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[Usenet] Chinese & Thai Girls Getting Naked

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by garbro77, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. czar628

    czar628 Member

    Checking out series 秘密花園 turns out to be an unusual bumper crop from which loads of related materials are made available. Two pairs of net stocking, black and white each, form a perfect match, while at the same time, two babes are sharing a pair of shiny red mini zipper.

    Dig out more fashion tips from 秘密花園 04, 秘密花園 10 & 秘密花園 11.

    stock_秘密花園_04. stock_秘密花園_10. red_秘密花園_10. red_秘密花園_11.
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  2. czar628

    czar628 Member

    There is nothing wrong being obsessive with the same spot but merely a choice she prefers to carry on with more she can offer to the viewers, right in front of a series of brown-framed clear glass doors and windows, at this five-foot way.

    Meanwhile, two cuties settle down close to a metal gate, which leads to a staircase just outside. 秘密花園 06, 秘密花園 12, 秘密花園 04 & 辣妹過招 05 have the stories.

    glass_秘密花園_06. glass_秘密花園_12. gate_秘密花園_04. gate_辣妹過招_05.
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  3. czar628

    czar628 Member

    Three sets of hammocks, cuddling intimately a beauty each, have turned the scenes into an envious way to amuse the fans. I'm blissfully turned on by this cutie who impresses me with her sweet everlasting smiles. Over to the last image, apparently it's the same "wheel" chair which is taken from a separate clip.

    Check them out in 眉開眼笑 09, 秘密花園 04, 萬紫千紅 11 & 秘密花園 12.

    hammock_眉開眼笑_09. hammock_秘密花園_04. hammock_萬紫千紅_11. wheel_秘密花園_12.
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  4. czar628

    czar628 Member

    Hard to believe, something so prominent like this pair of mini zipper could've slipped through the net easily, despite it's being shiny and red. Perhaps the white inner tank top worn by the model is the culprit for the oversight.

    Look at the bikini tops on display, déjà vu. Out of the three, you may have seen one somewhere but forgotten about the other two. Well, they ain't far from you, pick up the clips in 眉開眼笑 06, 秘密花園 02 & 風情萬種 06 to recall your memories.

    red_眉開眼笑_06. bikini_秘密花園_02_1. bikini_秘密花園_02_2. bikini_風情萬種_06.
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