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Jan 20, 2012

EDIT, September 2013:
Upon Akiba-Online's return from an extended server-changing hiatus, all of the attachments and links to Akiba pages became casualties; both elements factor heavily for this particular thread, so it was a real shame. Fortunately, I had not deleted most of the graphic images and managed to put the available ones back in, for your viewing enhancement. (And unfortunately, it was a nightmare to do so, on my end, leading to deep and sorrowful existential questions.) I took the occasion to update some other outdated links, but if I were to do so comprehensively, I may have been reading my obituary the next day. What you may wish to keep in mind is that the links leading to the Akiba-Online archives could turn up dead, but that is only because the old pages linking to the old server obviously no longer exist. So if you are looking for a film, you will probably be able to utilize the provided information and land your prize, by conducting a search in these new pages.

EDIT, July 2014: Thread INDEX, at the bottom of this post.


This thread will offer STREAM DOWNLOADS.

I hear you; you’re saying, this is the “Discussion” board, not the “Download” board. I agree. But here’s what happened. I freely offered what I call my “painless download” stream links in the DDL section, but then a moderator – a very charming one, as Akiba-Online moderators usually are – told me they are forbidden, and only allowed in the “Discussion” section.

So I threw the one that was deleted from the DDL section to this section (here it is) about a week ago, but felt uncomfortable doing so. Why? Because this is the “Discussion” section, not the “Download” section. If everyone started putting up download threads here, it would defeat the “Discussion” purpose.

Then I thought, maybe I should start one single thread for Stream Downloads only; that way, there would be no clutter in the “Discussion” section. But I was too lazy, and then I noticed Summerss broaching a similar thought days ago, and that got me cracking.

I decided then to capitalize part of the title of this thread, Stream DOWNLOADS, to signify there is something else going on here. (I know capitalizing is otherwise bad etiquette, but I figured this case called for it.)

Since I am beginning this thread, I’d like to put up two rules. (It’s good to be the king.) Those who contribute with their own stream downloads should

A) Include thumbnails. (This is an Akiba-Online rule for downloads anyway, as the moderator told me.)

B) Include your two cents about why the movie struck your fancy. Let’s learn something about the movie, in addition to the download link. After all, this is the “Discussion” thread.

Some members have broken English, given that this site especially attracts international visitors, but don’t let that stop you. Put up your thoughts anyway! And for those who know no English (meaning they would have no idea what I’m writing right here), use Google Translator, and share your thoughts in horrible English. JAV collectors who resort to Google Translator to get a better idea of the movies they are downloading (utilizing plot descriptions in Japanese) are old hands in regards to horrible English.

Okay, at this point, you can skip to the download section – you don’t need to read the rest. But for those who are interested, I wanted to give my thoughts on:

1) Why Stream Downloads are the Tops
2) DDL Dilemma with Filehosters
3) Stream Download Services


Why Stream Downloads are the Tops

I love stream downloads. The reality is, JAV makers make their product faster than you can download them. They make my head spin, at the rate they put them out. But you can’t have potentially a thousand, or thousands of JAV movies when they are one gigabyte apiece. (Or, as is becoming more popular, two gigabytes… three gigabytes… now even four gigabytes and over.)

Four hundred to six hundred MBs for a two hour movie is quite sufficient, thank you. (And it’s not like one can’t find these in the DDL section, in the form of RMVB or MKV files, but they have become rare.) See, when you download a JAV, the odds are it’s going to be run-of-the-mill. You don’t need a super-duper version. In the rare case where a movie is spectacular and you will be visiting it time and time again, then you can justify hunting for that super-duper, Godzilla-sized HQ version.

But smaller stream downloads are blurry, in comparison, you’re going to say… I can hear you! And to this, I say, Oh come on! It’s not like you’re watching AVATAR, to get that big screen, every-minute-detail-counts effect. Just because you can’t see every gynecological skin pore in crystal clarity does not mean you’re not going to get your cork popped.

And besides, as one of Akiba-Online’s exceptionally informed members, SamKook, has specified, the folks who steal these movies to encode them no longer put love and attention to their work. He’s right. Have you downloaded a super-duper monstrosity, labeled as “HQ” only to find it’s blurry anyway?

Then there is the issue of storage. I know, I know, the ones among you with the deep pockets are now sniffing, hard drives are quite affordable, harrumph. You are not incorrect, sir. (Yet they used to be a lot cheaper before that storm in – was it Singapore? – and then the prices got jacked up. Now that the crisis has been averted, have you noticed? The prices are still up.)

But if I’m going to have a collection with movies that are 1-3 GB apiece, that means I will need a bookcase for my hard drives. I don’t want a ton of hard drives!

Hard drives are unreliable, and they can die on you. This happened to me once, with so many of my hard-gotten JAV movies disappearing up in smoke. So this means one must back up one's hard drives. And that means you’re going to have double the ridiculous number of hard drives, with the monsters in your collection.

Perhaps most importantly, there is the time factor in downloading. I know some of you have blazing fast Internet speeds, up to a megabyte per second. So you can laugh at the colossal downloads. (I am hearing you… ha ha ha. Ha ha ha!) Yet poor schnooks like me have the basic “high speed.” My top speed is about 120 kb/s. It would take me half a day to download a JAV the size of a Buick. I’m getting aged with each passing second, and I can’t normally afford that, I tell you.

Now let’s consider the advantages of a stream download, versus the filehoster downloads, by moving on to the next section:

DDL Dilemma with Filehosters

It’s not like stream downloads are trouble-free; sometimes a download gets interrupted, or the speed may not be high as usual. But these go with the territory, and occur rarely.

Yet compare with the filehosters:

1) Filehosters’ download speed are often cut down considerably for free downloaders. Stream downloads usually offer top speed.

2) No annoying CAPTCHAs to fill out

3) No waiting between downloads.

4) Usually no multi-links. Set it, and forget it.

Before 2012, one could live with the idiosyncracies of the filehosters. Fileserve, Filesonic, Wupload, Uploadstation, Filejungle, Rapidshare (which was great; no waiting between downloads, either), Netload… and especially wonderful Megaupload, as well as Mediashare… they all offered top speeds.

Many have bitten the dust, as you know.

Now the cut-down download speeds have become the rule, rather than the exception. Rapidshare is now Vapidshare. Netload is totally unworkable, at least in my area.

We should not speak ill of Ryushare, since it is helping Akiba-Online to stay afloat… but I don’t like it. The speed is slow, the idea being that you need to buy a premium account.

The problem with buying a premium account is that you then become fixed to that particular filehoster. Yet we always run into links offered by other filehosters. Unless one filehoster offers links all over the place – which is Ryushare’s strategy, of course, with the rule that uploaders must use Ryushare links – buying premium accounts become unworkable. It’s not like one can afford a wasteful slew of premium accounts.

The links that many uploaders use are Ryushare, Rapidgator, Uploaded, Bitshare and sometimes Extabit and Turbobit. (The latter being unavailable in the USA – “sorry about that.”) All of them have one thing in common – they are all slow. (Save for Bitshare, which sometimes suffers from a split personality. You never know what you’re going to get with Bitshare.)

Rapidgator is particularly sadistic. After their waiting period, if you neglect to click on the download link right away – or if you fill out a wrong CAPTCHA – then you have to wait an additional fifteen minutes. I think Rapidgator representatives could have trained the U.S. personnel at Abu Ghraib.

Reptilian cousin Crocko offers its own tortures. Wait a minute-and-a-half, fill out the CAPTCHA, then sometimes… the clock starts ticking all over again. Crocko's speeds are unpredictable, although sometimes they can surprise you.

You can see how stream downloads come out smelling like a rose.

There are many other filehosters, and sometimes they offer a surprise by treating free downloaders with respect; but it’s funny how even the rinky-dink ones can be just as frustrating. They come and go, too… uploaders can’t trust them to stick around. Filerose, which used to be a sponsor of Akiba-Online and offered fine speeds the few times I've tried them, are now a relic of the past.

The best filehoster is Hotfile, with Depositfiles a close second. Uploading is also a favorite, and so is good old Mediashare. Filepost is okay, with reservations, as is Freakshare. (I’m focusing mostly on the speed issue.) Filefactory also has moments… sometimes. It’s a wonder why the ones above are not as popular with uploaders.

Stream Download Services

There used to be a golden age with stream services, just as with the filehosters. In comparison, the streamers haven’t suffered as much. (Here, I am coupling the sites that offer the streams, as well as the servers where the streamed films are stored.)

The most wonderful site on the Internet used to be Practically every single JAV was made available, and in the preferred stream format, Userporn. Not long ago, the owner got greedy, took down the stream option (he claimed the streams will be back; maybe they are, but not as before), and now charges for downloads – taking immorality to the next step, directly making money off product one does not own.

Jav.hotporndl has been a welcome addition to the stream world, but I believe they have been having issues with Userporn, which is not much in use lately.

A lot of the other stream sites have consolidated. A good one used to be Dload123, but now they have substituted their Userporn links (or at least no longer make them directly accessible) and have put up a horrible logo on their offerings. They are still around, and not useless – I see they have titles that are sometimes hard to get elsewhere – but they are a shadow of their former self.

The big daddy of them all was Sexvnonline – they were great, with direct Userporn links. But now they look like many other stream sites, such as Javdict, or Sexvidx or Moviesjav. I don’t know what the behind-the-scenes story is, but some big Internet force from Vietnam, or someplace, may be operating many of them.

Porn88 is really good; they have not changed much, and still offer Userporn links, assuming the links have not been deleted. (Many entries are old and – of course - with time, the links go away.) It seems Porn88 is an offshoot of Sexvnonline, often offering the same movies (with the exception that Porn88 has not revamped their site; you can still access the Userporn links directly).

Then there is Surf2x. This one is frustrating, offering multi-links as they do. But they often feature titles hard to get elsewhere. I don’t like them, but there have been times I’ve been grateful to them. (When there is that one film you’ve just got to get, sometimes Surf2x becomes the only crummy game in town.)

Adultdailycare, I have a soft spot in my heart for. Luckily, they have not changed.

Hot-jav is another one that has been around. You can sometimes get JAV on Hot-jav that is not available elsewhere. Unfortunately, they always put that large and ugly logo on their pilfered product.

What happens is that these sites store, or link to, films that are on stream servers. Userporn is number one. You click on Userporn, you go right into the action. Their search engine is frustrating, but I love Userporn.

Xvideos, we can be grateful for Xvideos. Yet you don’t get full-length films very often on Xvideos, and many items, especially the ones worth having, get deleted fast. Then you wind up with the annoying scrolls and other things mucking up the films, that you don’t get with Userporn. A lot of manufacturers use Xvideos to advertise their wares, by putting up their useless three-minute clips. Some wise guys have lately been putting up films with commercials featuring their products at the beginning. Sleaze-ville!

Slutload is another cousin. The quality is usually poor on Slutload, but I am grateful they are around.

And then there is the new trend of stream servers, that I co-exist with unhappily. (Often identified as “VIP.”) The ones with the blue arrows/boxes, the sleazy ones that fool you into clicking something else. Then once you get them going, they load all kinds of plug-ins and who knows what else. They make me very nervous. Thank goodness for Userporn!

A lot of these new look-alike stream sites, such as Javdict and Sexvidx (the ones owned by the “Vietnamese guy,” as I am postulating) offer their mysterious stream servers. If they say “Bypass Player,” I always go with that. Sometimes they link to Userporn, but they don’t make the Userporn source evident. Once in a while they slip up, and the Userporn link source is shown, as with Moviesjav. (But only with Firefox, where I have used Add-ons to filter out the muck.)

Sometimes stream sites don’t work. For example, Javboo used to cooperate, but now has become coy. And there is a nice site called Gojav, with its own mysterious stream server, but rarely does it come through for me. I probably need to update some kind of Flash or Java or something. (See what I mean? Thank heaven for Userporn. No hassles with them.)

As with the filehosters, stream sites come and go. There were some excellent ones, such as Avsheep and Streamxxx, that have disappeared in a puff of smoke. There was a new one I wanted to share with you, one that was working fine yesterday, but now, just today, the “Blog has been removed”: Javspecial.blogspot. They offered some hard-to-get films, too.

Thank you for bearing with my winded discussion here; I felt some of you would be interested with some of the ins and outs of my experience, given all the time we spend with JAV.

Now Akiba-Online has a rule, disallowing links to “referral or affiliate sites.” I’m not sure exactly what that means. Those of you who wish to contribute to this thread may offer the link page for the crazy stream sites that do not make their sources evident; I don’t know if the moderators will have a problem with that. As I have gathered, the rule-makers seem to allow for all kinds of links on the discussion board.

As for myself, I have a preference for the “pure” source link, without the mumbo-jumbo. So I will be focusing on those, thus making the downloads as painless as possible.

On with the show.

EDIT, NOV. '13:
One criterion in the above discussion was omitted: What downloading program to use? (I figured a trip to Google would provide the answer to fellow members, but from time to time I keep getting this question.) The answer is that there are many options. My advice is to have a few on hand, as some do what others don't. Orbit Downloader comes in handy for multiple downloads, and for showing the size of files through its Grab++ tool. (Handy to judge whether a stream on the many confusing sleaze sites is in working order; sometimes you just can't get a stream to actually play.) It's good when you're not using the internet, as Orbit otherwise has a tendency to cut down on browsing speed.

I like the Download Helper add-on very much, but it does not work with recent versions of Firefox. Many browsers have stream downloading add-ons, for example Opera has "FVD Downloader," and Chrome has its own version of FVD. There is a number of choices out there, and I have tried others from time to time, such as "iWisoft Free Video Downloader" and "StreamTransport." There are also many stream download programs for YouTube, many of which no longer work. These programs come and go; look around, and you will come up with one or more to your liking.

