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Erogos (Animated series)

Discussion in 'Request Hentai' started by SuikodenXXX, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. SuikodenXXX

    SuikodenXXX ☠ βⓁ∀☪ᶄ ℳÅ⅁Ⓘℂ☠

    I would love to see the gamerip of that Erogos all series [only the videos] (mahotama, In series, Love fitish) and I dont know if there is more of Erogos animated work... Torrent would be great thank you. and please if I made a mistake by requesting rules just correct me .. rules are rules .. Akiba-Online forver ....
  2. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    There is a 15gb torrent around but I don't think it is seeded. Too large a file for any likely direct download. You can try it if you want.
  3. SuikodenXXX

    SuikodenXXX ☠ βⓁ∀☪ᶄ ℳÅ⅁Ⓘℂ☠

    thanks for that one but I didn't want the full game only wanted the videos :)
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