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How do you go about passing the time? (Other than fapping)

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Speeny, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Speeny

    Speeny Active Member

    I personally play a video game, or generally just browse the web.

    I'm actually running out of things that entertain me.

    Ya'll got any ideas of how I could go about changing that?
  2. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Learn to draw! I tried that. I wasn't that bad. :D
  3. Loli Battle Machine

    Loli Battle Machine Rei is love

  4. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    Photography, but I still suck :mad:
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  5. supersam

    supersam Loves Bukkake, Loves Long Tongues & Loves Gokkun!!

    Games, photography and listening music.
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  6. bad_character

    bad_character New Member

    Lots of Video games and girlfriend
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  7. genki_desu

    genki_desu Well-Known Member

    I play online games on the PC, mess around with Photoshop, watch videos on YouTube and Hulu, and just general web browsing.
  8. Little Chucky

    Little Chucky Hi, I'm Chucky, Wanna Play?

  9. mealtimeshadow

    mealtimeshadow New Member

    Many things. Lately, just learning about the world and current events.
    I suggest watching the documentary: All Wars are Banker's Wars and Zeitgeist. Both are on youtube.
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  10. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    no argument about that from me
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  11. ashshark

    ashshark Araumi No Ohja

    hi! i play video games (sometimes recording for youtube xD) listen music, sometimes just sleep xD
  12. PJB

    PJB Spam filter killed all my posts! :(

    I used to play games all the time, and like fapping, it was kinda a big waste of time at the end of the day.
    So now I focus on building stuff in my spare time - When I was a kid that meant with lego bricks, nowdays it's computer game modelling or website stuff.
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  13. 24K

    24K Member

    Path of Exile and gaming in general.
  14. _2old_

    _2old_ Love those pretty panties

    Work, failing that I play far too much Warframe.
  15. Happosai

    Happosai FULL POWER GIRL

    Smartphone gaming, PS4 gaming, trying out Linux Distros on my home PC, watching tons of Idols related TV programs and videos, aaaaand... That's about it! :D
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  16. Boken

    Boken New Member

    This is my first post. I'm glad I found akiba-online because I am learning even more. I pass some time devoted to JAV, but I'm no expert like many site members.

    I fap a lot. Been doing that forever now... Fell in love with zenra and J-List a long time ago. Even back then I had an idea to write a story, but I didn't start it until a couple of years ago.

    Now, working on the novel is how I pass the time (in additional some occasional fapping to JAV, but that's called research). I have created a universe with characters that I have imagined, which is an erotic universe based on JAV. I will be working on it for another couple of years.
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  17. onedelacruise

    onedelacruise New Member

    I look for some DIY projects that I can start but not finish :(
    Current DIY project that I started is a a bartop arcade.

    I really enjoy the planning stage but when it's time to execute things, I realize that it is too expensive for me.
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  18. Seaeco

    Seaeco New Member

    so far today woken up:
    play games
    play games
    browse forums
    play games
    lie in bed contemplating life

    fyi: its a public holiday for me
  19. justhangingout

    justhangingout JAV Lover

    I interact with my family as much as possible, watch a lot of "Archer" reruns, watch the ball games, and paint with oils. Oh... and go to work (the necessity to allow time for all those other things).
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  20. GrannyBongo

    GrannyBongo New Member

    working, hiking (if is possible) :(