In addition, check out this post.

EDIT (Jan. 2016): Updated Tips


Thread INDEX

(Partial, for now... too time-consuming! The "Page" reference could be unreliable.)

(Click on the numbers, they are linked.)

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13. Embarrassment! Women in public offered cash to try Love Machine

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16. Pretended to Get On a Blond-Haired Commuter Bus By Mistake

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44. Extreme Special Molestation OK Girl in LA [NHDT 863]

45. Letting Loose with Ladies Providing Service

46. Stepmother and Son - Elemental Nakadashi Climax [FUTD 046]

47. Bunk Bed Sisters

48. Lez Miserables - Lesbian Battle

May 1915: Obviously, the page designations now mean diddly-squat, given the later Akiba-Online changeover; continuing with the Index:

49. Emiko Koike (Also this later post)

50. Raped Each Day – Regretting A Climax

51. Dirty Mother & Lazy Son Torture Recording

52. Amateur Couples Games, Losers Surrendering Wives/GFs

53. Raped President's Wives

54. Remarried With a Bitch and Rendered a Spiteful Daughter My Toy

55. Foreign Guy Takes Mother and Daughter, Secret Fuck M and D

56. Cherry Boy Getting Laid For the First Time by Big Breasts Wife

57. Convenience Bike Inconvenience

58. Minor Ameri Ichinose Celebration

59. Lez Miserabling Again

60. Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! (Abused Educators)

61. One Exploited College Girl (Rec Case)

62. Lady Will Tell a Lie While Being Done & Phone-Talking to BF

63. Forbidden Assault - I Am My Son's Carnal Slave

64. Lady Teachers Throw Themselves at Students

65. CROSS in the Cross Hairs (CRPD- Movies)

66. "Fallen President" flicks (Misaki Shiraishi & Reiko Kawamoto)


68. I Love Satsuki Kirioka!

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71. Couple of Other Couples' Games

72. Lez Miserables Part III: Lesbians Go DEEP'S

73. DVDES-289

74. Shoko Yokoyama

75. Addendum for Lez Miserables

76. Violated by Grotesque Men

77. Friend's Mother (HTHDs; also, Brute Force Pleasure!)


79. Employed Lady File

80. TALL

81. Forced Upon By the Husband's Coworker

82. Reika Saijo, Asami Yuuki

83. Kyoko Ono (Also: Lesbian Molester Chikan in Beach Houses)

84. Humiliating Nudity in Front of a Group

85. Uninspired Regular Porn Potpourri

86. Wife Forced to Strip For the Neighborhood Association

87. Jabberwocky of JAV

88. Little Continuation of Jabberwocky

89. MADONNA Mini-Mixed Bag

July 1916: Continuing with the Index:

090. Cell Videos Taken of a University Student That Are Getting Posted

091. Revisiting Pigtailed Devils

092. Taboo Japanese Style

093. Wife Taken by Boss

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115. A JAV remake - Female Teacher Kyoko

116. Pervert Dad With Daughter-in-Law

117. Infiltrating Investigator, To the Point of Falling [ATID-180],

118. Cream Pie Perverts

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120. Three Slave Island Movies

121. Julia 8 Hours Best [MIBD-565]

122. Female Boss Haruna Snatching Lesbian Pick-Up! [DVDES-408]

123. In Front of the Husband!! Embarrassed Married Woman As Naked Sketch Model

124. Pregnant Pauses

125. Beautiful Wife Who Fell to Anal

126. Salesladies Who Have an Ace Up Their Holes

127. Foreign Heroine

128. Shoplifting Young Ladies 4 [BKSP-142]

129. One Director's ATTACKERS Movies

130. Younger Sister Sadly Used For Sex [RBD-426]

131. Sun Soldier Red Flora [ZARD-57]


133. Homeless People Vs. Nozomi Hazuki [DVDES-469]

134. Lesbian Training Bride Mother-in-Law Edition [IESP-560]

135. Fairy Tales Can Come True!

136. Forced Family Members

137. Continually Raped By My Husband's Boss For 7 Days, I Lost My Mind...

138. Mother Apologizes For Shoplifting Son [NHDTA-077]

140. Sci-Fi from 2005

141. Conservative And Plain Girl Turn Into A Slut? [YRMN-001

142. Kaori Saejima

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Jan 20, 2012
I know I made a big to-do about commenting on the offered movies, but I am tired after preparing my long-winded introduction above, and I just need to get the ball rolling, so I will give the comments short shrift. (I am such a hypocrite.)

Assault! Bride's First and Last AV Performance Before Her Wedding! [SVDVD-202]



Hitomi Kitagawa

This is a fanciful number, as the plot description bears witness:

Bridal Wear fastest growing company in the blurb "wedding expenses will bear" called. Reality was that there is a connection and unscrupulous companies but AV manufacturer. This video is the whole story of the bride had to accept the AV appearance would have been foolish to stimulate the desire of the woman that I want to give a luxurious formula. Fiance of the secret to this one!

So in order to get free bridal wear, the bride-to-be needs to go with the demands of the AV manufacturer… I guess!

Toward the end, the bride, who has to wear her bridal outfit while getting accosted, has to deal with a whole gang of men wearing “Clockwork Orange”… or “Eyes Wide Shut”… or some kind of Kubrick masks.


Helping keep the Hitachi Magic Wand makers afloat

Screen shots 1

Screen shots 2

Painless 668 MB download

The movie has been offered a number of times on Akiba-Online; here is one of Zonezeed’s torrents, at 606 MB (lucky torrent-hounds are privy to the RMVBs), another at 1.35 GB (with more screen shots), and here is an eleven-part 1.64 GB Uploaded package for the masochists; the first link was alive, when I checked.



Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Beautiful Mature Women Lesbian Swapping Party [JUC-608]


Starring Maki Hojo, Yuka Osawa, Yu Kawakami, and Yumi Kazama

A lezfest of the first order! Here is the translated description:

Maki and Yumi have to enjoy each other's Rezuraifu a fake marriage with a man. While the topic of unawares kissed Yu Kawakami, daughter-in-law who lives in the house next afternoon, two people ... buzz. Yu loved a woman named Akira Erie. Erie loved rather than because it's just that women were women. They have been repeated in secret tryst. Does not know that I have seen in a figure like that ... Maki. I quickly realized when Erie's unusual relationship MAKI and Yu. Then I heard it ... Yumi.

(Now did all of that make sense? Of course not.)

You can’t go wrong especially with superstars Maki Hojo and Yumi Kazama. There’s a wonderful scene where they drag in the innocent Yuka Osawa and have their way with her. Then Yu Kawakami gets aggressive with poor Yuka, for some reason. (Where are the subtitles, when you need them?) Finally, Maki and Yumi do a number on Yu, while, I guess, their new transformed “slave,” Yuka (complete with dog collar), is naked and in heat nearby.


The action then culminates with the "orgy" scene:


Ringing around the rosey

Screen shots
: see torrent link, below.

575 MB Painless download; the rare Madonna stream links usually do not last long, as rightfully protective as the company is of their material.

This film has made the rounds at Akiba-Online previously. Here is a recent 1.75 GB torrent (with the screen shots), as well as an eight-part 1.75 GB Filefactory package (first link worked; please check the rest).

EDIT: Couple of days after I put up this post, Member Stumiko put out a beautiful 615MB RMVB package consisting of (sigh, as many as seven) Ryushare links that you may want to check out. I'm so proud of Stumiko! He seems to be focusing on the smaller files that, yes, some of us actually prefer. Dash on over here, to get your hands on it, in case you are not thrilled with my painless downloads.

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Jan 20, 2012

Last month I had put up a post entitled "Yu Kawakami is the Eternal Victim!"; I wanted to share with Yu ... I mean, you ... a movie where Yu is victimized in spades!


Yu Kawakami

It's a delicious exercise in Japanese sicko-ville, called:

Hellish Sexual Nursing Tale - Pitiful Daughter-in-Law Assault By Dirty Old Man and Big Tits Wife of the Older Brother [TGA-002]
Starring Yu Kawakami and Mai Hanano


Now the "Dirty Old Man" of said title, according to the translation from the Japanese, is really the "Grandfather." And we open the tale with Yu exercising what will pitifully turn out to be her "Forbidden Nursing" on the elderly geezer.

But then the plot gets confusing - not that it really matters! Another source described Yu as a "bride." Is she the bride of the "Older Brother"? Not according to the always welcome English titles of clearly, it is the beautiful Mai Hanano as the "Wife of the Older Brother" (And not just any wife, mind you, but the "Big Tits Wife.")


Mai Hanano

Now these relationships are not unimportant to those of us not content in just getting their ya-yas, but who wish to enhance their enjoyment by trying to figure out what the story is getting at. But good luck with trying to make sense out of this one!

In the beginning of the movie, there is a non-sexual scene between Yu and the "young man" of the story. He must be the "older brother," but I get the idea this older brother is actually the husband of Yu. There are other clues later on, suggesting the same. So that's what we're going to assume.

Grandpa somehow intimidates Yu into sharing her wares, and after Yu has left, Mai enters the picture and for some reason makes a play for Gramps - who goes on to have quite a field, or rather a Mai, day. But if Mai is the sister of the older brother, and not the Big Tits Wife, that means grandpa would be her father. Would that make sense? Who knows?

Grandpa, Yu and Mai are sitting at the dinner table, and then gramps (or possibly Mai, as we see signs of Mai's dominance over Yu) wields his (or her) power by getting Yu to eat her fish, and then dump the fish into grandpa's mouth... while Mai looks on smugly. The requisite bathing scene follows, where Yu sadly must perform a blow job on the old guy -- and then! -- both Mai and grandpa tie up poor Yu and get their sexual jollies with her. (Mai doesn't do much, except for a little licking, to show her power, I guess. The actor playing the old man has a scary sneering grimace, adding to the sadistic effect.)

That was a good scene, and then we have the young guy, Yu and gramps sitting around a table, which concludes with the young guy storming off. This leaves the vulnerable Yu open to grandpa inviting a friend of his, a balding old guy, to come in - whereby Yu is attacked.

Mai, in another scene, enslaves the young man into performing sexual acts on Mai, complete with dog collar on the poor sap. This is another reason to conclude the young fellow is Yu's husband. Otherwise, if Mai is Yu's sister-in-law (which is basically what the translated descriptions state), then Mai would be the young man's sister. Would that make sense? You got me.

(That was assuming Yu as the wife of the young man. Come to think of it, however, if Mai is the wife, Mai and Yu would still be sisters-in-law. Perhaps the title was correct after all, and the young man is Yu's "Elder Brother," with Mai his "big tits wife." Yet the title also describes Yu as the "daughter-in-law," and if the young man is actually Yu's brother, then where is Yu's husband? Can someone please get a hold of the screenwriter?)

The young man then returns home, and is overpowered by the two older men. Tied up, he is forced to watch as Yu is put through all sorts of motions. (A very nice scene. Truly, Yu Kawakami is the eternal victim.)

Finally, Mai comes in, witnesses the debauchery, mouths off some angry words and then, for some reason, faints. We cap off with Yu alone, tragically in tears.

Even if I couldn't connect all of the dots, I thought TGA-002 was a delicious piece of insanity. Maybe you will enjoy it, too.

I see from Akiba-Online's archives the last time this film showed its face was in 2011, with now-obsolete Wupload links. Here is how you can get your hands on it, via a 327 MB painless download. (And the picture is surprisingly clear, too, for that small size.)

Screen shots: See what should be the last of the attachments below. Here is another view.

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
I have not seen the following, so I can't comment on it. I helped someone out with a request at the "Request and Trade" department (I hope you venture to those neck of the woods once in a while too, to see if you can assist fellow poor souls in need. You wouldn't want Mitt Romney to look down his nose at you, as just another moocher), so I figured I would share the movie with you as well. Especially since I discovered this film is hard to locate elsewhere on the Internet.

Sex Circle Activity [OKAD-334]


Featuring Cocomi Naruse, Konatsu Aozora and Hiyori Wakaba.

Translated plot:

"Threesome is good friends with all the same people I like always.三昧 tempted to use the whole bag of tricks in the travel destination that you have made in four! Ample of system Konatsu Fucking Blow Job, here obedient soggy Mino healing, Nasty Handjob phosphorus peppy! 4P evening huddled in a swimsuit! ○ You can cum soaked continuously pester people are next! !"

A reviewer at DMM sheds some sensible light regarding the goings-on:

Setting of hot spring travel spree Circle of Three women do fairly good one man... Share one man, polygamy ideal state relationship that also good girls' night out.

Screen shots

Less than 300 MB painless download.



Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Two with Ran Natsuki

Two with Ran Natsuki

Have you heard of Ran Natsuki? Me neither! That is, until I ran into this intriguing cover:

Boyish Woman Creampie Nightmare of Shame


Starring Ran Natsuki and Ai Kanezaki

(By the way, the direct translation from the Japanese title works out to "Re Offenses to (I) but I Do Crimes!" or "The Soldering Iron (I) If I Do Crimes!" Nether makes sense, nor does another title someone lazily came up with, "If You're Going to Bang, Bang Me!" I used a combination of yet another English title this goes by, as well as words from the translated description.)

Anyway, I really liked the appearance of Ran. She looked different, but sexy. At first, I thought she might have been Satsuki Kirioka, whom I think is just sensational. (Ran is not as beautiful as Satsuki, but from some angles, she too can look quite beautiful.) This was the short hair effect, and along with the non-curvaceous frame, the reason why her schtick seems to be "boyishness." And I hardly have a preference for boyish women, but Ran ran away with me. (Even though in this movie, she pulls out the mannish stops - including her masculine outfit, and even underarm hair. Yet when she has her clothes off, she's all woman.)


Once I watched her in action, another thing that grabbed me was the tragedy of her soul. Now what do I mean by that? You have to watch the movie. She appears quietly troubled, which I found endearing.

