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    A Question On Ripping DVDs

    The question is too vague. When you ask lazy questions, you won't get answers. What format do you want to "rip" to? .ISO? Use DVD Decrypter if that's the case.
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    Breaking News:My News stories not being posted

    I moved it to Chatterbox because it was too much text. If you want something to make it to the homepage, make it short and sweet. Preferably with a relevant inline picture. You'll have an even better chance if the story is somehow related to this website (idols, JAV, entertainment.) I think...
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    Japanese Tsunami debris hauls invasive species across Pacific to US shores

    Moved to "Chatterbox" subforum.
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    Breaking News:My News stories not being posted

    The Geiger counter smartphone story was posted previously by ardo, and your dead frog post was likely judged "too gross" for promoting to the home page. A judgement I agree with.
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    [SQ] [] Mayumi Yamanaka 山中真由美 Special Gallery MOVIE 5.8 [99.01MB]

    I swear this is the sexiest outfit I've ever seen.
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    Tides Turn for Kim Dotcom?

    Moved to "Chatterbox" forum.
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    Kim Dotcom Refuses to Give Up Passwords

    Thread moved to "Chatterbox" forum.
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    Account Hacking Attempt - Offender:

    A 5-word diceware password is easy to remember. Or better yet, use a password management program and give your brain a rest.
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    Account Hacking Attempt - Offender:

    That IP address has been banned, although it's unclear what good that will do. Getting another public IP address is trivial. I recommend that you change your password to something unique (only used here on Akiba-Online.) If you want to resist brute-force password attacks, you need a...
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    No. Not there. Go to Akiba Online > Forum > Torrent Station > JAV Torrents
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    Vanishing Photos

    I have no idea what the problem is, I have never experienced it myself. As a workaround, I suggest that you watch out for missing thumbnails when composing future posts. If it appears that there is a problem, cancel the post and try recreating it. Or try deleting and re-adding attachments.
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    Sweden: Supreme Court mulls manga child porn appeal

    Proof that sexual taboos are the strongest kind.
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    Sweden: Supreme Court mulls manga child porn appeal

    Why are people allowed to possess snuff pictures and videos (where the crime of murder is shown), but fictional _drawings_ of an arguably less heinous crime (child rape) will land you in jail? ThoughtCrime indeed.
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    Are You Ready For A Mass Extinction Event?

    Infowars is full of half-baked truths and wild speculations. Mass extinction event, my arse.
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    meguIV: The Official Akiba-Online DVD Encoder (v1.0.1.1)

    When in-game, the video displays colors using PC scale RGB (0-255), but your encoding is probably clipping them to 16-235 (TV scale.) Also, you might be experiencing a bad colorspace conversion. For example, using Rec.601 coefficients (implicitly) when the source demands something else. That...