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    Still not entirely convinced you're not undead.
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    i'm at asahikawa! where's the red light district?

    The mods here aren't very strict on the 'lesser' rules, like flaming. A burn here and there is alright, just not in excess or posts solely containing flaming. Generally, rules about user interaction are less rigid, because we prefer it if you deal with your own issues instead of 'telling' on...
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    You have less sensation than an uncut penis. I hope for your sake you can figure out how you're being stupid by yourself. It's not useless. It has protective and sexual properties. It's like saying your eyelashes are useless because you can't see any immediate reason for them to exist, while...
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    A: You have more feeling because you were recently cut. That'll go away and you'll end up with deadened nerve-endings and you'll eventually have much less sensation in your dick. Congratulations, you just ruined your future sex. B: Your partner lies. Foreskin serves as a form of...
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    Japanese man accused of illegal bear hunting

    I must be worse than Hitler!
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    TMI, man. TMI.
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    Good point.
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    Do I have to do stuff again? Aw...
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    Rep Bar...

    Someone neg repped you. I just told you.
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    Freedom of speech is fine, but...

    Freedom of speech can be a bitch sometimes. Personally, where the 'lines' that have to be 'drawn' is about as clear as my grandmother's eyesight. I know it's somewhere between talking about cuteness and rape.
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    Rep Bar...

    People have different rep power. Senior members with loads of positive rep and posts have much more rep power than a newer member with less rep and posts. Mods and admins also have considerably higher rep power. You just got neg rep from people with a lot of rep power. You increase it by...
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    Movie Codecs and Help..

    CCCP uses ffdshow too.
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    What games are you playing?

    Altitude. It's awesome.
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    What's your MMO addiction?

    Unless you've friends in the game and loads of patience for repetitive tasks, slow progress and very slow and punishing crafting system, I'd suggest you reconsider.
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    I really could've stopped reading there, as it's clear you're arguing out of ignorance and hearsay. Why can't people read up on what they believe before defending their position? Parental duties does not precede human rights. Your body is your property, and no one has any right to do anything...