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Top 10 JAVs of 2015

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by kumokuma, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    Yuu's not my FAVORITE idol, but I like her a lot. I really liked the Soapland video with her. I'm DLing the WWW one now. That video with Kaho was fantastic. She had some of the best videos this year.
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  2. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    Too many to name, 2015 was a great year for JAV.
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  3. dewback

    dewback Active Member

    I agree. There is fantastic material every week! Every week could have a top 10 these days.
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  4. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    You were right about that. Thank you.
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  5. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I like them and Nanako Tsukishima too, Kurea Hasumi that I don't like
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  6. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of Kurea Hasumi. She humps like a rabbit but besides that she does nothing for me. It rare to see her actually appear to have pleasure from sex even though she seems to be having "fun".
  7. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    yes I totally agree

    she not my type, I think she not natural enough :D

    well not every weeks for me, but I can get top 5 in every months :)
  8. hatsupaw

    hatsupaw Mammal

    #10 scop-335.
    Starring Cocoa Aisu, Riona Minami, Airi Natsume, Karen Hazuki
    Basically these four lovely creatures get drugged and irrumated and proceed to lose control of their bladders during the ordeal. There is some really good irrumatio in this movie, and while I adore both Cocoa Aisu and Airi Natsume, Karen Haruki's scene gets my vote as the best one.

    #9 mdyd987pl.
    Starring Aoi Shirosaki
    They say a week is a long time in politics; well, a year is an eternity in JAV. This time last year, Aoi-chan had my undivided attention. Today, not so much. She certainly deserves a place in my 2015 list, but her most memorable performances are from the previous year. But this is still a great movie. She's a housewife, turning on the neighbourhood guys with her loose-fitting tops. And yes, they want to fuck her. And yes, she complies. I love to see her daintily brush a lock of hair behind her ear before she sucks a dick.

    #8 love163pl.
    Starring Miku Takahashi
    When I first encountered Miku Takahashi I thought she was a 'butterface'. I take it back. She is gorgeous in this movie. That innocent little face, dressed up in slutty lingerie, two big guys circling her like sharks... and that's just the first minute. Sexy as fuck.

    #7 dje056pl.
    Starring Mao Hamasaki
    Anyone who's been following Mao-chan's career will know that something happened this year: she started to do a lot of stuff that previously seemed to be conspicuously off-limits. Including (finally!) bukkake and gokkun. 3 different studios put out gokkun movies with her within the space of about a month, and one of them just had to be included in my list. This one wins by sheer volume. One scene by itself has more shots than the total for each of the other 2 movies. Fortunately there's more to come (no pun intended) and I know I'm not the only one looking forward to her upcoming Asfur release...

    #6 miad807pl.
    Starring Shuna Kagami, Tomoko Ashida, Kaede Aoshima
    A pink salon employs these three girls, who wear only panties and a matching hairclip. They suck a lot of dicks. It's awesome. I've written about this movie elsewhere:

    #5 mdb662pl.
    Starring Yurina Ashiro, Airi Natsume, Aya Miyazaki, Rena Uesugi
    No offense to Yurina-san or Rena-san, but I haven't even watched their scenes. Aya Miyazaki is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen. After a contract with Kawaii, she had a contract with Honnaka (bad news for me - I find vaginal comeshots way too kinky). When she left that studio, I feared the worst; many a good idol has vanished after leaving the relative safety of an exclusive studio contract. As a freelancer I've seen her doing single-scene 'amateur' style stuff (with Real-Document for example) but this movie not only gives me hope, but also something Aya-chan has rarely given me before. Eye-contact! In the past, she's almost never done any eyes-to-camera, and here there's a lot of it. But just in case you're not obsessed with Aya Miyazaki, I'll just mention that the movie features a solo segment for each idol, followed by 2 W-idol scenes, namely Yurina and Rena, then Aya and Airi. Technically it's a nakadashi movie, but I forgive this, because the rest is so good.

    #4 sdmu209pl.
    Starring Mai Usami
    Mai Usami loves her daddy so much that she wants to suck his dick and swallow his come. I'm sold. Daddy, however, is somewhat reluctant, and I suppose I could imagine his moral dilemma. But hearing her quietly pleading "Papa..." with an upward inflection in her voice, every time he pulls away, you can see why he relents, again and again. First in the shower, then her bedroom, in the parents' bed with mama asleep beside them while Mai-chan is under the covers, and a rather humourous scene where they are fucking/hiding/fucking in the living room while mama is pottering around in their midst, oblivious. The movie promises 'all gokkun' - well, I'm not sure any of the scenes involve the real deal, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. I'd be happy to adopt Mai-chan; seriously I'd give her a loving home.

    #3 hodv21109pl.
    Starring Cocoa Aisu
    Cocoa-chan was definitely one of my favourites this year. She has a cute face, small breasts, curvy butt and a great talent for fellatio. What more could I ask for? A movie that presents her as a "semen idol" for 2 hours? Yep, that'll just about do it.

    #2 MVSD-274.
    Starring Airi Natsume
    Airi-chan (it's not Eri, for crying out loud) has a face that looks like it belongs on a nymph that would flutter at the edges of your vision on a moonlit night in some mythical forest. It's an exceptional face - at once beautiful and mischievous. (I also happen to think her breasts are perfect.) So, of course this film was going to appeal to me. Sucking and swallowing. Fantastic. She seems to have a really hard time swallowing at first. As the scenes go by it gets easier. Not sure if I've even watched the whole thing. It's quite difficult for me to get through an entire scene. I'm sorry, but it's really hot.

    #1 ktkx102pl.
    Starring Nagomi, Tomoko Ashida, Miku Takahashi, Rina Kawahara
    When I first started thinking about a top 10 list, I knew what #1 would be. I knew it months ago. I was so impressed with this one, I've already given a quick review:

    I tip my hat to Kichikkusu. Well done.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2015
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  9. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    2015 was a good year for lolis too :D
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  10. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    Aya Miyazaki came back to my toplist this week, I couldn't resist. Her movies were only with nakadashi that's why it was boring for me (I was forced to go back to her first movies).
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  11. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member


    And about your earlier comment regarding Kaho Kasumi...I never even noticed her until AVOP-169 only to learn that she's already been in the business for about as long as Kawakami appearently. I've seen her in countless movies this year since then.

    Oh, and to add to a little something I wrote about XRW-051:

    I've just looked it up, appearently her name is Remi Sasaki.


    I don't know what it is about her, I've seen much uglier girls, but for some reason she's dragging everything she's in down imo.
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  12. Waxaxa

    Waxaxa Active Member

    2 movies at the top, yes. Don't give me lip. Honorable mentions to:
    AVOP-119 because it upped the bus tour game, which was getting boring and lame. Yui Hatano's dancing was still lame.
    MIGD-696 Riko is one of my favourites, shaving=great / retiring=bad. Great flick still

    TPPN-080 I don't like Teppan but they deserve something just for that cover. Obviously love Shuna or she wouldn't be here.
    PPPD-340 Because I love Julia and that's the only good movie she's done all year. MIDE-286 isn't bad either.
    MIAD-838, REAL-533 & MIGD-649 Love Mikako Abe too, great performer and I think her best of the year.

    I'm sure there's tons of great AV I haven't seen and I should but from what I have:

    10. WANZ-313 Famous Cosplayer Meets Up With Her Fans To Take Creampies On Her Ovulation Day - Ayumi
    I love the series just for it's ridicolously slutty vibe. They pick great girls as well and Ayumi Shinoda imo had the best performance this year. Although just a few days ago Kaho Shibuya had one released but haven't had the pleasure yet.

    9. Sweaty Sporty Lesbians - Chika Arimura & Riona Minami
    Tight sporty outfits and 2 great girls just lusting for one another.

    8. BBAN-034 Lesbian High School
    Too much talent not to love this, why they didn't credit Maika idk, but the teacher involuntarily joining in the tipsy squirting all girl orgy was a great moment.


    7. RTP-049 My New Wife Has These Two Insanely Beautiful Daughters. We Were All Sleeping Next to Each Other on the Floor. Unable to Control Myself, I Started Touching the Older One, and She Loved It! What We Didn't Know Her Younger Sister Was Awake and Watching Us! 3
    I like the premise and when they add your favourite star to the mix, it just gets that much better. Stepdad sure hit the jackpot with Urumi & Maya, lucky bastard.

