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FS - New Junior Idol U-15 DVDs

Discussion in 'Your Stash' started by 6ewong, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

    DSC02804.JPG DSC02792.JPG DSC02793.JPG DSC02794.JPG DSC02795.JPG DSC02796.JPG DSC02797.JPG DSC02798.JPG DSC02799.JPG DSC02800.JPG DSC02801.JPG Hey all,

    I will be going back to Tokyo again next month, will be hitting up Akihabara for more DVDs so clearing out some from the collection to make more space. All DVDs are pristine new-like condition, prices below, send PM if interested, thanks.

    DVD codes from left to right on first pic:

    OKD06-22 (2 disc box set) - £25.00
    SOPD-2005 - £25.00
    FG-002 - £5.00
    EKD-004 - £5.00
    IMOG-216 - £8.00
    IMOY-008 - £15.00
    IMWL-019 - £23.00
    IMOG-225 - £19.00
    IMUB-002 - £15.00
    IMOM-165 - £15.00

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  2. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

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  3. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

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  4. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

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  5. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

    first posted updated, thanks
  6. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

  7. spikier

    spikier JAPAN:みんなのあい

    you know, i'd be nice if you would do a fresh rip of some of these classics. just putting that out there...
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  8. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

    Do you want to buy me a new CD-drive, and pay for the rips? lol
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  9. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    I was hoping you'd answer so I wouldn't be the first to! Exactly! Hey, I'm selling this because I actually paid money myself for them, BUT, I can rip them so you can have them for free anyway! But, still...want to buy them?

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  10. 6ewong

    6ewong Member

    Not sure if anyone has ripped discs before, they end up all scratched.. doubt anybody is going to want to buy damaged discs, not losing money on any of my stuff