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Miyu Hoshino (星野美憂)

Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by senduran, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. lpcs1

    lpcs1 Suffers from semenly incurable Narutophilia

    Regarding Miyuu and Natsuki more generally do you have by any chance, KIDM-473 , KIDM-331 , KIDM-108 and GOD-045 ? These are the last ones missing in my otherwise complete collection :)))
  2. nexx

    nexx New Member

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  3. jamdeltav

    jamdeltav Member

    KIDM-753/KIDM753B 9/29 release
    アナルビーム 星野美憂 (Anal Beam)
    Apparently the blu-ray will have an extra scene. No cover posted yet. KIDM-753 preview.
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  4. jamdeltav

    jamdeltav Member

    This one looks like it will be really good!

    KIDM-753/KIDM753B 9/29 release
    アナルビーム 星野美憂 (Anal Beam)

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  5. R156R

    R156R Well-Known Member

    I see hand glove and a dildo. She def needs to get picked up by Nice-age. Won't happen but I'd like to dream
  6. nexx

    nexx New Member

  7. kayzev2

    kayzev2 Well-Known Member

    Her next release KIDM-776 on the way: http://otokogiya.com/shopdetail/000000008628/

    No teaser yet.

    Considering the word in the title "overflowing", you might say there're gonna be a lot of "liquid dripping out of her ass" kinda scenes like before. I wish they could make a anal penetration scene like they did to Nozomi Takada.

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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  8. jamdeltav

    jamdeltav Member

    New Work!
    IN AND OUT 星野美憂

    This looks like it will be another really good one. The extra chapter on the blu-ray looks nice, actually whole movie looks great. I wonder what goes "in and out."

    Did anyone ever get her previous work of KIDM-776?
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  9. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    I promise you it is not me that goes in and out, (which would be an awesome dream come true)
    but it does look good any idea on release date?

    just found more details

    IN AND OUT 星野美憂 ブルーレイ [​IMG]
    商品コード : KIDM-794B
    通常価格 : 4,800円
    割引率 : 10% OFF
    価格 : 4,320円(税抜)

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  10. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    The surest way to see these things is to fund them. If it's not here than assume that no-one has funded it.
    Time… or Money$
    The choice is the same for us all
    There are also a few other holes in her discography that have never been filled. I assume that due to them being older there is less interest in them too.
  11. Afroluffy

    Afroluffy New Member

    I will gladly help fund any kidm titles, especially if its Miyu Hoshino or Marika Kuroki. Start one and i'll chip in every time i have money
  12. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    I don't "start" group funds in public. But if there are a few members that voice interest in a title or girl it goes to PMs where payment is duscussed and items purchased & shared. Mind you if there are no others interested you may never see these or the older missed ones…
  13. intraframe

    intraframe New Member

    It looks like a couple of things are inserted and more ass liquid expulsion on display.
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  14. senduran

    senduran Well-Known Member

  15. edtorious

    edtorious Member

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  16. senduran

    senduran Well-Known Member

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  17. voltesv

    voltesv Well-Known Member

    premium only? :(
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  18. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    the interesting bits are the ones that was never published

    but everyones is interesting bit is different, but I have to give credit for trying
  19. columbussnake

    columbussnake Well-Known Member

    Thank You Senduran!
    ... but did you intend your brightened edit to be premium only?