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Hollywood against Kim Dotcom and his campaign

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Wokkonno, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    Last Friday, we spend a few minutes talking about Kim Dotcom
    the founder of Megaupload and the campaign had started
    (video included) against the reelection of President Obama for his
    policies have been influenced by the pressures of the entertainment
    industry United States (principal developer of the closure of Megaupload
    and, precisely, has filed suit against Dotcom millionaire).

    Openly accusing Hollywood, the response from industry has
    not been long in coming and, in response to the publication of an
    open letter to industry, signed by the Megaupload manager, Bruce
    Leddy writer and director of TV series (Cougar Town, for example)
    has decided to publish a response letter lambasting the Dotcom
    its business model and his flamboyant life.


    Bruce Leddy, writer and director of TV series like Cougar Town, has
    decided to publish a letter to The Hollywood Reporter to question
    Kim's statements Dotcom and put it in opposition to their lifestyle
    and money, according to Leddy, has amassed
    "through the work of others ":

    I am a current employee of Hollywood and I have friends billionaires
    with mansions and Rolls-Royce cars, therefore, that we become
    friends anyone could become much more interesting [...] I am
    concerned about their assets.

    While you are under arrest, who cares for his mansion and all the
    cars that were bought with the profits amassed by publishing the
    Hollywood movies and TV shows online? The dust accumulates
    rapidly in the helicopter, be careful !

    On a rather ironic, the writer and director, we review some of the
    "excesses" and "luxuries" that have shaped the life of
    Kim Dotcom: luxury cars, his mansion, trips, parties, private jets
    etc.. Why this attack ?

    Dotcom has always pointed out that the Hollywood industry is
    behind all the events, ie, closing Megaupload (FBI operation
    and collaborationist authorities in New Zealand), but the
    point of view of this industry representative is very different
    and see the business model Megaupload within the opportunism
    of doing business at the expense of others' work:

    Hey, since you are under house arrest and can not get out in
    time, do you mind if I take a lot of borrowed one of your luxury
    cars? That is, if you think about it, basically we belong to the
    writers, producers, directors actors and everyone who works
    hard every day to make movies and TV series and are not as
    smart as you think is the amasses large amounts of money
    online making other products.

    [...] Hollywood must be in the dark ages. In the future, everyone
    should be like Megaupload: free make money from what others
    do create or write ...

    I'm tired of fooling around writing and directing things to get
    a decent wage when they could share the work of others over
    the Internet and untold amounts of money. So to even things
    out, I decided to start selling all their possessions on eBay
    starting with its collection of luxury cars.

    That Mercedes Brabus SV12 easily pay college tuition
    for my children. Logically their property not mine but if
    I can find a country where I can be appropriated for
    their things, live in a big.

    The truth is that statements of this writer fall into what
    anyone would expect and, in my view, is proof of that is
    stagnant business model of the industry and its reluctance
    to accept the rules of the game are changing or at least
    they should change and adapt to new digital media.​

    Sources: alt1040.com ( English Version )