The movie is pretty ferocious. First, we establish that Ran has a girlfriend, portrayed by Ai Kanezaki, a cute cookie in her own right.


Ai Kanezaki, from JUC-687, Violated Culinary Teacher

Ran then performs an act of aggression, which seems out-of-character for her unassuming personality; she starts to feel up a pretty girl on a bus. Too bad she must not have been aware that her victim was the girlfriend of a school bully... who soon sets off to let Ran have it.

The bully boy (who has dirty blond hair; obviously, a rebellious youth) drags Ran to a deserted alley, and he and his girlfriend strip Ran, and force her to have lesbian sex (not much of a punishment, you might say, since that was Ran's intention in the first place), and otherwise violate her. They also take blackmail photos, while Ran resignedly accepts what is happening to her.

But the evil pair has only begun. On the bus, the bully boy rapes Ai, Ran's girlfriend, while Ran is helpless to stop him - because the bully's girlfriend reminds Ran of the incriminating pictures.


Ran's nightmare is far from over. She is cornered by the bully's gang at school, and later is forced to strip for them, with the predictable results. Then Ai accompanies the bully's girlfriend into the classroom, where she is forced to have lesbian sex with Ran. Finally, Ran has to give it to Ai with a strap-on, while Ran takes it from behind.

Screen shots

SDMT-524 has shown up at Akiba-Online in the past, but the last time was in 2011, and all of the links, download and torrent, are now dead.

Painless 607 MB download.





I have not seen this next one, but in case you get into Ran, you might also consider picking up:

Lesbian Hospital [ANND-092]


Starring Wakana Kinoshita and Ran Natsuki

"Busty beauty nurse outstanding style was Horace is a lesbian Beautiful female doctor in the same hospital genuine! Nurse big eyes, lovely lips, perfect body, all to stimulate the man's feelings of female doctor! Away from the eyes of the hospital, hospital captivating story lesbian busty Tachi × Femuneko handsome intelligent system ... Rogue communion of two people ask each other."

Screen shots

Painless 406 MB download

Member JPTor made ANND-092 available last month at nearly 2.2 GB, comprised of five Ryushare links. Two months ago, Member Jonah Roach also took a swing, offering five Ryushare and Lumfile links, at a size more to my liking, about 1 GB.

By the way, Member Aju also appreciated Ran Natsuki; he wrote back in 2011: "She made another all strap-on lesbian video CRPD-397 which I'm hoping to see posted." Unfortunately, CRPD-397 has yet to see the light of day at Akiba-Online, or apparently anywhere else.


In CRPD-397, Ran is evidently having her
way with three big-breasted lasses. She
looks pretty good on the cover, doesn't she?

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Jan 20, 2012
Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife

Are you familiar with Takara/Aleddin's Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife series? Some of the entries have their moments.

You can check out the series on this DMM page. The series must be popular, as I see two new titles have been added since the last time I checked... not all that long ago.

Many of the films follow the same formula. The action usually starts with the mother-in-law, sometimes together with the wife, on her/their hands and knees scrubbing the floors. This is a familiar sight in JAV, and one that we must credit the Japanese porn-makers with. They can take an everyday action, which technically should have no erotic value, and drive home the point that women can never escape their fate of serving as automatic impulses.


During the first half of these movies, the mother-in-law usually has sex with another man, an older one who could only be her own husband. (So it's not like she is sex-starved; she is getting her fill, and - one would think - could more easily resist the advances of the son-in-law that are sure to follow.) We often also get treated to the "filler" scenes of mommy masturbating. (Yawn.)

Naturally at some point (particularly after the nearly-always requisite bathing scene), the son-in-law is going to make a play for mom. The mothers-in-law sometimes react willingly, and sometimes with resistance (the latter is the mode of behavior I prefer; such would surely be the pattern of real life and, besides, it makes the story far more interesting. I leave it to unrealistic American porn where the women frequently get aggressive in their first sexual encounter).


Ultimately, as the older woman gets won over, we are treated to the kink value of the mother making it with her son-in-law while her daughter is dangerously nearby.

Once in a while the daughter catches the forbidden immorality while the action is taking place. (Rarely will she begin to scream and shout; instead, she will watch in fixated fashion. Must be a cultural thing.)

This post will share pure stream download links with some of the titles in the series. I've decided not to include the web site links offering streams that cannot be accessed directly, as I'm not sure how that will go over with Akiba-Online's rules.

Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife [SPRD472]


Starring Naoko Okawa


The actress has an interesting "big nose" that's not common with female Japanese AV thespians. She is putty in the hands of the young man. At the end, not only does the wife stumble in on the action, but she gets turned on and begins to masturbate.

Screen shots

314 MB painless download

There are also two four-link 959 MB packages from last year which you may want to check; both filehosters (Shareflare and Letitbit) sleazily insist on your needing to fill out their crazy CAPTCHAs first, to see if the links are still good. I didn't have the patience for that.

Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife [SPRD494]


Starring Sachie Itakura


Sachie Itakura is rather sexy for an older lady. She's got a pretty face, and provides much energy in her sex scenes. In this one, the action gets heavy at times, which is nice. The two beginning shots of this post (above) are from this film.

She offers only token resistance to her son-in-law, and then bends to his will. The wife is none the wiser to the goings-on, as much as we can see her through an open doorway in the next room.

Unfortunately, I don't have painless links. I've made an exception of highlighting this one only because I liked the actress. Looks like this one is a toughie to get; apparently, it has never shown its face once in the archives of Akiba-Online.

Screen shots

There is a "painful" stream link at nearly 1.7 GB at the Agogo site. Surely you discussion forum-followers have read the wonderful "Another Way of Downloading JAV" thread, where you can get the instructions.

Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife [SPRD519]


Starring Sayuri Takizawa

Sayuri Takizawa is beautiful, and very sexy. Get a load of that sweet face:


Perhaps a record is broken with the short amount of time it takes, from the son-in-law's moves, to the swiftness with which Sayuri removes her panties. Almost moments later, she is taken from behind, by the kitchen counter.

That is only a prelude to the energetic finale. The daughter notices the shocking scene from a crack in the doorway, and while she looks on in disgust, the twist is that Sayuri catches her daughter's silent observation. After a moment of discomfort, Sayuri chooses to continue getting all shaken up.

Screen shots 1

Unfortunately, there is no painless stream download for this one. But I am delighted to discover that a few of the ancient links from the redcrane186.blogspot site are alive and kicking. This site, as well as the far better fishav one (using friendly Uploading links... now, alas, no more) was a godsend to those of us preferring their JAV movies in smaller sizes.

Here then, is a very palatable package, totaling an easy-to-stomach 421 MB:

The Password is:

(A technical glitch puts a space between the "o" and the "t" of "blogspot" on my browsers. If the same is happening with you, make sure to close that space up.)

Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife [SPRD526]


Starring Yoshie Fujisawa


Yoshie is an elegant female. She falls into the incestual trap once sonny boy pretends to help her while she is up a ladder, and starts feeling up her ample buttocks. This mother is an easy conquest, as most of them are. The daughter discovers how readily both her husband and her mother have betrayed her, yet she politely watches in silence.

Screen shots

Never before has SPRD526 been offered on Akiba-Online.

The painless downloads are in the form of two links, 236 MB and 261 MB:

Stepmother, Truly Always Better Than the Wife [SPRD534]


Starring Yurika Moriyama


Eureka! Ms. Moriyama is one large lady. She melts at the first touch of the son, well past the halfway point of the film. (Since the whole idea is to see the mother-son action, why do these films spend so much time with the long "prelude sex," involving the father?) After her masturbation scene (Hum-ho), we finally get to the nitty-gritty. The daughter catches her mother's big ass going up and down through the doorway's crack, but says nothing.

Screen shots 1

Screen shots 2

The painless downloads are in the form of two links, 201 MB and 208 MB:

Stream downloads are also available for the following, in the form of indirect links:

Hanae Okazaki [SPRD394]
Kyoka Iwashita (SPRD555)
Yukie Nono [SPRD573]
Sayuri Sekimoto [SPRD581]

They are out there, and should be found. If you get stuck, you can PM me. (Check my "last activity" from my public profile if you don't hear back; the reason will be because I haven't been signing in.)

SPRD555 is also available in the archives as a pretty nice 954 MB four-link package featuring friendly-to-free-downloaders Depositfiles. The first link appears good.

SPRD573 is also available at around 1 GB, featuring Depositfiles and other links, here and here.

As for SPRD581, there is a 1.2 GB torrent from a few months ago right here. I don't know if it's still good.

As for a few others from the series, in the Akiba-Online archives:

SPRD564, 1.44 GB package; also Torrent 1 at a yummy 504 MB, and Torrent 2, at thrice the size. Again, I do not know whether these torrent links are still good.

SPRD568, a 1.29 GB package; Torrent 1 (1.33 GB) and Torrent 2 (1.2 GB).

SPRD610, 505 MB torrent. Ah, the torrent-hounds get all the good sizes. In addition, a four-link 450 MB RMVB may be obtained if you Google the following, without the quotation marks: "SPRD-610 (ALEDDIN)外母娘比老婆還要棒多了… 東城佳苗" (EDIT, four months later: Unfortunately, the Redcrane RMVB site has been taken down.)

SPRD615 is freshly available as a giant-sized 2.1 GB package in a number of places, and as a 1.2 GB torrent.

Recent release SPRD622 has been offered numerous times, including as a 938 MB package featuring Depositfiles, as well as a wonderful 404 MB torrent. The actress, apparently a newcomer named Mai Ito, is very attractive:


The final entry in the series (to date), SPRD629, has made it as a 1.4 GB package right here.



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Jan 20, 2012
So far, aside from my own big mouth, you can hear a pin drop in this thread. I’m getting the notion that the community may be too entrenched in their gigantic direct downloads, and are not enthused about the painless stream downloads. Plus, perhaps there is no interest in the commentary about the movies. My future contributions are becoming increasingly in doubt, as a result.

Yet let me offer you an ambitiously gathered bunch for now:

Insults Added to the Widow’s Injuries

It’s not like there aren’t other “widow” themes in JAV… another favorite that comes to mind, for example, is the mother-in-law or other relative who forces “lesbian training” on the newly widowed young innocent. Yet the common thread in the films offered below is the “wake” scene. Yes, you will see the poor widow offering her respects to her beloved husband at the altar (for lack of a better word; you know, the table where memories of the husband, notably his picture, as well as candles, flowers, etcetera, have been included). And then, in no time flat, all sorts of unsavory characters… from the father-in-law or brother-in-law who have been lusting after her and now see their opportunity, or the ones collecting a debt of her late husband’s… will descend upon her, giving her something else to grieve about!

Widow in Mourning Assault - Violated in Front of the Husband's Portrait [HBAD-077], with Saki Ohtsuka (Saki Otsuka)


From what could be made out of the translations, Saki’s husband had been murdered, working as he did as a spy. While the widow mourns at the altar, a business-suited man approaches her from behind. (The actor is the dangerous looking familiar face whom I’ve pet-named “Tenant,” Refer to my post, "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby!") Tenant pulls out a piece of paper, and then attacks her. He is from the “organization,” and apparently he was the one who murdered her husband.

After her rape, the woman has a spiritual experience with the ghost of her husband. (Cool!) She disguises herself as a cleaning woman and pulls a “Ms. 45” on her rapist. Yet she is surprised by another organization man (played by one more familiar face, nicknamed “The Creep” from the above post), who promptly ties her up and does all sorts of nasty things on what he may have kindly figured are the now out-of-commission, widowed bodily areas. A “Kill Bill” sort of scene follows, but unlike Uma Thurman, our heroine simply cannot get the better of the Creep, and her ordeal continues.

You could see some interesting and creative ideas were implemented in this film. And the actress is sexy to the point where you might want to take up drinking Saki.


Saki Otsuka

Screen shots

431 MB painless download

The “Insult Mourning Dress Widow” films have three more to the series:

HAVD-135, with Riri Yuuki/Yuki (AKA Nana Akitsuki?)

HBAD-056, with Rei Kitajima
HBAD-075, Reona Kanzaki (Kasumi Nanase)

Widowed One, Shall We Slowly End Your Sorrow…? [SPRD-463], with Reika Saijoh


In this story, it would appear the husband has been dead for a while, and Reika is living with her brother-in-law and his nephew. The sad tale begins with Reika on her hands and knees while scrubbing the floors, giving the brother-in-law the opportunity to lustfully stare. Next, the nephew does his share of lustful staring, observing Reika cleaning the bathroom (with that big old alluring ass shooting right up at him), and he engages in a sexual fantasy, nicely consummated in his mind. The brother-in-law does a peeping tom act on our heroine afterwards, through the crack in her bedroom doorway (why doesn’t she shut the door?), allowing for his lust to become hermetically sealed.

Time to pay the respects to the husband, I suppose, and Reika gets into the kimono. (No altar in this story, actually.) At this time of her grief, the brother-in-law makes his move, feeling her up rather disrespectfully. Then he demands that she show her vagina, and she, for some reason, obeys. One thing then leads to the other, as you might expect.


Reika Saijoh

The brother-in-law must have something over the woman, because when all three are sitting at the dinner table, he orders Reika to service him under the table, and for some reason, she complies. (This is not how RFK would have treated Jackie, even if she became somewhat dependent on him for living essentials.) The nephew pretends not to notice, but Reika is very troubled of his presence, as the nephew’s uncle moves her into the kitchen for further jollies. Reika later visits the nephew in his bedroom, presumably to smooth things over, but ironically, she gets roughed over. Ultimately, she does not seem to mind.