    6. MCDV-24 Merci Beaucoup DV 24 After School Z : Suzu Ichinose
    As is custom for a lot of stars, Suzu went to DRP before she retired and this is the better of her 2 uncensored releases - less bullshit and more action than the other one. She's just fantastic. MUM-154 was marvellous too (much like most of her stuff), but this one just for the sake of not being censored, gets the vote.

    5. MIAD-785 Pissing Anal Play 2 - Yurina Ayashiro
    Love Yurina, such a sweetheart, but does just about anything in front of camera. Top series too.

    4. NHDTA-652 This Daughter Sees Her Mom's Dirty Cowgirl Sex, Which Is Hot Enough To Make Their Bunk Bed Shake, and Gets Turned On
    Close to the one above, I do like this scenario too. Cast is great again, Asami Tsuchiya and Shuna Kagami do it for me, Reiko Kobayakawa is a great performer too even if not up my alley. She does wear that look of helplessness and despair well when she wakes up to see her daughter (Shuna) fucking the guy she just cheated with.

    3. Dream Shower! Maya Kawamura
    What a good start to the year it was, your favourite idol doing a debut bukkake flick. This was so good Waap did a second Dream Shower with Kawamura just 2 months later!


    1. STAR-642 Matsuoka China X Natural High Molester Loving Girls Special SOD Star Ver. This Beautiful Girl With Big Tits Gets Molested Everywhere She Goes & Finally Starts Gulping Down Massive Cumshots
    Again, this series is awesome, the girl is awesome, more of this please. China is just so tiny and hot and great and takes a trainful of loads in her belly so it's sharing #1 spot.

    1. NHDTA-650 Molestation OK! Girls Lesbian Special 7
    Released on same day as #4 on the list, 'twas a good batch. Chikan x lesbian x great cast and you have a winner. Natural High does like to procure sex toys out of nowhere in impossible places
    but this time I had to let it slide. Sauna scene is too hot for me to be bothered.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2015
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  13. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    in my top 10
    1 Yuna Shiina 椎名ゆな
    2 Ai Uehara 上原亜衣
    3 Akiho Yoshizawa 吉沢明歩
    4 yuma asami 麻美ゆま
    5 AYUMI SHINODA 篠田あゆみ
    6 Sasayama Nozomi 笹山希
    7 Matsushima Aoi 松嶋葵
    8 Shou Nishino 西野翔
  14. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    But this topic is about movie releases! Also, movies, that were released this year. Yuma Asami has been out of the game a bit longer than a year.
  15. hatsupaw

    hatsupaw Mammal

    It was a great year for lolis. Just imagine what the coming year has in store for you.

    Her Kawaii movies are gold. There are some good scenes in her Honnaka period, but not enough in any one movie to stand out, in my opinion.

    Your #7: Great movie. I really enjoyed the scene with Airi Natsume and Rina Kawahara. We discussed this type of genre, which I call kawa no ji.
    Your #6: Almost made my list, for pretty much the same reasons you gave.
    Your #3: I remember being very impressed with this one. Maya Kawamura shows what it means to be a performer. Never mind that she's being showered with goo - she keeps an enthusiastic running commentary through most of it, which must have been exhausting. I reckon she could run for office.
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  16. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    seems Yurina Ayashiro's popularity has increase here ;)

    this thread not for the best performers, but the best movies, especially that released in 2015
  17. lopio77

    lopio77 Member

    Not a Top 10, but I really liked these videos for 2015:
    MIAD-775, 2015-04-13, Hamasaki Mao / Mizuno Asahi

    SNIS-517, 2015-10-07, RION (Utsunomiya Shion)
    not as much a fan of the video, but really glad she returned

    PPPD-407, 2015-10-19, Meguri (Fujiura Megu)

    PPPD-408, 2015-10-19, Sayama Ai

    I always spent alot of time watching the same rotation of videos and actresses that I liked in the past. So, these videos may not be the best, but for me I was able to discover "new" actresses, which is why I really enjoyed these videos.
  18. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    I found that a lot of the best videos I downloaded in 2015 and had decided to list here were actually released in 2014, which was annoying. Although perhaps I have more videos from 2015 than any other year, it still took me a while to think of this top 10.

