Miyu Hoshino 星野美憂


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Feb 16, 2007
Miyu-chan it has been too long! I was wondering what might have happened to her, since it has been nearly half a year since her last release. I am not sure of the reason for the 5 - 6 months gap between works. It is difficult to know anything about many of the Kingdom idols, as they do not use twitter, instagram or have blogs (unlike many of the better known JAV actress). They are also only rarely mentioned on the Japanese chan sites. I was wondering if Miyu had quit the Kingdom unannounced or filming videos all together...
There was a new release this month, KIDM-818B
It looks like there is some insertion in this one...
Additionally her next release is at the end of November, KIDM-837B. I wonder if this means she is back to some kind of regular release schedule. I also wonder if she will ever make the jump to full AV since her works are getting ever more extreme. What does the future hold for Miyu-chan?
Ask and ye shall receive… albeit at a hindered pace. But something is better than nothing. Hopefully the small bit remaining on the seedbox contract can be resolved quickly to increase the upload speeds~
[KIDM-818B]Ultra Zone 星野美優 Miyu Hoshino(22GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)


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Dec 21, 2009
With thanks to Ishikawa for the torrent of the bluray, here's my brightened edit of just the darkened parts of KIDM-818B:




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Sep 11, 2007
Kingdom needs to stop darkening the video. They pretty much do a tamer version of Nice-Ages videos and they don't alter the video

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Nov 3, 2015
Thanks. Any titles you'd recommend for Natsuki or others like Miyu?
Check out Arisa Mirai if you’re into more loli-type bodies, though her content is not as extreme as this.


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Mar 30, 2007


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Mar 30, 2007
Thanks CoolKevin, I should have asked is that her first Gravure vid?

even I could have done a little better in the answer, too busy with being ill

I do not know if someone has ever done a proper chronological listing, but more help will come from her JI thread here, (I will edit the first post and add it there) also I think if she was with Kingdom, maybe the change from JI to Idol was under that label, (it is a start at least), maybe a search using KIDM*
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Dec 7, 2012
wait did she retire?