Screen shots

“C” sized, 322 MB painless download, full-length film

491 MB painless download, little longer, probably trailers

Mourning Dress- Widow's Aching 2 [IESP-521], with Honami Takasaka (Reiko Sawamura)


Looks like the links for both the stream and the RMVB package for this one are now kaput. I’m bringing up IESP-521 strictly for your attention.

Aside from the widow theme of the movie, I also wanted to make mention… because Honami Takasaka is so SEXY! (She is also a very good actress, and does not flinch on getting down and dirty.)


Honami Takasaka, as she appeared in DDB-086

The tale begins with Honami addressing a group of fellow mourners in the altar room. Once everyone departs, I presume the brother-in-law returns, and has his way with the tasty Honami, who easily falls into his clutches. We are later introduced to a “creepy” neighbor in eyeglasses, who catches (through the window) Honami having sex with the brother-in-law, on a future tryst. The neighbor confronts Honami with photos he has taken, while she is wearing her alluring widow’s outfit (complete with black lacey gloves – and no, I don’t have a glove fetish, I just found them pretty, and forbiddingly formal) and proceeds to give it to her in every which way but loose. She doesn’t put up much resistance (good lord! Her husband’s corpse hasn’t had a chance to get too cold, and she is so sex-starved.)

I guess the accent in this one, and the others in the series, is not the “rape” element; the widows must have had a thing for their brothers-in-law.

Screen shots

Two more in the “Widow's Aching” series:

IESP-461, with Nao Ayukawa

IESP-533, with Keiko Tachibana

The Javboo site promises a stream of the latter, if you can get Javboo to work. No luck with live links in the Akiba-Online archives, for any of the foregoing.

Slave Widow [MXGS-422], with Akiho Yoshizawa


This one appears to offer some ambition to the story. As not uncommon, poor Akiho is up to her neck in debt, thanks to her late husband. She is forced to either put up the house for sale, or to use it as collateral. (The debt collector is the “Creep”; see HBAD-077 notes above.) It appears Akiho visits her father-in-law, apparently for some salvation, and at the end of the meeting she hugs him, an action that turns into you-know-what. Then there is some “master psychic” who comes into play – maybe Akiho wanted to get in touch with the spirit of her husband? – and then the evil father-in-law, who evidently worked to deceive Akiho, gets to work on her with some friends; she gets the collar and leash slapped on, and a mysterious guy we saw at the beginning of the movie (who appeared friendly toward Akiho) gets to have his way with her.


Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa is so pretty! And she looks like she can act her way out of several paper bags.

Screen shots 1

Screen shots 2

469 MB painless download (picture quality is very good)

Soft Skin Widow Wife

There are five in the “Soft Skin Widow Wife” series:


Widow’s Sister [RBD-210], with Yuna Mizumoto


The above is the name this film most often goes by in English, but it’s wrong. There is no widow and her sister; the title alludes to the widowed sister-in-law who gets “done,” from the perspective of the brother of her late husband.

Yuna does her best to keep the restaurant or shop of her late husband running, but a greasy loan shark (nicely played by “Tubby”; see “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby!" from HBAD-077 notes above) gets the better of her, forcing her to act in degrading ways. The good-looking brother-in-law promises to be the good guy of the story, and just when you think he might be rescuing her, he joins in on the action.

Yuna Mizumoto is very attractive, and looks to be turning in a quality performance.

Screen shots

Unfortunately, the stream and RMVB links are now dead, and RBD-210 may be a tough one to land.

Torrent hounds may be able to take advantage of a recently posted 402 MB RMVB.

Widow's Soft Skin 2 [RBD-229], with Rinka Aiuchi & Haruka Nakamura


"For a Debt Left By the Husband, Using the Stepdaughter Who is Readying For a University Entrance Test"

Well! I don’t know what that subtitle is referring to, as the idea is for Rinka Aiuchi to protect and shield the daughter… who winds up getting it from the bad guys, anyway.


The film is commonly titled as “Rape Widow Wife & Stepdaughter 2”

Screen shots

Screen shots 2

281 MB painless download

Soft Skin Widow Wife 3 - Debt Collectors [RBD-270], with Asami Ogawa


This time around, the debt collector appears to make a proposition to our heroine; she could take her chances on the roulette wheel. Looks like she loses, and two of her orifices were at stake, too. One of the bad guys who takes her at the end sports a tattoo on his arm, a good touch. With the exception for sailors, we know tattoo means bad guy. That’s the way it used to be in the U.S., too… once.


Asami Ogawa

Screen shots

393 MB painless download

Widow's Soft Skin 4 [RBD-312], with Yui Hatano


A highlight is the casting of a big fat guy as the brother-in-law who can no longer contain himself. The contrast between the delicate and petite Yui versus a beastly sumo wrestling hopeful makes for great fun. At film’s end, another fellow is invited to join in, and Yui wears her widow’s hat (with the lacey face covering) as she gets accosted. Kinky!


Yui Hatano

Screen shots

449 MB painless download

Soft Skin Widow Wife 5 [RBD-331], with Momoka Nishina


The story here is that Momoka’s husband served as a guarantor of his brother, but evidently the brother’s debt became too great, driving the husband to suicide. Debt collectors hound the brother every day, and for some reason, Momoka will protect her brother-in-law any way that she can. The actor who plays the villain is pretty good, with a greasy smirk on his face.


Momoka Nishina

One of the translations indicated the reason why Momoka is so willing to put out is because she is meek and compliant in nature. Well, she is not treated very respectfully by the debt collector, and his final demand is that she and her brother-in-law get it on. (Villains really know how to amuse themselves.) The actor who plays the brother-in-law was also well cast in appearance, a “good guy” type. Momoka puts her heart into the festivities (I think she loved her brother-in-law more than her late husband), but the debt collector takes the brother-in-law away at the end, I suppose to cause him harm… which leaves Momoka crying on the bed. She did everything she could to help the poor sap, and I do mean everything, but it still wasn’t good enough.

Screen shots

The painless download is in two parts; 1 (252 MB), and 2 (104 MB)

Be warned this particular painless download is not entirely pain-free, because the picture quality was not to my liking. You may want to go with a direct download for this one. I found a goodie, only because I love Hotfile (one of the few left still friendly toward free downloaders); four links totaling 917 MB, not too bad. The source site is, and they also offer Igetfile alternatives, as well as Ryushare. Beware, I did not check whether all of the links were good.

In the Akiba-Online archives rests a torrent for a 414 MB RMVB that is over five months old, perhaps now inactive.

Tantalizing Flesh Stained with Shame Rape of Beautiful Mourning Widow [CRPD-336], with Maki Hojo & Sakura Sakurada


This one is good! First, it’s put out by the CROSS company. They usually don’t pull punches, and their films rarely disappoint. Secondly, you can never go wrong with Maki Hojo.

And Maki delivers. She is such an old hand at this AV game, perhaps a little overexposed by now, that I found her performance refreshing in this one. She successfully conveyed the role of the vulnerable victim, and some of her pained looks are simply priceless. What helps is that she looks sophisticated and elegant, the type that is always more fun to watch as they take the fall.

Another reason why “Shame Rape” stood out is that a woman is one of the pair of persecutors. Moreover, she wears a scorpion tattoo on her arm, which really helped make her seem like she was someone Maki had to obey. (The actress is Sakura Sakurada who has been known to try her hand at dominatrix-type roles. I believe the scorpion tattoo is not one she has in real life, judging by another film of hers that I checked.)


Maki wrestles with the tattooed Sakura Sakurada

We get immediately into the action, as the (I suppose) brother-in-law attacks during the altar scene. Then a startled Sakura enters, whereby an embarrassed Maki escapes the room – as though she had consented to the sex. A following Sakura then sets upon Maki, and takes her turn with the widow. Finally, both the brother-in-law and Sakura (who must either be his wife or his sister) perform a tag team act on Maki, who does whatever they want her to do. The descriptions state that Maki has been deceived about something. (“Today is the day of the outlet of the desire of many relatives”!)

Screen shots

323 MB painless download

Widow Wife Raped [HNB-044], with Yuu Kawakami


Simply the fact that Yu Kawakami is the star makes this worth getting, because… Yu Kawakami is the eternal victim!


Yu Kawakami

The story goes, Yu lost her husband in a sudden car accident. A man is paying his respects to the husband at the altar – the description refers to a landlord or neighbors, take your pick – and then follows up by paying his disrespects to Yu. He is on the cruel side, what with holding burning candles over her most delicate areas, and Yu is so appealingly helpless, as always.

Three men interrupt the festivities, then they get drunk and pass out. Time for the main villain to yoo-hoo to Yu. The other men eventually wake up, and poor Yu is relegated to the role of a sex toy.

Screen shots, 2 PARTS:

Screen shots 2:

494 MB painless download

Widow- Immoral Carnal Slavery of a Young Wife [HNB-054], with Aoi Natsumi


A reason why I took a fancy to this one was the casting of – looks like the same actor from RBD-312, above – the big fat guy as the villain. She is so sweet and pretty and he is so rude, crude and obese!


Aoi Natsumi vs. the tub of lard

There is word about a brother-in-law in the description; is that the role of the big fat guy? Beats me! But moments into the altar scene, he pulls out a piece of paper and holds it in front of Aoi’s face. (Her “slave contract,” I presume?) She is forced to give a blow job, and then three other men arrive to pay their respects, leaving their money envelopes for the bereaved widow … which the big fat guy will later take! Once the three men leave, the big fat guy attends to business… causing a commotion that makes the three men, outside the door, stop. (Obviously, they will gallantly rescue the damsel in distress. Or more obviously, guess again.)

Once she is allowed to catch a breather, the three men are upon her. (The scene is similar to one where the three men in the above movie, HBN-044, begin their shenanigans, by holding flashlights; but these two films by Hibino do not seem to be part of an official series, at least not by DMM’s account.) Blow jobs, then she is in bed surrounded by all of the men, where the gangbang begins in earnest. (“Desire pierces the womb without mercy”!)

Screen shots

487 MB painless download

Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law

I subsequently discovered there is no altar scene in the films of this series, a requisite I had pointed to at the outset; but I’ll stick these in, anyway. Unlike the rest of the widow movies, we have to assume the widows of this series were not recently widowed. In further contrast, the last one in the series (to date) features a husband who appears to be alive.

There are seven in the “Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law” series:


Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-018], with Tsukasa Minami


Something about a made-up-debt on the part of the father-in-law scoundrel, whereby Tsukasa gets treated “as a sexual outlet for men in the neighborhood.” The main distinction here is that the actor in the role of the father-in-law is more like a grandfather-in-law – and the contrast between the old age and wrinkles vs. the “white skin” (as the description emphasizes) is somewhat startling. Tsukasa gets passed around three younger men as well, and appears to do a proficient job of displaying humiliation.


Screen shots 1

Screen shots 2

274 MB painless download

The picture quality is not the best. A few months ago, a 356 MB RMVB was put up as a torrent in the Akiba-Online archives, if still good.

Ryushare and Rapidgator links appear to be okay (I did not check all) in an 1157 MB package offered by

Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-021], with Honami Takasaka (Reiko Sawamura)


Couldn’t deliver on IESP-521 above, starring Honami Takasaka, but we can make up for that a bit here. The very exciting Honami starts off the party by giving her take on the old “forbidden nursing” bit, in regards to the bed-ridden grandfatherly father-in-law. Little does she know the caring activity will give the old man an opening to go for her openings.

The same talk is offered in the description as for the above, in regards to debt matters and our heroine’s being treated as a sex slave for the men in the neighborhood… but since the non-Japanese speakers among us can’t make too many heads (nor tails) of the stories, what is really the drawing power of this entry is the furious action, and the high energy of Honami. Don’t you love the way in which she can squirt, in the middle of the old in and out?


Honami Takasaka

Screen shots

Painless downloads, the first one being a set of two for a total of 420 MB (1 and 2), as well as a higher-quality second one at 539 MB.

Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-046], with Ayumi Wakana


Ayumi accidentally knocks over a bonsai plant cherished by the aged father-in-law, causing the old coot to go into a sort of relapse (could have put the plant in a new vase, you know. This is the same gimmick used in the prior discussion, but at least in that one, Honami breaks an antique camera), which then forces Ayumi to do the “forbidden nursing” bit. Guess who takes advantage of that! The daughter-in-law may have thought some sexual servitude would be a fair price to pay…


… But she probably had no idea things would later get out of hand. This time, the accomplices are other horny old men.

Screen shots

271 MB painless download

Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-055], with Ichika Asagiri


An old father-in-law is transformed into a devil by playing with his daughter-in-law… that is what the description tells us. He makes one sexual request after another in the name of his care… until Ichika must not only withstand a daily handling of her own sexual slavery, but is also seized, as we are told, with a sense of immorality. Poor Ichika finds herself between a rock and a hard place, all right, particularly since the boners of these old geezers (this time, the father-in-law teams up with his doctor) can be surprisingly firm.

Screen shots

385 MB painless download

Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-065], with Ayumu Kase


While the English title comes up with the word “widow,” the translation from the Japanese does not; and the description tells us about the husband departing on a business trip for a month, forcing the wife “to take care of the senile father-in-law.” So while Ayumu may not exactly be a widow, you just know she’s going to take care of the aged man. He has her all to himself in this one, no sharing with his buddies. And in the depraved corners of his senile mind, he still appreciates kink, tying her up and everything.

Screen shots

469 MB painless download

Widow Shinobu Kasagi [HNB-057]


The widow gets it from all corners. First, the one I presume to be the son-in-law – who looks shy – is not shy about getting Shinobu to take it on the chin, among other places. Next, the brother-in-law, who has come to the altar in the memory of his beloved departed (something in the description about doing a number on the departed’s assets), decides to treat Shinobu as another piece of property. Finally, a gathering of other relatives (three men, besides the brother-in-law), interested in the distribution of property, make certain to take out some very juicy collateral.


