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[Manga] something like I''s ?

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by -=oopeteroo=-, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. -=oopeteroo=-

    -=oopeteroo=- New Member

    is there any good manga that is similar to I''s ?
    recently finished it it was awsome =)

    want some good romance/comedy/+ that shows some nudity like I''s

    what to read ?
  2. Daidai-kun

    Daidai-kun Officially Pledged ラーメン & オーテック軍団

    I pretty much adored I"s manga and its anime production, and have also enjoyed manga series such as Ichigo 100% as well as Hatsukoi Limited as well, the genre of these mangas are under the same category like I"s, categorised under ecchi/romance/harem. I think you will enjoy these mangas as well, in fact if you ask me in the manga Ichigo 100%, the main girls (Aya Toujou and Tsukasa Nishino) that the protagonist likes actually pretty much resembles the 2 main girls (Iori Yoshizuki and Itsuki Akiba) involved with Ichitaka-kun in manga I"s, so initially you might sense some de-javu here and there when you first read this series, but in terms of story-plot and character development, I would say Ichigo 100% is alittle bit richer and more satisfying if you ask me personally.

    Nevertheless, I believe you will enjoy Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited same as me, if you enjoyed reading I"s. Hope u like my suggestion.
  3. -=oopeteroo=-

    -=oopeteroo=- New Member

    thx for the reply, i am reading ichigo 100 right now, on volym 5-6 but i dont get the excitement that i got from I''s =/ and i think aya is really annoying xD
  4. lordt

    lordt New Member

    big Masakazu Katsura fan here! if you loved I"s you will definitely love some of his earlier work... video girl ai, dna, and shadow lady! the only thing you might get leary about is all of his characters look virtually the same.

    happy reading,
  5. macchan

    macchan New Member

    Same here and I agree with lordt. All Masakazu Katsura can be fine for you.
  6. JaKeX

    JaKeX New Member

  7. sabero

    sabero Member

    this one a bit old thing~ where can find it :hi: