1. D

    Help ID this cutie

    Help ID this cutie. Just her name would be enough thanks!
  2. Talvez

    Can someone help to identify the actress / JAV code?

    Hello, I couldn't find any related post about this scene. Is someone able to identify the movie title, JAV code or actress? https://www.nonktube.com/video/145110/hot-japanese-milliennial-teen-fucked-by-two-studs Many thanks!
  3. Godhand13

    R18 replacement?

    Amyone know of a alternative why to search jav its been a bit more difficult finding series or actresses in a specific scenario or category any ideas?
  4. J

    Yuna Shiina Collection

    I'm a big Yuna Shiina fan and I'm looking for CEAD-391 and CEAD-415. I can't get it in my country so if anyone has it and wouldn't mind sharing it would be great. https://www.javlibrary.com/en/?v=javme4dj2y https://www.javlibrary.com/en/?v=javme4ik7m
  5. D

    ID Photobooth BJ?

    Anybody know what vid this is from or who the girl is? I'm not sure if it is actually from a jav but I've seen some that has the same type of amateurish quality. Here are the GIFs (Click to play).
  6. R

    done Who is this JAV actress?

  7. D

    [Ask] JAV with remote vibrator between scenes

    So, usually jav go from scene A, then cut (fade to black), to scene B, cut, to scene C, and so on. But there is several Jav (like Endless series) that after guy A done banging the girl, he will give the girl outfit to change for scene B, and he will deliver the girl to Room B / Guy B, and after...
  8. R

    done MBYD-335 Cover Girl

    Please help to identify the cover girl, thanks! https://tameikegoro.jp/works/detail/MBYD335 https://www.r18.com/videos/vod/movies/detail/-/id=mbyd00335/
  9. Godhand13

    Prestige clothing

    Apparently prestige has its own clothing line never new any adult video distribution that has its own clothing line umi was modeling along with a bunch of miscellaneous people how long has this been a thing are there other JAV studios that do this? Thoughts?
  10. D

    ID for this bob cut cutie from a deleted twitter clip

    Hi all saw this one on twitter. Unfortunately the clip got deleted. Here are some caps from the clip.
  11. M

    Actresses That Disappoint You.

    I hope it's not bad form to make my first post a new thread but I often think about actresses that I want to love but never release any hits. When I think of a disappointing actress I think of women I find really attractive and I want to see but always bore me with their work. I have quite a...
  12. Godhand13

    Have they ever outsourced male talent?

    I already know it’s pretty hard to get your foot in the door in jav as a male actor but have they ever used like a Chinese or korean guy or American Japanese dude for there work any such examples?
  13. FileJoker Exclusive [T28-625] Ichika Matsumoto 松本いちか & Rara Kudou 工藤ララ - My Parents Remarried And I Was Messed Up By My Cheeky Sisters. Ichika Matsumoto Lara Kudo

    [T-28625] Matsumoto Ichika Kudou Rara - My Parents Remarried And I Was Messed Up By My Cheeky Sisters. Ichika Matsumoto Lara Kudo 両親が再婚して僕はメスガキ生意気姉妹にむちゃくちゃ搾精された。 松本いちか 工藤ララ ID: T28-625 Release Date: 2022-07-22 Length: 150 min(s) Maker: Tma Label: Tma Cast: Matsumoto Ichika Kudou Rara Studio...
  14. Godhand13

    What brought you to JAV?

    Im new sort of Been watching this site for like 6 months finally decided to make an account so hello Just curious didn’t know what else to ask if you would share your experiences that would be cool Myself I honestly can’t remember i was just looking for porn one day western content just felt...
  15. R

    Who Is This MILF? (parathd02033)

    https://www.r18.com/videos/vod/movies/detail/-/id=parathd02033/ Thanks in advance!
  16. Lewdious

    done Source

    Jav code or souce
  17. S

    Recommendations for JAV where it’s like the access is having a magazine shoot, but it ends up with sex or gets progressively more lewd (like LALS-0XX)

    Title says it all. I’ve been on a binge for the LALS titles and these soft core JAV where it’s like a nearly nude photo shoot but they just won’t show nipples or pussy, or go out of their way to hide it like in GRP-003 (no nipple or pussy except an accidental nip slip) or EVDV-54337 (no pussy or...
  18. H

    I'm looking for all male squirting titles.

    Hello! New poster here! In my searches for great male squirting videos, I've realized it's a JAV dominated space. All the great girl/boy male squirter videos are JAV, especially the ones with the male squirt in mouth or male squirt in vag. If anyone has links for ANY girl/boy male squirt vids...
  19. Lewdious

    Name or video

    Need help finding the video or JAV Code
  20. Lewdious

    Source of gif

    Looks Like a dvdms movie but cant find any help would be appreciated
  21. J

    New age of adulthood

    18 is the new legal age now in japan i wonder what kinda effect this will have on the AV industry Thoughts?
  22. U

    lots of titles purged from R18.com?

    anyone know why a ton of stuff got delisted from the site? for example all dogma titles are not there.
  23. J

    Conspiracies, rumors, and controversy

    Has there ever been any stories in jav or gravure industry that are known if so im i just curious as to what some are anyone got any juice? I believe its an interesting enough topic to help me further engage with the community here im new and just trying to chat about this amazing sorta meta lol
  24. J

    New to jav where to start recommendations

    Ive been on jav a little over a year andits amazing easily outpacing western porn in terms of women and just diverse genres japanese women are probably the most beautiful attractive creatures on the planet lol since then i have become more familiar with some of them at least looks wise ( back...
  25. D

