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Tomoe Yamanaka (山中知恵) - IMBD-194 (1080p 60FPS) [2013-08-25]

Discussion in 'Idol DVD & Bluray Downloads' started by gokkunfan, Oct 7, 2015.

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  2. gagouzidis

    gagouzidis New Member?

    Links are dead. :(
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  3. explor202

    explor202 New Member

    Thanks. MediaInfo tells me the same thing as mkvinfo. I have to do some more research...
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  4. reuploaded
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  5. explor202

    explor202 New Member

    Pretty sure my issue is a hardware one after all. FurMark shows pretty shitty performance when bench marking my GPU's and turns out I can't even run a proper SLI setup. So my new 4 GB DDR5 OC'd GTX 960 will be here tomorrow and hopefully solve my issue :D
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  6. Damn, you bought a whole new video card just for viewing Tomoe properly? That's dedication. :p
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  7. explor202

    explor202 New Member

    Or stupidity!
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  8. hofct

    hofct Active Member

    The video was encoded in 10bit. The quality is great, but less compatible than the regular h.264 videos.
    I can play it using PotPlayer, but no luck for my DLNA capable TV ~
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  9. .
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
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  10. vowman

    vowman Akiba Citizen

  11. peaceful86

    peaceful86 Active Member

    gokkufan please reupload links at keep2share
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  12. Check again
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  13. peaceful86

    peaceful86 Active Member

    Thank you
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  14. no.me.gusta

    no.me.gusta Member

    Any chance for a re-upload for the keep2share or uploadable links, please?
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  15. feverish8

    feverish8 feverish

    daaaaaaamn, i'm thinkin we need some 1080p for all of her 18+ movies now
    (hint, hint) ;)
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  16. GekkoE7

    GekkoE7 javdesu.com

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