Shinobu Kasagi

Screen shots

387 MB painless download

Widow's Anus - Mother Who Gets It in Both Holes Right in Front of Her Son [RBD-350], with Marina Matsumoto


I’ll come right out and say it – this one is a rather delicious deal in debauchery; I had to make mention, even though I have no stream download to offer. First, the movie stars Marina Matsumoto, whom I find sweet and sexy. Her family is trying to make do, what with the passing of the primary breadwinner. Yet her son is in big trouble; fired from his job, and now trying to deal with the bad men who have come to collect on his debt. One of the men is played by “The Bald Thug.” (See above link for "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby!") You know when he’s on screen, there simply will not be any mercy.


Marina Matsumoto

Add to this enticing pot the fact that poor, tied-up Marina will be forced to have sex with her son, and suffer the additional ignominy of a DP, or Double Penetration (rare in JAV), and then the kink of going through this nightmare “Through tear-filled eyes staring at a picture of her late husband”… you know you’re going to get your money’s worth! (Even though you won’t be shelling out a dime.)

Screen shots

No painless download, but if you Google along with the DVD’s code, you should find a package of apparently active links (Filefactory, Filereactor & Jumbofiles; I didn’t check all) totaling around 900 MB, which ain’t bad for such a winner.

EDIT: You never know when a download will show its face; these are Xvideos, meaning their life span will most likely be short. Part 1 is 190 MB, and Part 2 is 189 MB. The source these were taken from, a new stream player called, apparently has performed a deletion already.

Widow's First Debaucherous Anal Assault [JUC-825], with Hitomi Honjo


I am not clear on the plot, but this one has the delightful Hitomi Honjo (Or is it Hitomi Honjou? Honjoh?), so what does it matter! But let’s see now, it seems chronic disease has claimed the life of the husband, to whom Hitomi was not married for long. He was the eldest brother, and the other brothers might be taking exception to Hitomi’s being in line to get the inheritance. (And oh, good - one of the brothers is played by the dangerous Tenant, sporting a semi-shaven head.) It looks like Hitomi may need to be taught a lesson, and as you can gather from the title, not an orifice will escape unscathed. Part of the action takes place while she pitifully wears her widow’s outfit, and hat.


Hitomi Honjo

Screen shots

You may find a 435 MB stream download at the site – not the spot for choice downloads, given their god-awful logos, but sometimes you cannot be picky. There is also a “painful” 1.5 GB download at the Agogo site; you will have to refer to the “Another way...” thread on this discussion board, for the instructions. Interestingly, even the torrents (which generally boast of more modest sizes) for this one can reach the sky-high proportions of 1.8 GB, as you may see from the Akiba-Online archives.

In the archives, you may also find a package for around one gig – not bad – consisting of five Filefactory links, not all of which were checked. There is also a same-sized package of six Shareflares, not checked at all.



  • 01 COVER Widow in Mourning Assault - [HBAD-077].jpg
    01 COVER Widow in Mourning Assault - [HBAD-077].jpg
    65.2 KB · Views: 19,674
  • 02 COVER Widowed One, Shall We Slowly End [SPRD-463].jpg
    02 COVER Widowed One, Shall We Slowly End [SPRD-463].jpg
    68.6 KB · Views: 21,525
  • 0 Reika SPRD-463.jpg
    0 Reika SPRD-463.jpg
    7 KB · Views: 19,426
  • 0 Saki HBAD-077.jpg
    0 Saki HBAD-077.jpg
    11.4 KB · Views: 19,502
  • 03 COVER Slave Widow [MXGS-422].jpg
    03 COVER Slave Widow [MXGS-422].jpg
    63.5 KB · Views: 19,084
  • 0 Honami Takasaka [DDB-086.jpg
    0 Honami Takasaka [DDB-086.jpg
    9.8 KB · Views: 19,161
  • s Aching [IESP-521].jpg
    s Aching [IESP-521].jpg
    73.4 KB · Views: 19,409
  • 0 Akiho Yoshizawa [MXGS-422].jpg
    0 Akiho Yoshizawa [MXGS-422].jpg
    8.2 KB · Views: 18,960
  • 04 COVER Widow’s Sister [RBD-210].jpg
    04 COVER Widow’s Sister [RBD-210].jpg
    65.1 KB · Views: 18,923
  • s Soft Skin 2 – [RBD-229].jpg
    s Soft Skin 2 – [RBD-229].jpg
    66.6 KB · Views: 18,791
  • 0 RBD-229.jpg
    0 RBD-229.jpg
    12.5 KB · Views: 18,639
  • 06 COVER Soft Skin Widow Wife 3 - Debt Collectors [RBD-270].jpg
    06 COVER Soft Skin Widow Wife 3 - Debt Collectors [RBD-270].jpg
    55.8 KB · Views: 18,549
  • 0 Asami Ogawa RBD-270.jpg
    0 Asami Ogawa RBD-270.jpg
    6.4 KB · Views: 18,333
  • 09 COVER Tantalizing Flesh Stained with Shame [CRPD-336],.jpg
    09 COVER Tantalizing Flesh Stained with Shame [CRPD-336],.jpg
    72.7 KB · Views: 18,030
  • 0 CRPD-336.jpg
    0 CRPD-336.jpg
    8 KB · Views: 17,863
  • s Soft Skin 4 [RBD-312].jpg
    s Soft Skin 4 [RBD-312].jpg
    55.4 KB · Views: 18,384
  • 0 Yui Hatano [RBD-312],.jpg
    0 Yui Hatano [RBD-312],.jpg
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  • 08 COVER Soft Skin Widow Wife 5 [RBD-331].jpg
    08 COVER Soft Skin Widow Wife 5 [RBD-331].jpg
    58.7 KB · Views: 18,182
  • 0 Momoka Nishina [RBD-331].jpg
    0 Momoka Nishina [RBD-331].jpg
    6.2 KB · Views: 18,033
  • 10 COVER Widow Wife Raped [HNB-044].jpg
    10 COVER Widow Wife Raped [HNB-044].jpg
    70.1 KB · Views: 17,840
  • 0 Yu Kawakami [HNB-044].jpg
    0 Yu Kawakami [HNB-044].jpg
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  • 11 COVER Widow- Immoral Carnal Slavery [HNB-054],.jpg
    11 COVER Widow- Immoral Carnal Slavery [HNB-054],.jpg
    52.5 KB · Views: 17,654
  • 0 Aoi Natsumi [HNB-054].jpg
    0 Aoi Natsumi [HNB-054].jpg
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  • 12 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-018].jpg
    12 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-018].jpg
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  • 0 Minami Tsukasa [HNB-018].jpg
    0 Minami Tsukasa [HNB-018].jpg
    7 KB · Views: 17,350
  • 13 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-021.jpg
    13 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-021.jpg
    75.5 KB · Views: 17,333
  • 0 (Honami Takasaka) [HNB-021].jpg
    0 (Honami Takasaka) [HNB-021].jpg
    5.7 KB · Views: 17,142
  • 14 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-046].jpg
    14 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-046].jpg
    69.4 KB · Views: 17,628
  • 0 Ayumi Wakana [HNB-046].jpg
    0 Ayumi Wakana [HNB-046].jpg
    11.5 KB · Views: 17,021
  • 15 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-055.jpg
    15 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-055.jpg
    59.5 KB · Views: 16,996
  • 16 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-065.jpg
    16 COVER Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-065.jpg
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  • 17 COVER Widow Shinobu Kasagi [HNB-057].jpg
    17 COVER Widow Shinobu Kasagi [HNB-057].jpg
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  • 0 Shinobu Kasagi [HNB-057].jpg
    0 Shinobu Kasagi [HNB-057].jpg
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  • s Anus - Mother Who Gets It in Both Holes [RBD-350.jpg
    s Anus - Mother Who Gets It in Both Holes [RBD-350.jpg
    70.6 KB · Views: 16,750
  • 0 Marina Matsumoto [RBD-350].jpg
    0 Marina Matsumoto [RBD-350].jpg
    7.5 KB · Views: 16,579
  • s First Debaucherous Anal Assault [JUC-825],.jpg
    s First Debaucherous Anal Assault [JUC-825],.jpg
    70 KB · Views: 16,605
  • 0 Hitomi Honjo [JUC-825].jpg
    0 Hitomi Honjo [JUC-825].jpg
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
I was over at another thread, my post got too big, and I figured I would continue with my final contributions on this thread.

The other thread was "Which movie you watch again and again," and I was building up to what you will see below... I like these a lot!

The first paragraph is a repeat from the other post...

...I wanted to share with you the one movie - along with the other one in its limited series - that I think are fantastic. My opinion is in stark contrast with the Japanese customers of the DMM site, who are not grabbed by these movies at all. (That is perhaps why the company has not come up with more in the series... I so wish they would!)

The series' theme is a mother and daughter going to an audition, with the hope of the darling daughter being a star or model (on magazine covers, for example, as they show in the beginning montage). The setting is professional, and they even feature the added touch of female conspirators, in business suits, to make the scam more comforting and legitimate. (Sort of like when the Nazis would play soothing music in the concentration camps, to relax their victims as they got off the train.)

Naturally, it's a ridiculous situation, but the set-up is so merciless, the effect is irresistible, working on so many levels. First, you've got the role of the authority figure of the mother getting demolished, as she becomes susceptible to the pleasures of sin, in front of her darling daughter. Then you've got the taboo of a young innocent getting corrupted. Finally, as the young innocent gets corrupted, you have the sadness of her parental protector relinquishing her protective role so pitifully, and completely.


The one bad thing about these movies is that among the four or so stories (or "targets," as they write in English), only the last episode will sexually victimize both the mother and the daughter together. (At least as far as going all the way.)

Here are the two:

Mother and Daughter AV Audition [DVDES-396], with Midori Otsuki & Chiharu, Satomi Maeda & Mari, Yumiko Kono & Yoko, and Kazumi Saeki & Konoha


Married Woman Gets Horny Even in Front of Her Daughter! Beautiful Young Ladies U-1_ Only - Junior Idols Obscene Audition! Lolita Students Wanting to Become Idols and Their Supportive Mothers, Their Pussies Will Be Made Wet Simultaneously and Then They'll Be Banged!!

Screen shots

483 MB painless download

These would be sensational to view with subtitles... what kinds of "persuasive" arguments are being used in order to get - especially the mother - to go along? We can only imagine the desperation a mother (especially in that stereotypical "Tiger mom" tradition, those anxious for the child to excel) might be swayed by, but why would they agree to put on revealing outfits themselves? Heck, it's the kid who is on the audition, not the parent.

The second one:

Mother and Daughter AV Audition 2 [DVDES-432], with Shiho Miyazaki and Satomi Kanazawa


Screen shots 1

Screen shots 2

623 MB painless download

Other manufacturers have come up with similar ideas, but these two are the best. I wonder why the manufacturer of these two, DEEP�S, has stopped making them? Perhaps they listened to the general grumbling of their Japanese customers. But what do the Japanese know, anyway?



  • DVDES-396.jpg
    78.3 KB · Views: 15,578
  • DVDES-432.jpg
    82 KB · Views: 15,549
  • av aud.jpg
    av aud.jpg
    21.9 KB · Views: 17,600
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Jan 20, 2012
In the prior entry, I mentioned my contribution on another thread; in that one, I also touched upon my appreciation for those films that feature a mother being taken advantage of by her son's pals, while in front of the son. (I also included a stream download for one of the better ones of that ilk, SPRD-374 - with the wonderful Mio Fujisawa.)

Let me offer a "rerun" from that post, for one reason, because it saves me the trouble of coming up with new thoughts:

The reason why I enjoy the "Friend’s Mother Violated in Front of Him" series... as well as the similar series put out by DOGMA in their DDB line, "I Wanna Fuck My Friend's Mature Mother" (and for good measure, yet another similar series put out by NEXT GROUP, in their "VNDS" line; let's call it "Friend’s Mother Nakadashi in Front of Him") has to do with the same reason you would enjoy it - mothers are sacred and are off-limits. And when the evil kids break this taboo to exhibit their power over their put-upon "friend," that enters another level of shame (sometimes they force the so-called friend and the mother to get intimate, presenting its own sense of delirious fun). As I mentioned, not every one of the films in these series succeeds in pushing the buttons, but when they do - consider the buttons fully depressed. Some can get really wild, obliterating any respect for the poor mothers.

I forgot about yet another series following the same theme; it's a limited one, with only three films to its name, but we'll now cover all of them. It's called:

Mother Who Gets Violated in Front of Her Son By His Friends

Mother Who Gets Violated in Front of Her Son By His Friends (MADA-010), with Sayoko Machimura


The put-upon son invites two of his wise guy "friends" over to his house. You've got to hand it to the casting director of these movies (and not just the ones from this series) as the put-upon son can be believed as the "loser." One of the wise guys, who has sideburns tapering to a point (this is the style of the future, as viewers from the 1960s "Star Trek" well know), catches and videotapes the beautiful mother masturbating. (The description tells us that the "good-natured" woman has been in a sexless state for years, thanks to her neglectful husband. The husbands, who are never around in films of this sort.) Naturally, he has his leverage to now put upon the mother, just as he and his buddy have been doing with the son.

Eventually, the buddy joins in, and both son and mother are blindfolded in the final scene, signifying that neither is aware of the presence of the other. The blindfolds come off after a while, but the mother's shame takes a back seat to her getting engulfed in the flames of passion, as often irresistibly happens in movies of this type.


Sayoko Machimura is very lovely, and has a dignified air to her.

Screen shots

473 MB painless download

Mother Who Gets Violated in Front of Her Son By His Friends 2 [MADA-029], with Minako Uchida


It's very endearing to watch Minako Uchida fall deeper and deeper for the "persuasive powers" of her son's nasty acquaintances, as she emits a state of sweet vulnerability. She is one fine looking female, too.