    10. HAWA-041
    Erika Masuwaka (credited as "Megumi").
    Part of the Sex with Strangers Behind Her Husband's Back series. These are supposedly older, married women getting gangbanged and drinking lots of cum from strangers. But in the case of 30-year-old Megumi, she is actually 24-year-old Erika Masuwaka, and she is probably not married.

    9. MIAD-838
    Mikako Abe.
    I've never been interested in watching Mikako Abe before but she just looked irresistable on this front cover. She is cute and good at acting, which is important for any rape-themed movie.

    8. IPZ-503
    Jessica Kizaki.
    Second movie starring Jessica Kizaki I watched this year. Second rape movie starring Jessica Kizaki I watched this year. In this one she's a nurse and in the other one, IPZ-531, she's a librarian. I think she looks better and is more convincing as a nurse. And the nurse theme provides a lot more opportunities (with patients, doctors) than the librarian theme does. I deleted IPZ-531 but I am keeping this one (I only downloaded it a few days ago). The presentation is great: I never realized how beautiful Jessica Kizaki is until I watched this. From her face to her breasts to her ass to her feet, every part of her is incredible. She must be the most beautiful in JAV today.

    7. DJE-059
    Nozomi Tanihara.
    Part of the Mature Shower series, which seems to be a spin-off of the Dream Shower series, along with the Lolita Shower series. At 39 years old, this woman is naturally very eager for cock and attention. But she only gets fucked once, in the final scene, by that Genjin dude (it is weird seeing him fuck actual women instead of trans women). But even before she gets fucked, this woman already seems more than satisified just giving blowjobs and getting cum on her face and in her mouth from tens of strangers. She seems happy even just to kiss the really fat dude.

    6. MVSD-262
    Sana Mizuhara.
    Another older woman, she is probably my favourite JAV actress today. She seems like she is not acting at all, like she is in JAV not for money but because she genuinely enjoys doing it. And she does almost everything. Here she is doing DP (bareback), mudpies, and bukkake.

    5. STAR-598
    Iori Kogawa.
    I ignored this for many months, maybe because of the ugly cowgirl or something outfit she wears on the front cover. Fortunately, that costume doesn't feature prominently in the movie.

    4. DANDY-418
    Rina Rukawa.
    I like this setting, it looks like a real store. The highlight of course is Rina Rukawa being tied up in the final scene. I like seeing videos of women tied up but often they don't get fucked, which is frustrating. Here she not only gets fucked but also a bukkake while tied up. Another thing I really liked about this movie was seeing her without makeup at the end and just talking. Maybe more JAVs should do that.

    3. HAWA-045
    Nana Nakamura (credited as "Rico").
    Same series as HAWA-041. But unlike Erika Masuwaka, Nana Nakamura is a legit 30-plus-year-old, and she is even more beautiful.

    2. DJE-054
    Part of the Lolita Shower series. This was probably one of the reasons I joined Akiba-Online, so I could beg someone to upload a non-watermarked version of it. Fortunately, I never got to that point, but I was close.

    1. MUM-182
    Shuna Kagami.
    I was waiting for a good movie to download of this girl for a long time, but somehow I overlooked this one. Maybe it was because of that ridiculous tan she has on the front cover (it is somewhat exaggerated). Shuna Kagami doing anal, stuffed with 3 dicks simultaneously, one in each hole, is exactly what I wanted to see.
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  19. mugenbenoit

    mugenbenoit Member

    For mine:
    1) VEMA-107
    2) HUNT-950
    3) SNIS-497
    4) ABP-380
    5) IPZ-553
    6) KV-164
    7) GS-005
    8) DANDY-415
    9) SVDVD-467
    10) SRS-033

    These Jav contains my favorite outfit fetishes and CFNM scene :peace:

    Attached Files:

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  20. xavcierw

    xavcierw X-Man

    Hello Hans,

    Yuu is one of my all time favorites, if not the #1 on my list. My favorite was the 1st I'd seen her in (TYOD-257).

    I'm sure you have more of her than I do. So you have any with subs? I don't but if you have any with subs that you're willing to trade, sell or share, please let me know.

    I have considered having TYOD-257 done by EroJapanes but I cannot see myself paying over $100 for subs for a movie I was able to get for free. LOL!

    Perhaps I'll try to mirror my hero, Motiman, and see if others would go on with me for that one.

    Any way, thank you for your posts. They are both informative and in some cases, quite entertaining. :)