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where to download share

Discussion in 'P2P Support' started by angelito, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. angelito

    angelito Member

    so far all rs links i found are dead. non rs links i found i could not figure out how to download. can anyone give me the link to download the Share application. thanks.
  2. IdolFun

    IdolFun ★ ☆ I Am God ☆★ Super Moderator

  3. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

  4. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    Not Found
    The requested URL /Share_1.0_EX2_[Share-france.info].exe was not found on this server.

    From the french server

    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.Reasons for this may include:
    - Invalid link
    - The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of service.

    at MU

    I found I was able to get it from
    I'm going to try this out. I hope I can figure it out.
  5. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Download at P2P-DB:
  6. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    Can anyone give the hash of a very small file that is almost guarenteed to be shared so can verify it is working as expected? I dont want to do this on a full ISO unless I'm sure I want it.