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    Is it just me or are we beeing forced to open our mouths and drink the poison.

    EDIT, sorry about the typo in the title: Anyone else seeing a pattern in life where our freedoms and privacy are being invaded to the point that it hits you in the pocket book? Anyone getting sick of technology being used in the so called: New World by man to screw his brothers and sisters...
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    Asshole developers at Mozilla

    So I suppose many of you are aware that Firefox (starting with 53.0 I think) among some other browsers, are now allowing websites to run scrips that brake the ability to right click and download images, or even open images in a new tab (which I used all the time) The fix that everyone is talking...
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    Asshole developers at Mozilla

    Yep, I did the same thing. I went for weeks without an issue. Then somehow it automatically updated. No matter what the reason is. developers like Mozilla, and Microsoft.. ect. Should NEVER force updates on people. These kinds of actions can stop business operations dead in their tracks while IT...
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    Asshole developers at Mozilla

    This kind of sucks So I have the Complete Youtube Saver plugin for Waterfox - it installed OK. But when I try to use it, nothing happens. There is no popup that gives you an option to save anything. Anyone else having this issue? Unfortunately, moving back to Firefox is not an option either...
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    Asshole developers at Mozilla

    Thanks PJB! I just tried it: I'm liking it a LOT so far. I was able to install ALL the plugins I use. Thanks for the advice! It just pisses me off how you spend all this time setting up your plugins for your production, and the devs at Mozilla have no regard for anyone but their own interest...
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    Asshole developers at Mozilla

    I am so sick of great programs being destroyed by developers who sell out. Nothing is compatible with Firefox Quantum. FireFTP, DownloadThem All, the list goes on ... and ...on. I come home and Firefox auto updated again even after I've turned off Automates and disabled the update service. A...
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    Download blocked Vimeo videos

    I'll give it a try, Thanks for the details SamKook!
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    Download blocked Vimeo videos

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any tricks on downloading Vimeo videos without buying a program to do that? Seems like a popular question across the net, but none of the browser extensions ever seem to work. I'm taking a class and It would be very helpful to load the videos in VLC and be...
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    What do you think about asmr videos?

    They're great, I've been downloading/collecting them for the last three years. Some must sees are: NeonIndieGirl is one of my favs NeonIndieGirl (check out Brushing your face) ASMR Darling...
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    Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

    Robert De Niro has always been one of my fav actors. But listening to that video just shows how dumb he really is. Great actor, but stupid in other things. Regarding Trump not paying taxes: he plays within the boundary's of what the laws that both democrats republicans put in place. It's what...
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    I'm Never Ever Ever going into the Media section again.

    It's a simple solution If you don't like something, why would you bother to look at it? ... lol It's like, if you don't like rock music, why would you go to a rock concert to announce you don't like it.
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    A Japanese Inventor Develops A Deadly Water Cannon. 1 Video.

    A CD and a piece of plexiglass is not much of a demonstration. A fire hose would rip these things apart also You can kill a person with almost anything. Not to say that the gun is not strong, but put up a 2 by 4 or a thin piece of metal at least and I'll be impressed. They've been using water...
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    Ever accidentally drag a file/folder without knowing?

    Hi barba Don't even bother with Microsoft. They purposely remove features and break things so they can market them as new features in later versions of windows. It's a scam. They took things from windows XP, (such as MoveTo CopyTo) and hide them. The fact that you can bring these features back...
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    Ever accidentally drag a file/folder without knowing?

    I was looking for a solution for windows 7 since Microsoft can't seem to make windows function in our best interest. Anyway, because the hot spot is so large in windows 7 and possibly later versions, there are complaints across the net of people accidentally grabbing a file and dropping it...
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    Internet Freedom Act (USA only)

    @ jugulear. I agree, the party to which one associates himself has a lot less value then one who is (a true conservative - a person who upholds the constitution). Businesses produce jobs, Businesses contribute to GDP. Governments simply take people's hard earned money and distribute it. Period...