Minako Uchida; a sweetheart

She is apparently not aware that her son has been bullied by his creepy classmates, and soon becomes the target of their ultimate humiliation. This one slightly has more intensity, as far as the disrespect shown toward her, and the film culminates to forced intimacy between mother and son - a level of perversity that always, and sickly, adds to the entertainment value.


Screen shots

At the time I got my hands on this film, there was no stream download (that is, no good ones - there was one short length possibility, half-an-hour in length); perhaps that situation has changed, although I did not check. I needed to bite the bullet and go for a direct download; allow me to share with you. Please check the validity of all of the links before you begin.

The site has offered a package of Depositfiles and others, totaling about a gig, which is about as painless as a direct download goes for these days. And Depositfiles is one of the few remaining friendlies, for free downloaders. Check out this link, and keep in mind there is a password involved.

Mother Who Gets Violated in Front of Her Son By His Friends 3 [MADA-074], with Sarina Takeuchi


A rare film of this genre where we actually catch sight of the husband as he leaves for work, at the beginning of the movie. He wears eyeglasses, as the son, a giveaway that the son is an unpopular nerd. (None of the cool kids who will indulge in the victimizing wear glasses, true to stereotypical form.)

So one of these so-called friends cries on the lady's shoulder, and you know the best way for a woman to console a grieving young lad in porn. The buddies catch wind of the act (there is an incriminating photo at play - have got to watch this one more carefully to see how that came about), and then it's off to the races. (At the halfway point, they apply a strange contraption to the mother's vagina; must be some sex toy, but I've never seen anything like it. Looks almost like an iron.) The poor mom has to service four cruel boys with wrists cuffed at the end, while the tied-up son peers through his eyeglasses.


Sarina Takeuchi is a knockout

Screen shots 1

403 MB painless download

The server is Xvideos, but luckily the picture quality is good. Xvideos is a pain; wherever this came from has a logo, and you get that stupid scroll, "This video has been uploaded to" to muck up the works. (Thank God for Userporn.) But I was very grateful to find this, since the alternatives appeared to be 1.5 GB painful direct downloads. One thing is for sure, this particular stream is not going to last, since Xvideos is very good about taking down their full-length JAV quickly.

There is a new trend at Xvideos, where you can find more often the whole JAV in one shot. (Instead of being split up.) Too bad you can only come upon these by coincidence, or at least I'm not savvy enough to the ways of Xvideos.



  • MADA-010.jpg
    80.6 KB · Views: 15,489
  • MADA-029.jpg
    83 KB · Views: 15,356
  • MADA-074.jpg
    75.7 KB · Views: 15,255
  • Sayoko Machimura MADA-010.jpg
    Sayoko Machimura MADA-010.jpg
    8.7 KB · Views: 15,356
  • Minako Uchida MADA-029.jpg
    Minako Uchida MADA-029.jpg
    7.9 KB · Views: 15,223
  • Minako Uchida 2 MADA-029.jpg
    Minako Uchida 2 MADA-029.jpg
    13.1 KB · Views: 15,188
  • Sarina Takeuchi [MADA-074].jpg
    Sarina Takeuchi [MADA-074].jpg
    6.2 KB · Views: 15,092
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Jan 20, 2012
I see this one has only been offered once in the Akiba-Online archives, with a now obsolete Oron link. One of my incentives for putting it up is that those interested may now be able to get their hands on it.

It's a three hour extravaganza loaded with family fun:

Big Nasty Three Sisters [JUKD-385], with Yumi Kazama, Kyoko Kazama and Yuriko Masuda


(Also known as "Bursting Tits Lewdness 3 Sisters")

The film has a story, interlaced with comedic content. As for what that story may be, your guess is as good as mine. The description tells us that the nutty household of three sisters develops a big problem when the mortgage debt becomes due, leading to the time to "Push the panic button."

Our tale begins as Yumi Kazama - who looks very appealing - sadly sits on a backyard swing, possibly comforted by a young, good-looking fellow who has lightened his hair. If the idea was to console her, could there possibly be a better way than to provide stud service? The mischievous other sisters listen to the ooo's and ahh's by pressing their ears to the wall.

The sisters must have decided that the sizzling hot action makes them deserving of some tender loving care, and so we proceed to a very nice lesbian scene. When we next see Yumi with the good-looking lad (I presume they must be husband and wife... much as the lad seems a bit young for a woman of Yumi's experience), they are sitting at the dining table, and Yuriko (the most dominant of the sisterly lot) surprises the two by joining them in a semi-naked state. (The lad does a comedic "take" when he sees her. He does a number of takes throughout.) Soon afterwards, the third sister, Kyoko, emerges from the kitchen with a very special dish she has prepared for the lad. Her graciousness causes Yumi to shoot knives at Kyoko, through burning eyes. (I don't understand why, because we have established Yumi can cook, as well. Didn't we just see her offer an especially tasty dish in the bedroom?)


Yuriko Masuda

The next man of the movie puts in an appearance, wearing glasses, and evidently somewhat goofy. (The comic relief, shall we say. Or another one.) A talk with Yumi has Yumi "beating up" on him at the end. Mr. Glasses then enters the room of Yuriko (who is exercising; she is a jock), and before you know it, she's got him eating out of her hand (as well as a more interesting erogenous zone) in that dominating style of hers.


Kyoko Kazama, and her sweet tum-tum

Kyoko makes a play for the good-looking lad with the lightened hair, which offers us a chance to view her adorable tummy bounce, once he can't resist her charms. We then proceed to a despondent Yumi sitting on the couch, and when Mr. Glasses sits beside her, she falls into his lap in an attempt to relieve her grief, and then follows up by kissing him. I suppose Mr. Glasses is mated with the dominating Yuriko, because Yuriko catches this action, and then lets her sister have it... by seducing Yumi. Yumi is apparently unfamiliar to the ways of the lesbians, and does not look happy at first, but then everyone gets into the action, including Mr. Glasses. (He may be goofy, but he's no fool.)


Later, the two men witness Kyoko playing with Yumi on the couch, then a "comedic entrance" follows, preceded by photographers of a man who is apparently a sort of celebrity. (And the actor is "The Creep" ... who, for once, does not look too annoying.) It's not long before we move on to the culminating orgy scene. (Is that what was meant by pushing the panic button?)

Screen shots (Secondary link)

This medley of Madonna mischief may be for the having in the form of an 895 MB painless download.



  • Yuriko Masuda.jpg
    Yuriko Masuda.jpg
    7.6 KB · Views: 10,739
  • Kyoko Kazama.jpg
    Kyoko Kazama.jpg
    14.6 KB · Views: 10,714
  • Trio.jpg
    16.1 KB · Views: 10,722
  • Jukd385 cover.jpg
    Jukd385 cover.jpg
    69.1 KB · Views: 10,798
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Jan 20, 2012
Thank you for your kind comment, Paparoach408.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema

Time for some mind-blowing Japanese BDSM, compliments of the company that specializes in hardcore hell... CINEMAGIC.

We will be examining the entire series of Broken By a Former Student... with stream downloads for only two, alas. (They are not that easy to find, you know.)

I will provide download alternatives found here and there, for the rest. Please keep in mind they are unchecked, and you should always click on each link to see if it seems active, before beginning a multi-link package.

You know how sometimes you can run into a juicy-sounding title describing an enticing situation, but when you watch the movie, the setting is pretty much an afterthought? Seems to be the case here, as the two films on hand waste no time in jumping into the action.

Yet the idea sounds like we have a former teacher, now (if not also then) a wife, and a former student has tracked the woman down in order to subject her to all kinds of tortures. I suppose if one knows the language, one might see that a little more attention has been paid to this "plot" - but I'm not even sure about that.

Possibly it does not matter all that much, because we are primarily interested in seeing the pretty damsels more and more distressed (but I am always an advocate of the story).

There are seven entries to the series; strangely, the first one has not been included in the numbering system.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema "0" [CMC-027], with Suzu Hana / Suzuhana


This one had a stream download option in the porn88 site, but it seems gone now. Please bear in mind there is another CMC027, an hour long saga about a Sports Teacher starring Erina Matsushima.

In the Akiba-Online archives, you will find a 7-link Ryushare package for nearly two gigabytes, as well as a same-sized torrent.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 1 [CMC-052], with Nozomi Mashiro


In the Akiba-Online archives, you will find a 7-link Ryushare/Lumfile package for one gig.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 2 [CMC-072], with Anna Senkawa


The nifty Tutujav site used to have this, and with great Hotfile links; the only other download possibility I could find is a sleaze site that charges money for a password. There can be no excuse for crooks who try to directly (and that is the key word... "directly") profit from other people's copyrighted property.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 3 [CMC-079], with Rena Sasaki


Screen shots

Porn88 had a stream download once. In the Akiba-Online archives, you may find a 1.46 GB 8-part package of great Hotfile Links... you may want to get them while they're... heh-heh... hot. (Because you know Hotfiles don't last very long.) If you are feeling masochistic, there is also a 10-part 2.5 GB package.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 4 [CMC-089], with Hitomi Kano (Hitomi Kanou)


You know what makes this movie a winner? The presence of the exceptional... Hitomi Kano.

She is so sexy, and so high-class. A pity she has not had too many starring roles. On the other hand, what a treat that she has not shirked from appearing in kinkier fare as this, because it's always more pleasurable to watch an elegant lady being taken down a notch. (Or many notches.)

This one also features the Creep as the victimizer. He's actually not badly cast here. He seems to have developed a niche in the sadist's role, having appeared in other CINEMAGIC movies, doing the same evil things. He's sort of like that American porn sleazeball who could also be vicious, the late Jamie Gillis.


The Creep torments Hitomi Kano.

The thing that's strange is that are we supposed to believe an older fellow as the Creep was once a student of Hitomi's? I don't know. The movie's set-up has something to do with the Creep telephoning Hitomi in a scene involving flashbacks when he once abused her. I guess he has this past over her, because the next thing we know is her showing up at his door, playing ball. I guess it doesn't have to make sense. The important thing is that we have the sexy Hitomi, and she's getting it.. really badly.

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema Hitomi Kano (Kanou) .jpg
Screen shots

475 MB painless download

Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 5 [CMC-092], with Reiko Otowa


Broken By a Former Student 8 Years Later - Wife Made a Bitch Given An Enema 6 [CMC-097], with Aya Kisaki


It's the Creep as the tormentor in this one as well. So she's walking, he grabs her pocketbook, takes something that she does not want him to have, forcing her to show up at his place to get this thing back. That's when the action starts.


Aya Kisaki

I liked the actress. She reminds me a little of the great Honami Takasaka (Reiko Sawamura) physically, although she's not as exquisite. In this movie she does excel in projecting a nice sense of vulnerability. Aya Kisaki is very watchable, and I'm afraid the Creep was not at all respectful toward her.

Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search CMC-097, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

668 MB painless download



  • Aya Kisaki [CMC-097].jpg
    Aya Kisaki [CMC-097].jpg
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  • CMC-089.jpg
    67.9 KB · Views: 10,612
  • CMC-097.jpg
    67.7 KB · Views: 10,555
  • Hitomi Kano (Kanou) [CMC-089.jpg
    Hitomi Kano (Kanou) [CMC-089.jpg
    9.7 KB · Views: 10,617
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
I'm not much into the "magic mirror" concept, where one basic scenario (among others) involves a woman cajoled into having sex while passersby are an arm's reach away, beyond a one-way mirror or glass. But there is one series employing this idea that I find has erotic value.

The manufacturer SADISTIC VILLAGE has a whole bunch of "Embarrassment" videos, and some of them are pretty good. There is one sub-series employing a certain formula that they have done a particularly fine job with. Let's call it...

Embarrassment! Women in public offered cash to try Love Machine behind magic mirror in cheap tavern

The following list may not be complete, but based on the similar cover art, here are what appear to be the ones subscribing to the formula:



It's a pretty ridiculous situation, but the filmmakers have done as "credible" a job as possible to allow you to go along with the fantasy.

There is this sleazy crew, you see, and they go into the tavern to entice women to come with them behind-the-scenes to a room that has a view to the interior of the tavern. We can see out, but the tavern patrons cannot see in. The women are sometimes single, or sometimes in pairs. Other times, they are with their boyfriends or other men, and once in a while these men come along to see why their women or women friends have been asked to go in the back... after which they leave, little knowing what kinds of debauchery will be going on, behind their backs.

The sleazeballs offer the women drinks, which is always a nice touch to make a situation as this more believable. (You can buy into the idea of a woman parting with her clothes immediately, and in front of strangers/a camera if she is not in full control of her faculties.) Then they offer lots of yen.

The women reluctantly part with their stockings and panties, in order to sit on "The Love Machine," a vibrating dildo. Before they know it,their most private area is exposed before the camera. And, as always happens with JAV, the women completely lose control whenever their vaginas make contact with a vibrator, and it is not long before the sleazeballs open up their blouses, take out a breast and then two, start sloppily kissing them, and just keep ratcheting up the indignities until sometimes the women find themselves giving up everything. And before the cameras, too.

Once done, sometimes we see them gong back to their tables, at times to join their boyfriends or husbands, as though nothing out of the ordinary has taken place.

Lots of fun!

There are three to be offered here, in the form of stream downloads.

Embarrassment! Women in public offered cash to try Love Machine vibrators [SVDVD-205], with Chiharu Nakai and Mika Futaba (aka Inamori Maho)


Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search SVDVD-205, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

928 MB (four-hours) painless download

Embarrassment! Women in public offered cash to try Love Machine vibrators [SVDVD-241], with Ayaka Minamino, Rina Ishikawa, Yuka Sawakita, Konomi Hayasak and Nami Himemura


"This Edition Features Mothers and Daughters Who Were Brought Along and Participate in a Flash." (Ohh, don't you love the ones with the mothers and daughters.)

