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FISA: U.S. law allows Europeans to spy through the cloud .....

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Wokkonno, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    At the end of 2012 we told you about the renewal of the FISA
    law in the United States a regulation that gives intelligence
    agencies the ability to spy on the country's citizens without

    Now, after a report to the European Parliament, has warned
    that the law also authorizes the surveillance of foreigners if
    data are stored in cloud services from U.S. companies like
    Google, Facebook or Microsoft

    Something similar to what happened with the Patriot Act, which
    could be used for obtaining data of citizens outside the United
    States if there is a threat of terrorism.

    This time, the approach is different, as the report makes clear
    that FISA is an even greater risk for Data sovereignty
    of EU member.

    FISA was passed in 1978 by Carter, a regulation establishing
    procedures for physical and electronic surveillance in addition
    to the information collection U.S. citizens and permanent
    residents suspected of being involved in espionage in the

    In 2008 FISA was introduced retroactively since the end of
    2012 was renewed until 2017.

    During the renewal process, a conflict arose between those
    defenders civil liberties that warned the law as an attack on
    the privacy of citizens

    According Caspar Bowden, former chief advisor on Microsoft's
    privacy Europe and the man who drafted part of the report:

    - " The amendment gives U.S. created a power of mass
    surveillance specifically aimed at non-US persons data
    located abroad using cloud services. "

    The law comes to indicate that U.S. companies with a presence
    in the EU may be forced by a secret surveillance dictated in turn
    by a court in secret, to deliver the data of Europeans.

    According to Bowden account, most intelligence agencies of the
    countries monitored real-time communications, such as emails or
    phone calls from those groups under suspicion because of national

    FISA however, expressly authorizes the monitoring of these
    communications real time data in the cloud related located abroad.

    According to the ex-advisor:

    - " It's like a blank favoring any interest in foreign policy U.S. and
    legalized up to European journalists or political activists engaged in
    any problem in which the United States may have some involvement. "

    FISA explicitly makes it lawful for the country perform surveillance
    continuous mass democratic ordinary activities. '

    Even more, because it allows forcing U.S. providers in the cloud
    like Google to provide the data required for European users.

    Bowden finished the report asking the European Union to seek
    explanations urge as providing a framework where every
    European citizen can receive warnings that their data could
    be violated under FISA.

    FISA is: ( Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act Amendments )