Okay, what's the secret?

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Mar 3, 2008
After using Perfect Dark for about a month now I've found it to be sorely lacking in IV and U-15 content. I have found absolutely nothing in the way of iso's that I wasn't already able to find on Share EX2. In fact I'd go so far as to call the selection pitiful. After a couple of years of hearing people tout this program as having way more of such content I feel compelled to ask.
Where is it? :puzzled:


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Nov 22, 2006
It's not there. Perfect Dark is still very much beta and even a lot of Japanese Share users just have no need to change over to Perfect Dark. Hell even Share isn't the dominant P2P in Japan. I've also seen a trend of declining titles available on Share. Oh well, that's the nature of P2P.


Dec 22, 2009
the search method is rather different than in share or winny, its more focused in anime also...


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Apr 1, 2007
I've found things in PD, but never got them to download. I know you have to let the cache build up but it seemed like it was taking forever.

btw, what is the dominant P2P in Japan at the moment?


Feb 11, 2007
"Dominant" doesn't really mean anything. Which network is good depends on what you're looking for.

Many people still use WinNY for general purpose file sharing. A lot of DVDISOs are shared on ShareEX. PerfectDark has lots of ROMs and software, and also a ridiculous amount of porn. Smaller files are often posted on rodas like AXFC and distributed on 2ch. There are also a lot of healthy foreign communities that specialize in Japanese media, like JPS for music, D-A for TV shows, and TokyoTosho for anime.


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Apr 1, 2007
Interesting, Thanks guy

If I may extend the question; what would be a good network for, Moecco, Angel Pro, Skip, and some of the older imoTV kind of content?