Screen shots

808 MB (210 mins) painless download

Embarrassment! Women in public offered cash to try Love Machine vibrators [SVDVD-263], with Aika Hoshino


"Featuring Perverted Sisters With Their Bristly Pussies"

Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search SVDVD-263, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

823 MB (214 mins) painless download

Akiba-Online archives for direct download possibilities (1.71 GB)

Akiba-Online archives for direct download possibilities (Around 3 GB)



  • SVDVD-205.jpg
    78.9 KB · Views: 10,484
  • SVDVD-241.jpg
    68.1 KB · Views: 10,478
  • SVDVD-263.jpg
    89.9 KB · Views: 10,471
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012


So I was over at the "Request + Trade" department to see if I could give poor destitute souls a hand (I hope you venture out to those woods, as well as the "Identification Help" areas once in a while yourself, to see what you can do... and I'd bet you'd be a whole lot better at the game than I), and Member Tadness requested a superhero film, GXXD-88. (And okay, okay, I was dismally unsuccessful with helping him out. But at least I tried... okay??)

Yet as I hunkered down in my abortive assistance attempt, I checked out the screen shots for this movie, while clicking left and right. They made me remember why I am not thrilled with superheroine JAV.

And I'm not knocking the obviously valid reasons why Tadness is seeking this one out. (For example, in the Akiba-Online archives, Member Rayheng0595 elaborated on the compelling forces that drew him to this movie: "I'm ok with any movie that has a pretty actress and a beautiful costume, espacially white costume with white high heel boots like gxxd-88...")

But I'm looking at the screen shots, and I'm totally overlooking the heroine's pretty white costume and pretty white high heel boots, and I'm thinking... what's happening with the "good parts," you know, the nitty-gritty, brass tacks, raw and disgusting dirty smut stuff?

I'll tell you what's happening! Because the producers spent a little money on the costume and the high heel boots, she keeps all of that cumbersome attire on throughout. Sure, the costume gets a little tattered, and we might get a peek at a T or two, and also some A, but - LOOK! I want that heroine denuded!

She could still keep a bit of the costume, as long as it's ripped beyond recognition, but we don't have to still keep seeing most of it. All right, we get it. She's a superheroine. Producers, you don't need to keep her dressed all the way until the end to keep reminding us of that. We have already established that she is the superheroine.

The attraction in watching a porno superhero movie is to see that omnipotent, arrogant do-gooder get completely annihilated. And what could be more humiliating to such a proud authority figure than to be as completely exposed as possible?

Another thing that turns me off to superheroine JAV is the casting. I don't want to see teenyboppers!

I realize many of these actresses may not officially be teen-agers, but since the Japanese generally have a genetic edge in appearing more youthful than their years, a lot of the actresses may be in their twenties, but still come across as juvenile. (That's why the ever-popular "pedophilia" genre in JAV can be so successful, because you put a 24-year-old woman in pigtails, and -voila - "Lolita"!)

Now I'm not saying that it can't also be a kick - once in a while - to see a juvenile as superhero, because there is also some perverted pleasure in watching a hot-headed teen wonder who thinks she is unbeatable to get her comeuppance. But generally, I want my superheroines to carry a sophisticated air to them. I want them to look like they have been around the block. It is all the more fun to see someone who has developed, and who has confidently established herself, to go to pieces as the unbelievable takes place.

This reminds me of one of the several failures of the superhero movie, "FANTASTIC FOUR." By and large, Hollywood executives have no imagination, and feel they must cater to the driving force of their audiences, the younger crowd. So they wound up casting Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, or The Invisible Girl. (Well, that was her name in the comics, So why did the producers not heed the politically correct updated name, Invisible Woman, in their choice of casting?)

While Jessica Alba might have come of age by the time (2005) the movie was made, probably around the same age as what Sue Storm was intended to be, she still carried with her an air of the spoiled mall brat. By contrast, and I am not saying she would have been perfect for the part, let's look at Meryl Streep in her younger days, around the time of THE DEER HUNTER. She had a "worldliness" to her. That is what a superheroine needs.

These are some of the reasons why I do not focus on superheroine JAV. (There are others; what's with those horrible helmets the heroines often wear? Are they supposed to emulate robots?)

Yet here is one I thought packed a punch:

Rape Heroine Insult [GXXD-99], with Ito Azusa


AKA "Non-transformative Heroine Detective Prime Rose"

The costume mostly stays on, as usual, but this one had a few good things going for it. The actress performed well, and she did not look like a child. The villain (EDIT: whom at first I thought was played by "Mr. Dignified," but now am not sure) was very evil, thank you. He had a "Joker" type henchman, who was interesting. There were some creative things going on, such as immobilizing the heroine by turning some of her limbs to a cyborg-ish state.


Ito Azusa and the bad guy

The really good thing about GXXD099, however, was that our poor heroine simply did not get a break. She was completely devastated. The ending, which I'm tempted to reveal, was merciless; she simply had to kiss her old life good-bye, basically.

Screen shots

I just discovered a painless download, but it's sized at only 220 MB, so I'm concerned about its quality. You might want to go with the direct download links I used long ago (they are still up; good old Depositfiles):

Part 1, at 456 mb
Part 2, at 76 MB

The above came from the Jav-storage.blogspot site.

While we are in a superheroine mood, it's not like we should let it go with only one - but there are so many out there. (Not too many in my collection, but there is no end to them. You may be aware Akiba-Online has a mega-thread devoted to a Super Hero collection... I am looking at the first page, and I see the ball got rolling with nearly a hundred people giving thanks for the initial singular offer. People must have been hungry for the heroes!)

So we need an angle, and what I'm going to zero in on are a few movies that feature a "Supergirl" type, with the red and blue outfit. The reason is, Supergirl (Has that name been updated as well, I wonder? I guess "Supergirl" and "Batgirl" still go by their original names) is invulnerable. So when Supergirl, with her haughty invincibility, gets taken down all of those notches, it becomes all the more irresistible to witness the happy tragedy.

Heroine Mimic Tentacle Insult - Superlady vs. Glamour Mask [GXXD-98], with Ichika Aimi


I haven't watched this one, so I can't comment. Well, I'll comment anyway, seeing what you can see, from the screen shots. "Superlady" is a brunette, which is the way it should be, as I still can't get used to blond-haired Japanese. She's got a heat vision thing going on (even pornography can feature respectable special-effects, thanks to the technological advances of recent years. I still have a soft spot in my heart for FLESH GORDON, though), and then she gets very challenged by the tentacles. (I know tentacles are a Japanese specialty, like Sushi, but they don't do much for me.)

Our heroine then must have taken Michael Jackson's words to heart, soon intently looking at the mirror (and treating us to an up-tilt of her clothed bottom, as un-ladylike as such a pose may be. More correctly, Super un-ladylike), then all of a sudden... she is speaking to a poor man's Darth Vader, and next time we see her (I suppose the woman is Superlady; must be, same boots and cape), she is wearing a Mexican wrestler's ski mask (on the other hand, could she be a different woman, the "Glamour Mask" of the title?) and barely anything else. Well, that's one reason why this movie is worthwhile, at least we get full nudity.) More tentacles, then masturbation... it's crazy, I tell you.

Screen shots

390 MB painless download

Super Heroine Zero - Insult Suppression Party [GXXD-77], with Chika Aimi and Nanako Misaki


Here is one I do have, so I can comment on it. Unfortunately, I don't know where my copy is, and I'm too lazy to seek it out; and looking at the screen shots, I'm not even sure I ever watched this movie. Yet since I already profusely commented on a movie I had never seen above, do you think I'll just let this one go without contributing my half-penny? (By the way, half pennies are more valuable than two cents, given that they have been withdrawn from circulation. Unfortunately, the country that did the withdrawing was Great Britain, which is totally irrelevant for my situation.)

We have another brunette supergirl, as you can see. They also did a fairly nice job with the villain's make-up, taking a cue from Heath Ledger's Joker. Unfortunately for our heroine, the villain managed to dig up some of that green kryptonite thingamajiggy. She's powerless! Cue in the rape-her-from-all-angles sequence. Hey, Heath Ledger-san, why don't you strip your victim all the way down to starkers, the next time you're in the mood to rape a hero?

Screen shots

507 MB painless download

Naked Heroine 34 Phase:34 Spandexer [GATE-34], with Kei Nishizono


There is a long series of Naked Heroine movies; this one is the 34th, as you may surmise from the title. Happily, this one sort of lives up to the name, as more skin is revealed. I looked at the screen shots of another that I happen to own, the 12th, and I did not spot too much "Naked" in that one. So don't bet the whole wad on the truth-in-advertising spirit of Naked Heroine.


Kei Nishizono

You can see this one offers some variation on the Supergirl costume; for one, our heroine wears a mask. But she is pretty invulnerable, as a gang of hockey mask wearing thugs find out. (Why, Jamie Lee Curtis could not even handle one of these guys, from Halloween.) One of them slams a steel rod against her back when she's not looking (is that fair? I don't mean hitting her on the back, I mean hitting a girl, and all), and the rod gets all bent out of shape.

Is that "Mr. Dignified" again, as the villain? He holds a conference with some grim looking bare-chested men sporting fake tattoos (the description mentions something about "the organization," so I suppose these fellows are stand-ins for the Yakuza), and it's not long before Mr. Dignified tangles with our heroine, who - judging from the translated title - must be the one named "Spandexer." (Usually superheroes are named after their powers, you see, and Spandexer must have gotten her name because... she wears spandex?)

A fist to her belly causes Spandexer to barf, and she's down. The road is open to cause all kinds of mischief on our heroine's now defenseless body. And yet, why is she so defenseless? What happened to her powers? How did Mr. Dignified get to be so strong? (Unless that punch was not an indication of his own strength, but his ability to extract hers.) I don't know the answers to these critical questions. There is so much I do not know.

Screen shots

333 MB painless download

Super Heroine in Big Crisis, Volume 27 [THP-27], with Miki Yamashiro


AKA "Super heroine close call!"

Our supergirl clone is named Accelgirl (so named, because she can ... accelerate!) and she is blond. As much as it can freak me out sometimes to see Japanese blondies, it is almost heartwarming to note Accelgirl sports the golden locks because, well... everyone knows Supergirl is blond.

It has been a while since I've seen this, but the screen shots have jogged my memory a bit. (I'm too lazy to dig it up for commenting purposes... so irresponsible of me.) A highlight is that there is a sexy villainess involved (what is her name? Doesn't help when DMM seems to make a point of not listing superheroine fare; I wonder why they do that), so once poor Accelgirl stops accelerating (looks like she has been exposed to that deadly kryptonite once again. How do these villains get their hands on the green rocks?) and is ingloriously chained, she has to deal with the sexual advances from one of her own sex. That's always welcomed!

She also has a big brute of a henchman, a sort of monster, who was surprisingly effective and actually a little scary, with his wild and delirious motions, and the immense power he wielded. When he landed a blow, you could feel it.

Does Accelgirl get exposed during her defilement and despair? Not too much. She even gets to keep wearing her panties. just swung to the side as they are. Well, what do you expect from superhero JAV.

Screen shots

The stream downloads come in four parts, compliments of
Their sizes are 110 MB, 122 MB, 98 MB and 68 MB respectively.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Don't you hate it when a stream download is split up into multi-parts? The whole idea is for the download to be painless, and you might as well go with a direct download, if you're willing to put up with the other hassles of DDLs. offers a 415 MB one-link Novafile that you might prefer to go with, in this case. Must be the first time in history when a direct download is more painless than the stream download. (Disclaimer: I have no firsthand experience with this link.)

A while ago, one of our fellow members Reporter84 (whom I see is now banned. What did you do, Reporter84??) wrote:

"I like miki yamashiro the actress. very sweet. this movie is the 2nd part of her first supergirl movie (tbbh01). overall, i think the first one is better in terms of overall storyline, action and her acting. this one, i feel its not that good though its happy ending with supergirl gaining victory, unlike all others where the heroine is killed or injured!"

(I don't like to see them seriously injured and especially killed, but I sure don't mind seeing them LOSE!)

From that we may ascertain there was a predecessor to Accelgirl:

Hard Heroine Suppression 01, Accelgirl (TBBH-01), with Miki Yamashiro


251 + 56 MB Filepost download, Parts 1 and 2, from the site.

(Disclaimer: I have no firsthand experience with these links.)

On the topic of other parts to series, guess what I ran into while researching this post. That's right, a sequel to Superlady! (Reference GXXD-98 above; it looks like Ichika Aimi has not returned, to reprise her role. Then again, this Super Lady could be a different character than that other "Superlady," coincidentally named the same. EDIT: Fortunately, Ichika turned out to appear in the film.)

Super Lady 2 [GPTM-15], with Ichika Aimi, Chika Arimura and Chihiro Asai


I think I am going to download this one myself, as disappointing as superheroine movies in JAV often turn out. Looking at the screen shots, there is a very sexy looking damsel in distress in the beginning... I thought she might be a Wonder Woman offshoot, but it looks like she is ... another?... Superlady. (It's hard to tell, because in this one the clothes come off almost entirely. Yay! And that's a primary reason to give this one a shot.)

Then the one who may be the real Superlady enters the scene, and gets her turn. (Her face looks different than the first actress', so evidently there are two Superladies.) The gal in the green costume must be the villainess, and it looks like we get into some good old lesbian rape - another prime factor to get this one! It appears Superlady 1 or Superlady 2, or both, are placed behind green bars - they must be made out of kryptonite, naturally. Then Superlady 2, perhaps on a mission to save the first one but having dismally failed (we like it when they LOSE!) faces her own brand of sexual harassment from, it looks like, the villainess. And her costume is almost entirely done away with in the process. Hurray!

