehe

  6. Larcx

    Larcx Waga Itoshii Enzeru~

    Seems like the same girl in Kiyoshi late series which sets in the train?
    If U have it,could U PM Me:flattered:
    Well I hope I'll have it within My sources
  7. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

  8. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    I´m waiting for 一緒にHしよっ~高井春香編~ - isshoni h shiyotsu by Chichi No Ya, out at DLsite since 12-14, but did not bump anywhere yet...


    edit: just bumped at n**a

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Don't know where else to post about this. But seems TT is....moving? Wonder how long it'll be down. I don't like using n**a (do we have to censor that now?) for getting anime, just more comfortable with TT. Waaah. :(
  10. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    we do not need to censor it, I just wrote it that way due to special reason reg this title...
  11. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    Hey! Xeruel's back,where have u been? ur also just in time for some nice futa action which just came out. did time ur return to coincide with Valkyrie Choukyou's release?

    Red- Isshoni ni H is already out. it's the downloadable wmv version.
  12. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    I had edited my pre-previous post about it already hours ago, it´s one part of two only though...
  13. Lain_Iwakura

    Lain_Iwakura New Member

    It had been out for a few days and nobody seemed to want to step up and buy it so I went and bought it and uploaded it (not here of course).
  14. Jan55

    Jan55 Member

    TT got pwnt by FUNIMATION. Edward_K search atm a new server.
  15. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    haha I've been busy with work and all things, also I have taken JLPT lv 3 two weeks ago.. lets hope the result doesn't sux :lols:

    A good gift for me in form of Valkyrie Choukyou hehe

    hmm whats with this Isshou ni H ? enlighten me :cool:

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    I'm behind on reviews...

    Armored Knight Iris 4: Sorry, this was from a couple months ago, but I finally learned how to use Share and got this one. It was alright, the wall scene wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be, but still nice. The giant guy didn't do anything for me though. 3.5/5

    Binkan Athlete: Really nice quality, hot girls, good sex scenes. This one would be perfect if it wasn't all happy sex. Marigold will become one of my favorite studios with quality like this. 4/5

    Soukan Yuugi 2: Didn't really like the first one, and this one isn't any different. Doesn't really look that good, and none of the girls stand out. I guess the story might be interesting with the game they're playing, but of course I don't understand any of it. 1.5/5

    isshoni h shiyotsu ~ takai haru kaori hen ~: Just pasted the whole title. This one is interesting that it's supposed to be like a POV hentai anime - I guess? It's only happy sex, but the girl is cute and it's something I don't think I've seen in a regular hentai anime before. 3.5/5

    Diabolus: This one was surprising. It doesn't look amazing, but it still looks nice enough. The girl is pretty cute, and best of all the sex and situations are really nice. I'm usually not one to take notice of angles too much, but it seemed to me like there were some good ones here. Also nice positions, and as I mentioned the situation is pretty hot (from what I can gather). Possibly my favorite one this month... so far. 4/5

    Valkyrie Choukyou: I love Valkyries, a lot. Too bad this consist entirely of girls. What a disappointment for me. I can see why reing was excited for it though. Sure theres futa action, but I have to be in the mood for that. Oh well, maybe I'll come back to this one at a later date. 2.5/5

    Baku Chichi Bomb 1-3: I actually got impatient and bought episode 1 off of DL Site. Only for it to pop up a week later on TT along with the other two episodes. I was pretty pissed about that, but oh well. The quality of these aren't great, but the action is hot. I don't necessarily like huge tits either - but I didn't mind them here. Episode 1 was my favorite of the bunch, with Episode 2 being my least favorite. 3 would be my favorite, because I like the girl in it the most, but the action wasn't as good as 1. Anyways... 3.5/5 for episode 1, 3/5 for episodes 2 and 3.
  17. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    reg: issho ni h shiyotsu 一緒にHしよっ...

    ちちのや Chichi No Ya has planned 4 releases so far, one already has been released at DLsite, as we know, there is no other title at DLsite page of release group "ちちのや" ment. so far. 2 releases are due to be released 02-15-2010 as DVD´s.

    The 4 parts are (2 covers attached, 2 still mentioned as "now working" at ちちのや site):

    一緒にHしよっ ~宮沢明菜編~ = miyazawa akina hen - already out - DLsite, DVD 02-15-2010
    一緒にHしよっ ~高井春香編~ = takai haruka hen - DVD 02-15-2010
    一緒にHしよっ ~浜田結衣編~ = hamada yui hen
    一緒にHしよっ ~辻すずらん編~ = tsuji suzuran hen

  18. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    Hey congrats to Ben for finally using Share. Any plans on using Perfect Dark in the future?

    i finally saw Valkyrie and it was so much better than i thought! :evillaugh: i thought Ziguruune wasn't gonna get a proper scene but thankfully i was wrong. it's too bad they didn't use more chars but i guess that was the right choice. otherwise they would've ended up like the Honoo no Haramase series and R3. Herumuvige isn't my type and the guy was mute but it would have been better had she been in a futa scene instead. i may end up with a tie with the best ero anime this year.

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Maybe. Depends on if I ever find myself in a situation where I can't find something on TT/Nyaa/Share.
  20. Larcx

    Larcx Waga Itoshii Enzeru~

    I agree with ben comment

    Valkyrie Choukyou : Though it has good char design. All girl sex just so boring IMO. I prefer seing the Valkyrie get's corrupted:XD: But I also agree they mute the guys voice. If it is it will be just Perfect.

    Diabolus : Best hen so far this moon,but 1 girl seem's not enough for Me. They should insert 2 girls in 1 EP

    Baku Chichi : Didn't even care 2 DL. Bakunyuu just isn't My thing.....


    Kay,I'm really a noob on news
    What's with TT and what's with Funimation?
    Can someone enlighten Me?:please:


    Finaly got Kiyoshi new game:evillaugh:
    It's 1,1GB