How to Post Torrents…


Jul 24, 2008
This very informal message goes out to all members of AO, regardless of membership status and for due reasons.

In particular where we have found users recently including multi-level links to attachments, forcing members to browse up to six (6) other domains before finding the intended content

Our recent efforts have had to focus to a great deal on “cleaning up” others posts rather than trapping pure and true spam, which in it self leads to massive loads on the server for no other reason to correct what should have been a simple button click on the side of the posting member.

Lately it has been a topic of great discussion among the moderators how to treat various posts and the originating members posting some torrent attachments, or rather the lack thereof in the messages.

The following is not a rule, but should be seen as a common praxis and be useful to all 200,000 + members of AO.

As AO is a rapidly and steadily growing community, it is only reasonable for all to come to a mutual understanding of what can be seen as acceptable praxis in the use of the available site features.

I am not in any way speaking for all moderators, nor for Chompy directly when typing this message, so they are all free to share comments and edit this message as deemed necessary from time to time.

This very topic is undergoing constant revision as AO continues to expand and hopefully we can manage to maintain a free, open and simple approach in all sides of this.

The direct purpose behind my post here is to enlighten new, and old members alike as to the development in this area, and the great concerns we have related to the time involvement in keeping AO clean and healthy.

Although I am aware this issue has been addressed in many threads on various locations here before, I wish to post this topic separately from all others to ensure that it is not overlooked for any reason.

When you post a new torrent thread…

TheProcess said:
Make sure the title is in preferably English, indicating the nature of the post, to alert any member not speaking Japanese or other languages, as to the content of the torrent. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises for people not sharing your interest or that of the content depicted thumbnails.

Secondly, it is strongly recommended that you post a thumbnail or screen capture of any video contents to enable viewers to preview the content before clogging up bandwidth with a full scale download. Such thumbnails SHOULD be included in the post itself and not cross-linked/hot-linked by URL usage. Enabling the user to load material from as few locations as possible.

Thirdly, and most importantly. The torrent file itself SHOULD be posted directly as an attachment to the posted thread. Do not link to the download by using some obscure paths, to other paths, of other files, when finally following the paths you end up with a torrent at “level 5” or more.

Due to the fact that we as moderators rely heavily on the common sense and acceptable practices by the users, we do not feel inclined to stipulate “Rules” for every little detail on AO.

At the same time, we must of course reserve the right to adjust, remove, edit, correct and appropriately issue infarctions, warnings or bans of certain users and in particular repeat offenders, on a case by case basis.

In particular where repeat offences against common standards and principles of use are apparent or set into system by a few users of the forum.

The purpose of this praxis by the moderators is to keep the forum easy to use, readily accessible for all and without to much effort on the members side to access the data intended to be shared.

The actual implementation of new rules, standards and practices are up to the moderators and owner of the forum with the aim to ensure it remains easily moderated and with a minimum of restrictions beyond the most apparently given by the main rules.

Please find below the links to;

Main Rules of AO

Cash Links & Restricted, Banned or Permitted upload URL’s

Do Not Upload! – Restricted materials list.


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Jan 14, 2013
So How Do You Post Torrents? I've looked up and down and can not find how to actually create a post on Akiba online. If someone would pass on that info it would be great. Thanks for all the torrents from everyone by the way.


Aug 28, 2009
I came looking for how to create my own folder in the Media Files section. But noticed here, the three rules links above in first post are all not found.


Nutcase on the loose
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Mar 30, 2007
please do not post in the media file section at the moment, because of abuse it maybe shut down,

most posts, should not be there,

what was you trying to post, it is a good chance the rest of the forum covers it


Nutcase on the loose
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Mar 30, 2007
yes I can see the problem, apart from being 7 years old

it is basically the rules all found here in announcements