    Need help ID-ing this clip

    Here are some gifs.
  26. J

    URE-055 English Sub

    Does anyone happen to have a mega link to URE-055 English sub version? can't seem to find the 1080p version with sub or .srt file anywhere. Reference: https://jav.guru/84164/ure-055-english-subbed-presented-by-madonna-nao-jinguuji-in-sunflowers-bloom-at-night-original-work-by-hiromitsu-takeda/
  27. J

    Does anyone use k2s for JAV

    Was wondering if anyone here uses k2s.cc to download JAV, and their experience with the site. Trying to get some older JAV and subbed JAV and this seems to be the only place to have them.
  28. SomeRandom

    JAV where woman wants pregnancy

    I recently saw HUNTB-179. Are there similar videos like this where the woman wants to get pregnant, and pushes for creampies? "Let's Make A Baby! ] The Childhood Friend Who Reunited For The First Time In 12 Years Has Grown Into A Transcendental Beautiful Girl! Moreover, The Naughty Temptation...
  29. R

    done Actress of PYU-201

    Who is this actress/model? https://www.dmm.co.jp/digital/videoa/-/detail/=/cid=h_1462pyu00201/ https://www.r18.com/videos/vod/movies/detail/-/id=h_1462pyu00201/
  30. D

    Any Active Enjoji Hitomi Fan Club?

    I have been a fan of her since I saw the AV NSPS-097, and since then tried to join JAV forums, discords to discuss/Fanning about her but it seems I am the only one that likes her or perhaps I am just asking in the wrong place. If anyone a fan of her and knows any forum or discord where active...
  31. TheOppaiAddict

    Any Active, Former Or Suspended Users Of Scanlover

    So I signed up on June 12th of this year and after three months of being a very active user my account gets suspended. It wasn't because I was insulting anyone or inciting arguments or anything like that. The suspension came at the expense of being "Too Opinionated" on a public forum no less...
  32. Akamai

    Girl gives up and let's the guy do whatever he wants Thread! [Hopeless blank face]

    Hello, I am starting this thread for a specific kind of scenario in which the girl/milf/women etc. just lies there and let's the guy do whatever he wants to do maybe after a little bit of resisting. Thanks :)
  33. Q

    Looking Actress name

    The scene is from HUNTB-064, but the model isn't listed
  34. D

    Code for these AV?

    I just need help finding this Nagisa Mitsuki AV. Also this girl. I found it on a jav thread somewhere with them saying that her work is not out yet. A name will do. Thanks!
  35. [IBW-610Z] Mimi Yazawa Parents Away, My Little Sister And I Were Having Sex

    [IBW-610Z] Mimi Yazawa - While Parents Away, My Little Sister And I Were Having Sex All Day DVD Code: IBW-610z Release date: 2017-02-24 Run time: 150 minutes directed by: ---- Manufacturer: I.B.WORKS Label: I. B. WORKS Genre: Lolita, incest Cast: Mimi Yazawa [1080p FHD] 6.23 GB .mkv no...
  36. [AKDL-020] Kanon Hatsuse 初瀬かのん - I Wonder If I ll Make A Big Poop Today

    [AKDL-020] Kanon Hatsuse (初瀬かのん) - I Wonder If I ll Make A Big Poop Today [AKDL-020] 今日たくさんウンチでるかな… 初瀬かのん ~~~ Download Links ~~~ AKDL-020_720p.mp4 (0.9GB, FileBoom) AKDL-020_1080p.mp4 (3.6GB, FileBoom) (it's my first upload!!)
  37. D

    Help with ID-ing this

    anyone know the code for this? https://spankbang.com/4yoc4/video/jap+sex+so+good
  38. N

    Momo Sakura JAV Code

    https://spankbang.com/4te0a/video/kz2+115motokare1 Could somebody help me with the JAV Code for the above video? Thank you.
  39. Lewdious

    done Her or Code (From 1pondo.tv)

    I'm looking for her name or code I found from this site https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3292733
  40. A

    cutest young girls?

    I'm looking for girls that look (and are) both young and also super cute. Not necessarily those of today, since I know so few performers I'd like to discover more. I'm talking of girls who do boy/girl scenes (I'm not particularly interested in solo or girl/girl stuff right now) like Ruru Arisu...
  41. Z

    done Heroine ID

  42. V

    Femdoms feeding men cum

    I have seen there is a thread for cumkissing, but couldn't find one that would go "broader" than that. I find scenes where dommes feed guys their spunk extremely horny. Including all kinds of feeding - snowball, creampie cleanups, licking jizz of their bodies, hands and feet. Vids with licking...
  43. Lewdious

    done Looking for JAV CODE

    im looking for the JAV CODE here is more gifs of the video https://www.tumbex.com/zeroero.tumblr/post/172752734700
  44. Lewdious

    Video or JAV Code

    This is the only image i have https://i.imgur.com/XY2ozHD.jpg
  45. R

    JAV title search.. what is the name of the AV?

    Hasumi Kurea / Claire was participating in a JAV where few guys will be discussing about porn and come av scenes will be included as they discuss about it. Kurea will not perform any sex acts, but at one part of the vid, she will get up from the table and shows the fellow guys that her pants...
  46. Lewdious

    Video or JAV Code ?

    Im looking for the video or code this is the only image i have and its to blurry to make out the ippa code
  47. Paradox-07


  48. SZM

    What is Her Nmae

    https://www.aventertainments.com/product_lists.aspx?product_id=5746&languageID=1&dept_id=29 Im looking for her name here is the video
  49. D

    Looking for a specific Irrumatio release

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum as I only found it the other day whilst searching for a specific scene I had a few years back but unfortunately my hard-drive broke that contained it and I can't remember the code but I can remember the scene. I was hoping some of you JAV pros would be able to find...