Kim Dotcom started a campaign against U.S. to defend freedom of the network


Wokkonno XP
Jul 15, 2011
Since Kim Dotcom founder Megaupload, were released on bail
the "chubby Megaupload" has not stopped lashing out against the
U.S. and has announced it will market a new business idea, Megabox.

Given that the judicial process, the raid on his arrest and his
imprisonment stemmed from an investigation by the FBI (though all
be developed in New Zealand with the complicity of the authorities
of the country), it follows that the white all the criticism of Dotcom
is the U.S. government.

As presidential elections approach, Kim Dotcom has embarked on the
network with its own space and a music video to counter the control
that is under the Internet and that under your view, is due to the
influence of content industry.


The website, intended as a platform that Dotcom
want to show the world the abuse Megaupload lived with the
case and fight the fence that is becoming a network under the
influence of certain business sectors.

With this idea, Dotcom has summarized what occurred in a summary
page where you hear the case in 10 events ranging from the loss of
personal files from many users, the violation of rights suffered when
the FBI has brought to the U.S. data without a warrant and that
were taken from the Dotcom computers or storage business model
in offering a cloud computing company focused on 4% of global
Internet traffic, however, now faces a lawsuit entertainment
industry over alleged damage equivalent to 500 million of dollars.


Megaupload addition to the case and video of an interview at the
same Dotcom, the aim of the website is to fight the control of
the network has resulted in initiatives that threaten the freedoms
of users (SOUP, ACT or PIPA) and completely clash with the
"politics of change" that permeated the campaign of the current
U.S. president, Barack Obama.

Given that the presidential campaign for the U.S. is about to begin
and, therefore, Obama is facing re-election; Dotcom wanted to use
this forum to make a song and music video.
(you can download and disseminate free) to call attention to
the restrictive policies carried out since, rather than to protect
citizens, look after the interests of the industry:



" The war for the Internet has begun.
Hollywood is controlling politics.
The government is killing innovation.
Do not let them get away with that. "

An interesting way to call to reflection and exert some pressure
against the most powerful entertainment industry, the United
States of America.​