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Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by JavFanatic, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    Yeah- kudos to Yumi- she can be so nasty and tempting!
  2. Jeet Roi

    Jeet Roi New Member

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  3. Jeet Roi

    Jeet Roi New Member

    These matures are gorgeous. I love them.
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  4. holyabdul

    holyabdul Active Member

    Yes 白坂百合 has flown quite under the radar. She made some titles but I don't think she was ever that big. Really like her a lot. Just seems like some hot lady you could meet in real life.
    More vids here:
    https://javhub.net/search/yuri shirasaka
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  5. nandaziza

    nandaziza New Member

  6. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Three titles over and over. Got it.
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  7. nandaziza

    nandaziza New Member

    Hi Casshern2, I am a novice in uploading files, sorry but could't upload the full list !!!
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  8. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think


    Hit edit and delete all images in the post, not the little thumbnails underneath. Then, if you want to include all of the images a full images, use that button/link at the top of your attachments, otherwise, use the thumbnails one. :D
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  9. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    Sayuri Shiraishi?
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  10. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    It is purely just my taste, fellas, but, I didn’t like this title, which was a little expected. Yes, good for her for losing weight, according to the scene around 55.4kg, which is a lot! Again, good for her!

    But, she lost all her filler for her wonderful body. They went as far as to help her lose the weight, but, she now has very loose skin in a bunch of key places. Guess the studio wasn’t going to pay surgeons to address that. And, of course, her breasts were impacted; they are no longer as full and kind of hang. Yes, all breasts hang, but, these now hang a lot more.

    a. b. c. d.

    But, hey, like I said! That’s me, my tastes are only mine, I’m sure others will enjoy and well they should as fans of her, her age bracket, or her new body type!

    Side note, the always lovely and amazing Yukari Orihara made a cameo, she’s looking SO pretty! I pray to the JAV gods that they don’t do the same with her. Or at the very least, the results are different.

    1. 2.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
  11. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    Casshern2- exactly, Yukari is lusciously voluptuous!
  12. fenton

    fenton Well-Known Member

    A lot of it depends how she acts in the movie. One of the things that makes Natsuko so hot is that she actually seems to enjoy the sex and engage with the guy a bit, and she has done real creampies in a few videos (the guy pulls out but is still cumming on her, unintentional I think).
  13. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    I saw these two trailers and wanted to share what I'm looking forward to. I like seeing trailer because it gives me a snapshot if I'm going to see the movie or not. I like watching mature incest theme where the mom walks in the son room with lingerie, they start talking then making out. Plus I like watching Chisato fuck with partial clothes because you see her flesh jiggle all over the place.


    Plus new milf bbw alert.

    Untitled picture.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2020
  14. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    ramp_it_up.. Thanks for these 2 suggestions, especially Chisato. That woman could suck the rust off a trailer hitch!
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  15. SakanaShachou

    SakanaShachou Well-Known Member

    My "like" was for Chisato! Amazingly sexy MILF!

    I've waxed poetic to some pocchari jukujos before so I'm not saying I don't see it...ENJO Hitomi, SASAYAMA Nozomi, and KAZAMA Yumi (until about 2015) are just a few examples. No disrespect to BBWs and the men that love them but the second one was just a little big for my tastes.

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2020
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  16. Restarter

    Restarter Forklædt Som Voksen (Disguised as an Adult)

    Not sure, but I believe I may have found more recent info about Miki Sato and Fumie Tokikoshi. I decided to search the web for Miki and found her most recent activity in a cabaret club(?) and in doing so, also found Fumie at the same site. I didn't know where to put this post. No threads for Miki or Fumie in JAV idols(have to tell someone to move the Saaya Irie thread out of JAV idols. Just about gave me a heart attack. Thought I had missed something).

    The profile for Miki shows she can be scheduled for an online chat or time in a club (not sure which) through Poke para online (20 min for about US$250, 40 min for about US$350). Her schedule can only be found if you send a message. I couldn't find any reference to Pokepara on Akiba, so maybe someone else could be more informative. Also, it looks like Fumie was working at the Shunga club, but don't know about Miki.
    Miki's profile page:
    A screenshot for the Google translation of her profile page:
    Miki Sato profile.

    She has posts going back to 2015, but only one in the last year with her most recent post July 3rd. The posts do not include many recent photos, but I found the posts interesting to go through. She promotes her 16 hour, 4 disc (supposedly HD) compilation that came out a year ago (VEQ-158), says she has stiff ankles, tells why her masturbation scenes needed to be 15 min long, and shows her scratching around her eyebrows with her fingernails to make sure she didn't disturb her makeup. I enjoyed it and I hope you do too. And when she talks about deciding to use a spoon when she was sick, I am pretty sure she meant this (Looks worse than it is. And yes, I have done this b4):

    I think this is a recent photo posted on 3-19-2019, with reddish hair:
    Miki Sato posted 3-19-2019.

    Now in going through the main page, I thought "Wait! That looks like Fumie Tokikoshi!" Indeed it is. Her profile page:
    A screenshot for the Google translation of Fumie's profile page, with interesting info:
    Fumie Tokikoshi profile.

    She has many more posts and pics, but hasn't posted since 2-14-2020. A post from 1-9-2020 shows her wearing a mask, but she said she had a cold. Some sites speculate her recent non activity is due to coronavirus. Hope she is well.
    There are other JAV idols there, but some not so recent. Also to let you know, Miki will be 42 on the 28th of July and Fumie turned 65 earlier this year. Sorry for the long post!
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  17. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    Restarter- you are my new hero- thank you so much!! You are the only one who has come through and it looks like you did a lot of searching- wow! Thanks again!
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  18. Restarter

    Restarter Forklædt Som Voksen (Disguised as an Adult)

    asianbooblover, thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Like you and others here, I am totally enamored with Miki and Fumie. I found all this looking for a cover for Casshern2's post of the uncensored Shiho Suzuki video, TI-05 (maybe found the cover for an associated video, SE-02). Sometimes I just stumble across these things by continuing my search way too long. Maybe I'm just too stupid to know when to quit. Finding Fumie after I found Miki was just a stroke of good luck!

    This is the Miki Sato bulletin board I used to get links(looks to have been hit by spam lately):
    Fumie Tokikoshi's bulletin board I later found:

    These boards are like any others: hit by spam, people going off topic etc, so when I use Google translate, I just try to get the gist of what they say.

    Don't have a twitter account, so I wouldn't know how to wish Miki Sato a happy birthday on her twitter account (inactive(?) since no tweets from her). I like that she included her birth date in her twitter name. Then again, don't know if she really is the one who started the account.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2020
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  19. hooters666

    hooters666 New Member

    Wow Restarter great find !
    May I know are these night clubs that I pay the fees for Fumie to sit with me? What is permissible activity during the slot? hehe

    Edit: I can't speak or converse in Japanese and hence can't do jack shit with Fumie lol..I wonder whether she can act like my mother in law and pamper me lol
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2020
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  20. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    Restarter- you keep hitting the ball out of the park-thanks!
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