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Life-sized Dolls

Discussion in 'Dolls and Figures' started by bologna, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. ezepietro

    ezepietro (。◕‿◕。)

  2. danl1956

    danl1956 Active Member

    Cute, realistic, and a bit young....but cute! :)
  3. Zevs

    Zevs Slug loves uterus

  4. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    at 10K XRP per set, that's 48.76 at this time. For 50 pictures of some dolls for $50, I doubt that very many people are paying.
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  5. Totoro79

    Totoro79 Castle in the Sky

    hyper realisteic girl dolls is an understatement lol

    Id drop my wobbly jelly on a plate if that was lying on my sofa, I take it the price sounds too high so probably not !
  6. Zevs

    Zevs Slug loves uterus

    Actually most of plastic-virgin sets are available on the manufacturer's site at http://trottla.net/egallerytop.html, there is around 0.5Gb of 3000 pictures. I don't quite understand why to sell them then. There is less nudity and close-ups are scarce though, so this must be the only difference.
    danl1956 likes this.
  7. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    The photos on plastic virgin are 2000x3000px resolution, and there is probably more nudity than is showing on his gallery too.
  8. danl1956

    danl1956 Active Member

  9. danl1956

    danl1956 Active Member

  10. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

  11. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

  12. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

  13. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Figured it would be a woman scienetist objecting to sexbots.....sounds like they fear being replaced. Hell, we still need the real thing....or do we?
    WillEater likes this.
  14. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Yes, I believe we do.. :)
  15. Gir633

    Gir633 Señor Member

  16. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Classic! The Marilyn Monrobot and the Lucy Lieubot.
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  17. lynnnwei

    lynnnwei New Member

  18. abc.dem.puppies

    abc.dem.puppies Active Member

  19. proceed23

    proceed23 New Member

    are these new trottla sets? I thought trottla doesn't usually show the genitals so openly.
    Also, can I share here photos of dolls that are sex dolls, clothed and nude?
  20. proceed23

    proceed23 New Member