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E-Reader for Manga Question

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by mp5wes, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. mp5wes

    mp5wes Member

    I'm looking to buy a e-reader for my manga and asking for some input. I've narrowed it down to 3 but any other suggestions would help.

    1. Amazon Kindle-

    -I've heard manga looks great on it.
    -Battery life is good
    -You can zoom in on PDF files
    -Has full keyboard.

    -Last time I checked long ago, you need to pay to put PDF files in there but I could be wrong.
    -No expandable storage.
    -No removable battery.

    2. Barnes & Noble Nook-

    -You can add PDF files no problem.
    -When you go into a B&N store, you can read any title there for free.
    -Removable battery
    -Expandable storage
    -Has wi-fi.

    -Battery life not as great as the Kindle cuz of the color LCD screen on the bottom.
    -I heard it can be sluggish.
    -You cannot zoom in PDF files.

    3. Sony Reader Pocket Edition-

    -Great screen
    -Slightly smaller which may be a good thing cause it would be closer to regular manga book size.
    -Fast refresh rate
    -Good Battery life

    -No wi-fi
    -No expandable memory
    -Smaller onboard memory

    I didn't factor the Kindle DX or similar sized ones because its too big for my tastes. I didn't mention the iPad because I'm looking for a e-book, not a large iPod touch.

    Again, any suggestions if you have these products or others would really help, thanks!
  2. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    A word of caution: we're still living in the early-adoption phase of eReader technology. If you buy an e-reader today, expect it to be antiquated within one calendar year. If you can wait on purchasing an e-reader, if you do not have a lot of money, or if you are not an avid reader, I would suggest holding off for now. If you can't wait, if you have a lot of money, or if you are an avid reader, then it may be worth the purchase -- so long as you can handle the fact that a better model will be out this time next year.

    Aside from that ...

    • I don't own an e-reader.
    • I have friends who do. Two own Kindles. One owns the Sony device. None own the Nook but several have voiced interest in obtaining one.
    • Everyone seems pretty satisfied with their purchases. The Kindle owners insist theirs is best. The Sony owner insisted his was better than Kindle 1.0 (he was an early adopter!), and is now looking towards Nook rather than Kindle 2.x. I think that you will be satisfied with whichever one you choose. None of them are perfect, as you have already pointed out. So find the one whose flaws irk you the least and go with that, I would say.
  3. mp5wes

    mp5wes Member

    There's always going to be new ones every year and from what I'm hearing, the next step would be color E-Ink technology but I'm not sure exactly if that would even be a selling point for me since manga scans are usually in black and white anyways. Thanks for the input on your friends purchases, I'll keep an open mind on all options.
  4. cvcclove

    cvcclove New Member

    I have the base kindle, and it works pretty good for reading. The only drawback is limited space, but that's easily overcome by just deleting stuff when you're done and replacing it as you go