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Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by SakanaShachou, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. George1967

    George1967 Well-Known Member

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  2. Sky900

    Sky900 New Member

    damn! your way of explanation is hot ...thanks will check TERASAKI Izumi now
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  3. flanders2872

    flanders2872 flanders

    If you like Terasaki Izumi, I highly recomend this one. SPRD-678. This is one of the best Mom/Son movies I know. Izumi is just great in it. Her acting, her passion - the whole performance...
    Unfortunaly I don't understand a single word (I'm from Germany). I think that would make it a lot better. Try out. upload_2020-6-15_7-45-28.
  4. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the compliment! Here's the box cover and some stills...


    Attached Files:

  5. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

  6. George1967

    George1967 Well-Known Member

  7. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Danke! I will try to find this ASAP. I can speak a little Japanese, actually more than a little. I've been to Japan several times and I don't have any trouble getting around. I can't read a newspaper or anything like that but I can arrange my own hotel, travel within the country, call for an ambulance, etc. If I can find this video, I'll reply with the basic idea of what they're saying in the scenes. Porn tends to use a lot of slang, though, obviously, so I may not understand every little detail.

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  8. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Okay, I found this! MTES-016
    Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 9.47.53 AM.

    While FA-Pro is a different company, they're both run by the same person, Henry Tsukamoto (Clearly a stage name.). His name and picture are printed on the spine and the box art is very similar to FA-Pro's style. Not to mention use of the same performers. Maybe this company exists to offer a slightly different branding for FA-Pro fans that might want to feel like they're getting something different but if you check out this video's preview here [ https://www.r18.com/videos/vod/movies/detail/-/id=h_1300mtes00016/?i3_ref=search&i3_ord=10 ], you'll see everything from the actors to the themes and overall production style are the same.

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2020
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  9. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    Just watched the movie yesterday, loved the first and 3rd scene. The dad drying himself off with the boner was hot, wished the last scene had more sex positions Hitomoi body was banging back then, her body was still frim even though she's a mother. What's up with the dancing at the end? I realized even though I sometimes subscribe to the mature channel on R18, I miss out on a lot of stuff. Does FA Pro specialize in mother son, or father daughter?
  10. ripcode

    ripcode New Member

  11. George1967

    George1967 Well-Known Member

    ... I've been writing here ... but, I don't see much interest in what I set out to do: "I set out to decensored as many of Henry Tsukamoto's films as possible ... the problem is that I want to have and subtitles for them (because I consider that in these movies subtitling is an important part of the film's story) ... as I said, I have a few decensored movies that I also subtitled from scratch ... corrected and synchronized ... now I am working on 3 such movies: HTMS-025, HTMS-040 and HTMS-093 ... all are decensored and I have subtitles for them, but they are weak and need to be corrected and completed while running the movie ... me I've done this many times, but I don't have time now ... so I propose to give the decensored movies and subtitles as they are to those who are willing to do the additions and corrections to the subtitles ”... if anyone is interested, they can contact me in private !!!
    ... after you see such a film decensored and subtitled ... you will realize that it was worth the effort (and this effort is not too big, because I have already done the hard part) ...
  12. flanders2872

    flanders2872 flanders

    I am absolut with you, George. Subtitles lift it to another level. I always look for subtitles for my favorite movies . I appreciate your work and your effort and I'm thankful that you share it. I desperatly tried to translate a movie by myself, without knowing any single japanes word. I used an app for my cellphone, but it was worthless. Needed three hours for 15 minutes of the movie and the most was just a guess. I gave up. If I had more knowhow, I would like to help you. I really do.
  13. George1967

    George1967 Well-Known Member

    ... in principle there is a pyTranscribe program (which somehow uses google translation) ... it's not perfect (but it's constantly evolving) ... if the movie doesn't have background sounds, jams and the dialogue is clear, you can get a subtitle acceptable ... if not, just suggestions ... and what makes this program good is that it delays the dialogs (puts the appropriate times for the dialogue) ... and with a little patience you open the “srt” file obtained with it in the notepad ++ program (it I always recommend, for such changes) = compared to notepad (simple) it is far ... (much more professional .., you can also recode with it - when it does not recognize your Asian characters ...) ... you can open more many subtitles at the same time and you can apply a change to all documents at the same time ... for example you want to replace the expression (annoying): "meat stick" with "cock" ... and you can do this instantly throughout your subtitles , but also in the other subtitles opens at the same time in no tepad ++ ... with CTRL + H makes these replacements. ... but, come back, that I went too far ... I made the subtitles and the film decensored ... you, if you can and have time, open the movie on a PC (with KMPlayer, or VLC ... something that also loads your srt) ... and next to it, you open notepad ++ and patiently try to make sense of the dialogues already made, but which don't make sense (seeing the action, you can guess what it would mean) ...
  14. flanders2872

    flanders2872 flanders

    I tried to find a Download for this movie (NASS-751). But it is a Compilation and the Download Files are too big for free-accounts. I don't want to pay for all, you know. I keeped searching and I found RPD-14.
    And that seems to be exactly the same movie that your screenshots show. upload_2020-6-17_20-17-45.
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  15. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked it and

    1) Hitomi Enjo did have a pretty firm body for a mother back then. My favorite scenes with her are definitely from that era. Two scenes in particular, one les, one incest, get me going every time! The scenes are well acted and they do some raunchy stuff but those thighs and those tits helped! Hitomi Enjo had it going on!

    2) I read an interview with Henry Tsukamoto about that. He said since he explores some pretty dark themes he wants the audience to know what they've just watched is only a fantasy. It's meant to be a little titillating but more in good humor.


    3) I think FA-Pro's incest scenes are the hottest right now and they seem to be mostly mother son. Deeps had the title for a while but they really slowed the incest stuff down in recent years. Now it's mostly Center Village, Tameike Goma, Venus and Rocket. SOD even stopped doing so many incest themes lately. Wonder why that is.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2020
  16. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    That version is just edited down. My copy is 2 files, suggesting it was on 2 DVDs. I think if you download that one you found, her BJ scene will be on it. Be warned though, it gets dark after that. Izumi Terasaki's part goes someplace I neither condone nor nor endorse. She just gave some really good head in that one scene and I rarely watch any scene but that.

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2020
  17. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Click "#R2" and go to about 37:55. That's when the BJ starts.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2020
  18. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Just gave this a preview watch...holy shit! It's on my DL list but I just prioritized it! Thank you!

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  19. flanders2872

    flanders2872 flanders

    Thank you for the link. I like Terasaki and I like Nanami Hisayo as well. A really good movie scene, but a bad end for Nanami. Is there any realionship between the actors?
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  20. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member


    I studied Japanese years ago. I can understand the basics but sometimes the elaborately plotted FA-Pro or SOD stuff defies my comprehension. I can't read a newspaper or anything like that but when I travel, I'm good to go. Started studying again recently, though, since like most of the world right now, I've been locked down for months. I don't think I'm good enough to translate a video, though. Lots of slang and when Japanese men speak, it's hard to catch every word. If you can find a Japanese-American, someone who maybe spoke a lot with his parents growing up, went to a Japanese afterschool program or something, then that would be perfect.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020
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