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Best Video Game You've Played?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Speeny, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Sakuramania.Club

    Sakuramania.Club New Member

    Empire: Total War - Creative Assembly

    Flashback: The Quest for Identity - Delphine Software

    Another World ( Outer World ) - Delphine Software
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  2. samo2009

    samo2009 New Member

    battlefield 3
    company of heroes
  3. Okay, so I'm old ;) and this post will reflect that fact.

    The best games I have played? The first one that really enthralled me was a text adventure called Colossal Cave Adventure, or just Advent. This was way back in the early 1980's. Zero graphics, just monochrome text on a green-screen monitor. Graphics weren't much too speak of in these days anyway, except in arcades with games like Galaxian. Text adventures were generally very well written and in my imagination I could really see the cave and the landscapes described. Fond memories.


    In the 8-bit era: Without a doubt, Elite on my C64. The first sandbox game, the ability to build a career over a long period of play, 3D graphics, there was nothing that could touch it.


    Along came 16-bit and I got an Atari STe. Two games come to mind: Armour-Geddon, a 3D game where you had to conquer a map using different planes, helicopters and tanks that you had to research and build first. Very immersive, that took me a long time to finish. Another great game from those days was Powermonger, a real-time strategy game, simple but very effective.


    The last game I really got into was Eve Online. I started playing that a few months after it was launched and it was an interesting experience to see one of the first MMO's grow. I was quite active for a few years but don't play actively anymore, it's too time-consuming if you want to achieve anything. I do still have my now 17 year old character and log in from time to time. Kudos to CCP for keeping a persistent game world active all that time, I still have stuff in my inventory from way back when.


    These days I really don't play games anymore, I am toying with the idea to get a nice setup for VR as that's another interesting development, but I'm not sure I want to spend 2000 or 3000 bucks for something that may bore me quickly. But who knows...
  4. pedro_life

    pedro_life New Member

    Fallout 2 - Classic.
    Inside - great indie game.
    Pillars of Eternity - the devs put a lot of love into this game.