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Life-sized Dolls

Discussion in 'Dolls and Figures' started by bologna, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. chadodesu

    chadodesu New Member

    I wish I have a life sized doll..
  2. proceed23

    proceed23 Member

    they arent that expensive you know, catdoll's Miss Q are only 800 dollars total.

    Problem is if you live in UK, Canada and a few other countries you cannot order it. if you ever want to order a doll STAY AWAY from Amazon! if you want more info, contact me I will supply it.
    hawtdawg likes this.
  3. chadodesu

    chadodesu New Member

    I still can't afford it.. I'm living on a third world country so, 800 usd here is a lot, compared to.. Let say UK or US and other first world country, and I'm also still studying...
  4. bigloser0

    bigloser0 婦人

    USD800 is for a little girl.
    Imagine you want a woman doll, think it might be close to USD2,000.

    Really good to have a doll but not worth it unless you have a lot of spare case and a place to "keep" your girl.
  5. proceed23

    proceed23 Member

    you can keep her under your bed or in da closet hanging. not that much space required.
  6. bigloser0

    bigloser0 婦人

    Under the bed sounds like a dead body. Very scary.
  7. proceed23

    proceed23 Member

    u aren't ready for a sex doll then yet. still got too much uncanny valley fear in you. nevermind.
  8. chazz00

    chazz00 Well-Known Member

    A HC video has been released by CzechEscortGirls.com.

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    Mad Bundy and Rebeca.

    Here is the hash if anyone is interested:
    Megaglow_Z and danl1956 like this.
  9. proceed23

    proceed23 Member

  10. Auto455

    Auto455 New Member

    Dang that dude has monstrous dick. He should become jav Star impaling those tiny pussies and asses.
  11. Geezle

    Geezle Member

    Why the warning to stay away from Amazon? I mean, besides the owner Jeff Bezos being in bed with the CIA?
  12. beautybar

    beautybar New Member

    Love and sex with life size dolls
    Once there being a story that a men bought an inflatable sex doll online, and he regarded her as her girlfriend, as if she was the same as a real person. The inflatable doll itself is mainly responsible for the sexual release. Although the humanoid doll can sometimes be bulky, most of the time is cute and very real. But when the doll becomes a real person with emotions, how will the nature of the person be treated.