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Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by TarPitWu, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. bjkissu

    bjkissu New Member

    My god this scene is hot. Start watching from 1:11. Typical bukkake type scene with a hot girl blowing a few guys but she starts to let them cum all over her tits and face and then kisses the next guy and repeats again and again. I don't know why bukkake scenes don't usually include kissing - it makes it so much hotter. 5/5 great watch.
  2. Kinhein

    Kinhein Member

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  3. Lorenz00

    Lorenz00 New Member

    51:00 two men kiss her after she sucked off several men and swallowed several loads

    1:11:10 she kisses another guy full on the lips seconds after she sucked off another guy, no cum but damn, that's hot. Wish it was me lol.
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  4. Kinhein

    Kinhein Member

    2:11:00 - passionate kiss with own cum
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  5. nocturnale

    nocturnale New Member

    Damn, this is a great find!
  6. bjkissu

    bjkissu New Member

    Great updates guys - please keep them coming.

    All scenes have plenty of kissing but this one is with two guys and she finishes blowing one and then shyly goes to kiss the other guy.
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  7. Kinhein

    Kinhein Member

    1:54:45 - short one
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  8. bjkissu

    bjkissu New Member

    Wow. School girl outfit. goes to town sucking him off then goes in for a kiss. Good scene.
    nocturnale likes this.
  9. nocturnale

    nocturnale New Member

    38:00 - she spits his jizz onto her hand but then kisses him right after
    1:55:00 - guy jizzes on her chest then she blows him, followed with another guy kissing her
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  10. nocturnale

    nocturnale New Member

    1:58:00 - Cute girl teases him with his cum for a bit then kisses him.
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  11. clm123

    clm123 Member

    IPT 580 --> 2:54
    At the very end, 2 guys blow their load on her face. 1 of them kisses her after and licks some cum off her face
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  12. rijana.star

    rijana.star New Member

    Sorry to say but it's a boobskkake... no one facial or cum in mouth. Moreover, there are cuts on the scene, so 0 credibility.
  13. nocturnale

    nocturnale New Member

    Great find!
  14. nocturnale

    nocturnale New Member

    SPRD-01116 at 57.00.
    It's own cum kiss but it's a good one, and with one of my favourite stars. :D
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  15. Kinhein

    Kinhein Member

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  16. tonyvee

    tonyvee Member

    JUKD 223 has scene where doting mother forces unfavored son to lick his load off her
    At the end the aunt forces the favored son to kiss his brothers cum on his mother
    nocturnale likes this.
  17. trust890

    trust890 New Member

    GBSA-050 nice scene at the end :)
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