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SUNBO's Ultimate Guide to Using File Hosting Websites

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SUNBO, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. SUNBO

    SUNBO New Member


    Upload to multiple file hosts in ONE GO!
    Use mass mirror sites so you can upload to multiple file hosts by only uploading to one site. Since different people have problem with different file hosts, this is a great solution to make everyone happy. And since it's on many file hosts, you do not need to re-upload when file is deleted as long as the other hosts still have them.

    A list of mass mirror sites I've tried (From Best to Worst):
    www.nixpi.com (no ads at all, also includes mediafire)
    www.uploadground.com (some ads)
    www.uploadmirrors.com (has a pop up ad)
    www.sharebee.com (popular, few mirrors, has ads)
    www.rapidspread.com (slow upload)
    www.uploadjockey.com (popular, loaded with ads, require account for more mirrors)
    www.fileducky.com (not enough mirrors)
    www.massmirror.com (not working at time of post)
    www.uploadfrog.net (not working at time of post)
    www.xlice.net (not working at time of post)


    Auto Download, Skip Timer, Skip Captcha
    There is a firefox add-on called Skipscreen, it automatically give you the file when you visit the download page. See the video demonstration on the official site. Basically, you can just open all your rapidshare download pages, and go do your thing, when the download is available it will pop up for you. Works for MANY file hosts, including all the popular ones, like megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire, zshare, depositfiles, etc. For some file hosts such as depositfiles, you can skip timer and have concurrent download as long as you open the other links before you start the first download. Be sure to download the add-on from the official site and not from firefox add-on site, it additional features like anti-captcha and faster update.

    If having problem with certain file hosts due to SkipScreen, do this:
    Firefox menu > Tools > SkipScreen > Options > untick that site
    This will likely be temporary until they fix the problem.

    Auto Check Links
    There is a script called "Rapidshare Links Checker" that automatically checks file host links (not just rapidshare!) on websites and also makes the url clickable. It shows a small tick or cross next to the link to show if the file is deleted or not. Here's how it looks like:
    (Note: This is better than "The Cavern Links Checker" since it also check links with anonym.to)

    How to get it:
    Step 1. Install Firefox
    Step 2. Install the add-on called Greasemonkey
    Step 3. Install the script called Rapidshare Links Checker

    To configure the script, right click the monkey icon on bottom right corner of Firefox > User Script Commands > [Rapidshare Links Checker] Configuration

    Premium Link Generators
    There are sites on the web that lets you download files like premium users. That is, you can download multiple files at same time or right after another.

    How to find the sites:
    The best method I know is to search "premium link generator" in Google.
    Since these sites tend to disappear really fast, google is a really reliable way to pick out the working ones. Since the best/working ones are always mentioned around the web more than the non-working ones, so that helps it rank up on google.

    At the time of posting, from going through the first few result pages, the ones I've tested and working are:
    (Be careful some have file size restriction 100mb/500mb, you won't know until they cut you off in the middle of the download. Some may not be available during peak hour.)

    I hope these have helped! Remember to comment/thanks/+rep if you like this! Do you have something to add? Post!!! (credit will be given)
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