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Best Video Game You've Played?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Speeny, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. kharo88

    kharo88 Akiba Citizen

    Yeah, I know and have played those games! I know about pretty much every noteworthy Western RPG and have most likely even given all of them a try, it's just that if they're not on the list it's because I didn't really enjoy them. But thanks for the recommendations! :)
  2. kawdjav

    kawdjav JAV Enthusiasts

    I don't play games any more. They are substituted with JAV :) but on my 90's youth used to play classics Nintendo or others...
    killer instinct, mortal kombat, street fighter, cadillacs and dinosaurs, pacman, tetris, arkanoid, super mario bros, contra and many many more...

    Remember that i been very satisfied playing alone or with friends.
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  3. kharo88

    kharo88 Akiba Citizen

    Some of those games were pretty good, and some of those have spawned series that are still going! Besides, there's a resurgence of old-school-like games with pixel graphics and all, and there's some good stuff in between depending on what you like, so I think you'd find some good games to play should you ever make time for it! But I don't blame you for putting JAV first! :D
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  4. kawdjav

    kawdjav JAV Enthusiasts

    Yeah, recently saw Mortal Kombat X with Predator character new to me also Killer Instinct but for years I have not followed the new updates. However Predator in mortal kombat really liked watching on youtube. JAV took something from youth Yes, but gives something as adult.Simply different desires at different ages.
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  5. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Gaming has come a long way since the 90s'. Virtual worlds, online gaming with realtime speed and great graphics, even online chess forums that can tell if your opponent is cheating using modern chess programs.....Nothing wrong with giving games another go. All JAV and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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  6. kawdjav

    kawdjav JAV Enthusiasts

    My childhood starts in 90's with games, most of them are the product of late 80's. Very recommended giving a try back yeah, but I know that will eat my free time faster than an ice cream :) The last game i played "Delta Force Task Force Dagger" typical related to CS. I remember having fun in the early millenium with some friends online. Well, growing the game passion on me begin slowly disappear.

    Here and there i play somtimes Flash or HTML5 online just to relax after work usually pacman.
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  7. AlexisTan

    AlexisTan New Member

    Dragon Age Series and the Persona series for now. Waiting anxiously for Persona 5.

    I have always prefer games with very fleshed out characters.
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  8. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    How many games you guys played throughout your whole life?
  9. jumpman0945

    jumpman0945 New Member

    memorable / best will always be Chrono Trigger for me.
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  10. kharo88

    kharo88 Akiba Citizen

    Just to add two more:

    DOOM (2016) is incredible. I got it during the QuakeCon 2018 sale and it was totally worth it. It would have been absolutely worth it to pick it up even at full price. A true masterpiece. My only complaint is that the upgrade that gives you a ping whenever you're near secrets almost never worked. You don't have to be an FPS fan to enjoy it, if you're a fan of video games in general, you've got to play it. The only downside is that DOOM has completely ruined other FPS games for me as nothing compares to it. Fortunately, the sequel, DOOM Eternal, is set to release sometime during Spring 2019.

    Age of Barbarian EX is a side-scrolling hack 'n' slash action platformer engineered to look like an '80s sword & sorcery film. This is the only game out there that tops DOOM in the power fantasy aspect. If you love seeing beautiful, naked women, slaughtering monsters and the gore that accompanies it, retro gameplay, epic soundtracks and feeling like the ultimate badass, then this game is for you. It's got a few issues that make this game a rough diamond, but the devs have been working tirelessly to fix everything and provide a bug-free experience. It's already got one DLC out and a free DLC is scheduled to drop this Autumn. ARENA An Age of Barbarians Story is a similar game to this one from the same developer, but I haven't played that yet. And the good news is that there's a third Barbarian game coming sometime in the future.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  11. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    Glad to see that so much fans of Final Fantasy serie here.
    My favorite is: Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10 parts.
    Front mission 4 from Square.
    Valkirie Profile from Enix.
    Also like Metal Gear from Hideo Kajima.
    Tomb Raider almost all parts.
    There was good RPG on Sega Dreamcast it calls: Skies of Arcadia.
    Command and Conquer on PC and PSOne.
    jumpman0945 - Chrono Trigger - great one also!

    There was a lot of good games in my life.
  12. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    It looks like a pornogore version of Golden Axe. e34456.
  13. seitoseitan

    seitoseitan Active Member

    Suikoden, Pokemon, Digimon World, Harvest Moon, Earthbound and Yakuza. And Football Manager too!
  14. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

  15. NineMoon

    NineMoon New Member

    Bayonetta was the best for me tbh
  16. blueredder

    blueredder 筋肉熟女 の 愛好家 The Muscle Madam Worshipper

    haaa...there can't be just one.

    Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, the early Kingdom Hearts haha.
  17. DemonDice

    DemonDice New Member

    It's far too difficult to just choose one game.
    Chrono Trigger - One of the Best Stories
    Chrono Cross - They tried to make a sequel... I give them credit for making an outstanding RPG
    Final Fantasy VII / VIII / IX - The Best Final Fantasy Games Until XV
    Elder Scrolls Morrowind - The first true 3D RPG
    Elder Scrolls Skyrim - Mod to your Heart's Content
    Grim Dawn - Better than Diablo
    Victor Vran - Another great ARPG
    Subnautica - The Best Survival Game
    The Long Dark - Second Best Survival Game
    Tomb Raider - The First Good Reboot
    South Park Stick of Truth - A Fun and Funny Experience
    Halo Trilogy - First Great Co-Op FPS
    Mass Effect Trilogy - Excellent Space Opera

    Lots more I'm sure.
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  18. Auto455

    Auto455 New Member

    StarCraft II

    If you are good, become a pro and make tons of money. Even the played games commentators on YT make money.
  19. jjjkkklll000

    jjjkkklll000 New Member

    Capcom is the best developer.
  20. incertus

    incertus New Member

    According to my steam game time recording,the longest is Fallout:New Vegas,and I really like it,but in fact the game I played most is Heroes 3,since my high school.I also like Baldur's gate,finished the whole trilogy in 300hours.and now I found Hollow Knight(luckily),played 172hours to get a 112% percentage complement,what matters is I CRIED after the ending,the only and the first time in playing games.I can't tell why,but can't help myself...