Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)


Oct 4, 2008
I like your picks, but I think they're still too young to be considered "mature", especially Julia and Sofia Nikaido (amazing bodies).

Takako Kitahara might be though, at least by Japanese standards (where a woman of 30 is regarded as "mature").

lol, I don't really care about age:evil:
the most important is their looks and body
all of them have "mature" looks and MILF feel

I also don't care even they're already 40 as long as they still have the face and body, I'll watch their videos
as long as they are my type and give strong boner :grassdance:

butterfaces i'd say



Jun 25, 2009
Sharapova is really beautiful, but she doesnt play tennis well..
Caroline Wozniacki is my favourite

and Kate Moss is mine, but the thread is about pornstars

btw Maria Sharapova is a tennis goddess compared to that useless Kournikova, or to the Williams ugly sisters


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Mar 19, 2007
Rorshousy is a spambot, Desu.


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Mar 17, 2011
Meisa Hanai

Chinami Sakai

Yumi Kazama

Ryoko Murakami

Ayane Asakura

Shizuka Kanno


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Jul 18, 2009
Yamagishi Haruna, from what i see, she wasn't that old. But she play in pacopaco mama series. So i think she must be a mother perhaps? :puzzled:
She do very very hot in her movie, just watch it, believe me :pandalaugh:


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Mar 19, 2011
Hi ,
I can't believe nobody mentioned Chisato Shouda. Her expression in all kind of situation expecially r***ing and slaved scenes are nothing to number 1.She bring you to heaven.

My all time list.
2)aki tomosaki
3)Yumi Kazama
5)Chisa Kirishima –deepthroat and BJ expertise.

All above are best in expression.
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Jan 17, 2011
nice choice

I love the so-called 'mature' genre in JAV. In most cases, the mature performers are more enthusiastic, and energetic (just my opinion).

Who are your favourite JAV performers? Instead of focusing on just looks, let's also look at performance (very important).

From a performance stand-point it's AYANE ASAKURA. She's loud, and intensely orgasmic. When she sucks cock, she inhales it, and savours it.
She's shapely, but not over-weight, and has an ass that was made for grabbin' and smackin':)!

When it comes to sheer beauty, I go with MAKI HOJO. Actually, she doesn't look like she belongs in the 'mature' category. She's as beautiful as (if not more so) than many of the younger JAV stars. I especially like her rich, husky voice, and her black hair.

There are others I like, but Maki Hojo, and Ayane Asakura are my top two.

Couldn't agree more, great performers...Ayane is quite the dirty bitch ahaha.

Also I don't think anyone has mentioned Maki Tomoda a great looking and performing and very prolific.


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Sep 4, 2009
Couldn't agree more, great performers...Ayane is quite the dirty bitch ahaha.

Also I don't think anyone has mentioned Maki Tomoda a great looking and performing and very prolific.

Yes, how could I forget Maki Tomoda. Good point.


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Feb 20, 2009
absolutely correct. maki hojo is as sexy as anyone half her age, has a great body, always gives a terrific performance, and her loving personality always comes across loud and clear. truly a member of the hall of fame. anyone who isn't familiar with her work should give her a try, and anyone who posts her stuff does us all a service.


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May 12, 2007
  • honami takasaka
  • maki hojo
  • ryoko murakami
  • misa yuuki
  • chinami sakai

lots more but those are my top 5


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Apr 2, 2007
1. Mio Fujisaki (Pound for pound, the champ. Awesome athletic body, round thick ass, always has great performances)

2. Ryoko Murakami (Mio barely inches her out in every category....but just barely)

3. Misaki Kasahara (new to the scene, and lack of work keeps her from the top spot. But body-wise, and 2 excellent performances under her belt, she potentially could get the top spot)

4. Ayane Asakura (always gives great performances, oozes sex)

5. Hitomi Kurosaki (almost tied with Ayane, very simlar body-wise)
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Jun 24, 2010
This may be strange to some of you, and I don't want to polarize anybody, but incest-play is actually a big turnoff for me...
Can anyone give me some tips on finding movies that focus on mature women, but not fucking their pretend-sons? I know well-enough to look out for the 母 character, but are there any I should look FOR?

Also, Ayano Murasaki. Without a doubt. Watch her PARADE video and tell me she's not the finest fortyish year old in or out of JAV.
Ayako Satonaka too. But she's got a lot of incest stuff. *sigh* I do like the short-haired ones.