Why do Japanese women squeak so much during sex ?


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Jan 1, 2014
had a jap girlfriend and fucked lots of jap whores, they dont squeak like dog toys its really annoying, i prefer cum dumpster and gokkun scenes


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Oct 25, 2009
not an expert, but i can roughly guess why, based on certain things.

- Japan society, as many of us know, is still pretty conservative. Any loud or brash noise/outburst, esp. from the females, are discouraged. So making and watching porn is an act of rebellion/deviance against sociatal norm.

- speaking of vocalizing, there's something called Female copulatory vocalizations. Japanese females, by tradition, are expected to be gracious and reserved in any emotions. Having the JAV actress loud moaning and vocalizing is breaking that general traditional expection even during sexual acts.

- Many japanese females naturally have voices in the *higher register, which japanese males traditionally likes. As to why in almost 90% of JAV, they either raise their voices' register even highter, are squeaky, or even sounded as if tortured... beats me. Probably based on the past sales that these sell especially well...?

*a note, is that i remember reading an article from an issue of Times magazine's Japanese Culture Special edition. It summise that Japan especially loves Youth and Youthfulness.

the above are just my personal thoughts on it. feel free to point of any mistakes.
Mostly wrong.


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Feb 22, 2009
It's part of why I like watching debut videos, because there's a higher chance of natural sounds and less squeaking. I do like lots of (dirty) talk. I don't understand it, but it's great. They could be moaning about how delicious their food was the other day and it'd get me going.


Jul 14, 2019
There is currently a new trend on You Tube covering different types of Japanese porn topics, this is just one of them. Recently I realised why I am so addicted to these females. I joined the military after high school (over 20 years ago) and I lost my virginity to an Asian MILF in a massage parlor. I guess you could call it PTSD lol in a good way I guess. Anyhow, I spend any extra $$ these days at massage palors. Just hearing the Asain broken english is enough to get me going. I have yet to have one make those squeaking noises though.



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Jan 23, 2021
Only noise they make, that I don't care for is when they go down on a woman, especially in lesbian porn.

Do not care for the obnoxious sucking sound. But I guess Japanese audiences are in to that.


Dec 12, 2008
... or is it just in the AV industry that they do it ?

I was just watching BBAN-034 and getting right into it when they raised their game and the moans of pleasure started sounding like a field of guinea pigs being chased by a fox. It put me right off my stroke.

Even if it is just in the AV industry, do Japanese customers really like that sort of noise with their porn ?
They sound like a squeaking bed...
Does anyone remember the old music from Yoko Ono? She reminds me of the sounds JAV actresses make


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Jan 16, 2018
Remind me never to click this thread again.
I think the "squeaky sex" thing has in itself become a sterotype.