Usually these superheroine movies last an hour or a little more, but this one goes for a whopping two-and-a-half-hours. The stream download I found is a fat one as a result, a little fatter than usual, for a stream file of this size... so this painless download may have a little hurt along the way.

Screen shots

733 MB almost painless download

EDIT: Scratch the supposition on lesbian rape. The production values of this film are excellent, and Superlady Ichika Aimi (who appears to have the AKA of Hitomi Akino) is extremely sexy. Subsequently, I see she has come back in another saga, Black Dress Temptation 3 Case of Superlady [GEXP-69], co-starring Nanako Misaki and Mint Asakura. Cover and screen shots.

And look at what else I ran into. (Is there no end to JAV?) Since we are exploring Supergirl rip-offs:

Astrogirl Season 1 [ZARD-52]


Why, it's one of those rare occidental types making an appearance in JAV. I'd say that is one refreshing change of pace, at least for a superhero film.

Lousy Screen shots

The site offers two Ryushare links, Part 1 and Part 2, sized at around 400 and 270 MB, respectively. (Disclaimer: I have no firsthand experience with these links.)

And where there is a "Season 1," there must be a "Season 2." It appears the same unsophisticated-looking blonde has reprised her role, although you will note from the visual below that she has had a costume change. (No longer bringing to mind Supergirl.) Looking at the blown-up back cover, I don't see even a hint of exposed skin. (Although the Statue of Liberty may be quaintly seen in the background, and Ms. Liberty is also disappointingly fully clothed.)

EDIT: I downloaded "Season 1" and wanted to warn you (based on my fast-forwarding) there is no sex. Odd, as the site's byline promises, "Free Downloads XXX Movies." Out of curiosity, I glanced at a couple of screen shots of their other fare, and I don't see any skin... suddenly making the prospect of limited skin of the typical superheroine JAV preferable!

The blonde turned out to be quite endearing (I'd now like to know who she is), and looks very sexy with her hair up and while wearing eyeglasses (her Clark Kent mode), and she can speak Japanese. As Astro Girl, her English is heavily Euro accented, so if she is an "American," she must be an immigrant. The movie itself is actually quite professionally produced, for low-budget fare, and is entertaining in its own right.

American Heroine Astro Girl SEASON-2 [ZARD-53]


The site mentioned with ZARD-52 offers three Ryushare links totaling 823 MB, which is a lot for a crummy hour-long flick. (Beyond the burdens Ryushare presents for the free downloader.)

While this last one has nothing to do with Supergirl, I wanted to cap off with a title that calls superheroine JAV mostly for what it is:

Totally Clothed Heroine [GXXD-96], with Hibiki Otsuki


The actress looks very nice, but you're not going to see much of her... especially if she is code-named (as this film is alternately titled), "Full Suit Heroine." (At least this one makes no false promises.)

Screen shots

468 MB painless download



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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
You know, when I'm lucky enough to get to the good stuff with a woman, there are times she has lovingly gone to Victoria's Secrets or someplace to pick out the prettiest, frilliest type of lingerie, the purpose of which, I guess, is to enhance the enjoyment of the man. I guess the idea is, the man is going to think, oh, look how pretty and frilly that bit of apparel is... why, it's "girlish." The human wearing that apparel must then be a girl, and since I like girls, the lingerie just makes me think of girls more. Hoo-hah!

Yet when I find myself in this situation, of course I'm careful to pay note to the trouble the woman has gone through, and I make sure to say something like, oh yes, how nice that looks. My next comment is, Take it off!

I'm aware there is another reason for lingerie, and it has nothing to do with the enjoyment of men... women buy these things for their own enjoyment, as the apparel makes them feel sexy. I can get it, when they are alone, and want to get themselves in the mood to make love to themselves, but if they choose to be with a man, shouldn't the man serve the purpose of making them feel sexy?

This is leading up to not lingerie, exactly, but stockings. They are all in the family of making a woman feel more like a woman, although of course stockings are meant for public exposure. No doubt a lot of guys get off on the sexy clothing, and the high heels, and all of that. Some are quick to classify such a guy as having a "fetish" (although not I; just because one has an appreciation for something does not necessarily make one a fetishist. One with a fetish has to be obsessed with the thing that turns one on), but since none of these accouterments do anything for me, I suppose I cannot be accused of having such a fetish. I just like the flesh. I have a flesh fetish!

Black Stockings Nakadashi Office Lady

We've got a series of three of these, put out by the company, YELLOW. I guess the idea - since I haven't seen any - is that these smart-looking and sexy women in their office garb are available to their male co-workers, and they actually invite the men's semen to go inside of them. A ridiculous scenario if I've heard of one, but okay, we can go with it.

Naturally, since the whole selling point is the stockings, the women in these films will be allowed to only partially disrobe. (See "Superheroines" discussion, above.) We want to make sure, costume-wise, that the "office" factor of these office ladies will never be put aside, while they are having sex.

Black Stockings Nakadashi Office Ladies 1 [ELO-311], with Mika Ohsawa and Ryo Sena


To a large amount of cum to seduce footjob legs W chief provocative, vulgar against colleagues wearing black stockings ... stand the smell in our legs and lascivious OL horny! Suppliers is drenched in dick apologize Innovation, unplug Rogue Zukko Bakkon emissions in the office! Your job too much of our H OL in the lower part of the body that contribute to the company. Large public!



Screen shots

607 MB painless download

In the Akiba-Online archives, options for a 1.18 GB direct download.

Black Stockings Nakadashi Office Lady 2 [ELO-320], with Mint Suzuki and Lemon Mizutama


Nothing like a little Mint with Lemon!


Screen shots

470 MB painless download

In the Akiba-Online archives, options for a 1.18 GB direct download.

Black Stockings Nakadashi Office Lady 3 [ELO-375], with Mai Yuzuki and Sayaka Yuuki


This is the one that caught my eye, because I thought Sayaka Yuuki looked especially cute in these screen shots. Not that Mai Yuzuki (right, below) is anything to sneeze at.


Beauty leg stuffy black stockings and sex appeal stretches from uniform slurry of gal OL two sisters! After death in unto-Hasan stepped on a cock! Male employees to hunt to cum while you're at it! Feature in black stockings and uniform throughout Legs of OL! Dripping man juice flowing through the pantyhose invites a cock, a beautiful erotic legs are hooked!


Did you catch the end of the first sentence, that our two heroines are supposed to be sisters? Is it because the last names of the two actresses, Yuzuki and Yuuki, are only separated by a "Z"?

Other screen shots

474 MB painless download

In the Akiba-Online archives, a 980 MB package of direct download links.



  • ELO-311 COVER.jpg
    ELO-311 COVER.jpg
    65.2 KB · Views: 12,062
  • ELO-311 PIC.jpg
    ELO-311 PIC.jpg
    41.7 KB · Views: 9,910
  • ELO-320 COVER.jpg
    ELO-320 COVER.jpg
    64.6 KB · Views: 9,943
  • ELO-320 PIC.jpg
    ELO-320 PIC.jpg
    35.5 KB · Views: 9,949
  • ELO-366.jpg
    69.7 KB · Views: 90
  • ELO375 COVER.jpg
    ELO375 COVER.jpg
    63.2 KB · Views: 9,939
  • ELO375 PIC.jpg
    ELO375 PIC.jpg
    37.9 KB · Views: 9,873
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
An acquaintance of mine once told me that an unfamiliar woman liked him, and immediately had sex with him. He wasn't bragging completely, and I believed him. Obviously there are women who have a healthy sexual attitude, are confident, and don't need to play games. But these women, as we all know, are very rare.

For one thing, they don't need to be overtly aggressive. They hold the cards, and they know it, so they can afford to bide their time.

Yet if that one-in-a-million woman would do such a thing, why would she do it with my acquaintance? He wasn't bad-looking, but nothing sensational. The real question is, why didn't she do it with me? How come I have never had a woman who has dropped her panties at first sight? (Man, I've always hated that acquaintance of mine.)

So when we see porn where the women are ridiculously aggressive, it's an insult to my intelligence. I want to see porn that is somewhat based on reality. (One reason why JAV is generally better than American porn; at least JAV women, for the most part, behave the way women would behave during an initial sexual encounter. Again, let me repeat... for the most part.)

So when I came across a series of DANDY "chikan," or transportation molestation movies, I figured, this is cool. Let's see how those Japanese guys handle the not-as-docile American women. Naturally, these movies feature American porn stars with their usual way-out performances, but surely the "generally" more based-on-reality Japanese porno directors would rein them in, and keep them in check.

Well, that was not to be. Not in this series, and not in many of the other "interracial" JAV I have seen, featuring American actresses. (On the other hand, when European women are cast in other interracial JAV, we frequently get a better sensibility.)

A brainier member of Akiba-Online, Walpola, regards one of the movies about to be presented as among his favorites. (As he well-worded it, "I'm not into women aggressively seeking sexual encounters, but I do like a very particular sub-genre which has the woman casually initiating sex, like she is bored and the mood just takes her.") And I can understand there is an attraction to the fantasy where the woman, for once, makes all of the moves. So no doubt there are some among you who would have an appreciation for these movies, as well. That was my incentive in preparing this presentation, because what is to follow is not my cup of teat.

Oh, one more thing. While doing my research, I noticed a member (Syomega) presented back in 2009 the same movies, and a few more, in what he called an "international pack." So I am going to simulate his effort (with the exception of providing stream downloads, when possible), because I noticed there was a deluge of gratitude from the rank-and-file. Clearly, these films are popular, and I have a feeling the blond ladies may have something to do with the added attraction. (For as we all know, gentlemen prefer blondes. Guess the men on the other end of the spectrum, the porno-heads, prefer them too.)

Pretended to Get On a Blond-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake

DMM tells us there are four in this series:


Pretended to Get On a Blond-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake 1 [DANDY-034], with Brooke Banner

(EDIT, May 2015: With thanks to the AMWF thread, the cast: 1) Alexa Lynn 2) Brooke Banner 3) Angel Valentine S4) No Id S5) Hollie Stevens S6) Kayla Marie)


Brooke's an appealing actress. 'Course, there are other actresses in the cast of four, some of whom have familiar faces – especially the third one.


Brooke Banner

It’s amusing how the shooting day must have gone on and on, the production team rented the bus for one day, and by the end of the film, it has become pitch black outside. That was one long bus ride!

I gotta say one thing. If an American "white girl" is going to experiment, I don't know if an Asian guy would be a priority. (Even if he is the only guy on the bus.) This is for two reasons. If we may racially stereotype, it is the black guy who is going to have the allure, given what has been made of their members. The Asian guy, by contrast, unfortunately has the exact opposite reputation, stereotypically speaking, regarding his equipment.

The second reason is, the American "white girl," as a rule, does not watch JAV. She has no idea, as we have seen time and time again, how all the Asian guy needs to do is touch a vagina and rub it vigorously, in order for a woman to lose all composure, and melt away.

So when the Asian guy just stands around and sexually arouses these American "white girls," inspiring the women to make the moves, that is another reason why it becomes difficult to suspend disbelief in these films.

Screen shots

547 MB painless download

Pretended to Get On a Blond-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake 2 [DANDY-047], with Bree Olson

(EDIT, May 2015: With thanks to the AMWF thread, the cast: 1) S1) McKenzee Miles S2 Kylie Reese S3) No Id S4) No Id S5) Maya Hills 6) Mindy Main 7) Bree Olsen)


Bree Olson is a cutie-pie, but she practically makes a cameo appearance in this one, toward the end.


Bree Olson says... come hither!

Another gripe of mine regarding these movies is that there usually is no intercourse. It's just blow jobs. And we all know how President Clinton defined blow jobs as not being sex.

Ahh, I'm being too negative. Here, let me offer you the words of another member, Kappiah98. He's a guy after my heart, because he (I am assuming he was the author) takes the trouble to add some descriptive words to movies he makes available, unlike the majority of uploaders:

(Well, he actually had just a general sentence to offer, regarding this one. So I'll give you his more detailed description for the first movie in the series that we covered above, DANDY034. Don't worry, the words apply equally.)

A school bus full of blondes is bound to attract attention in Japan. There would be some men who would want an even closer look. These manage to get themselves on the bus and what happens to them is a lesson in….. how lucky they were. For you see, the girls were equally interested in the Japanese men, wondering what they’ve got in their pants. Their curiosity makes them bold. They get close to the men, brush against them and gingerly work their hands into the front of their pants. Before you know it they are pulling their cocks out and playing with it. They squeeze it, tug it, wank it, deep-throat it….. until it finally oozes with cum. Sensational performance.

(I've got to add, though, minding the sticklers for accuracy, that the action takes place not in Japan, but in the U.S.A.; the school bus for one was not only the yellow American style, but had the words "Los Angeles" printed on the side; the movies’ beginning has establishing shots of America, and as the bus travels, what is seen through the windows is reminiscent of L.A. streets. Yet Kappiah98 was not totally wrong; "A school bus full of blondes is bound to attract attention"... everywhere!)
(EDIT, May 2015: I see now what Kappiah98 could have meant with, "A school bus full of blondes is bound to attract attention in Japan," was not necessarily that the action took place in Japan, but that such a scene, regardless of geographic location, would be fancied by Japanese men.)

537 MB painless download

Pretended to Get On a Blond-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake and Was Done 3 [DANDY-090]

(EDIT, May 2015: With thanks to the AMWF thread, the cast: S1) No Id S2) Dakoda Brookes S3) No Id S4) No Id S5)No Id S6) No Id S7) Kacey Jordan S8) No Id )


Here is Kappiah98 again:

They are at (it) again. Beautiful, white girls, the kind you find in the society pages or in magazines. Turns out they can’t resist Asian cocks, especially when they are big, and when their owners are on the bus. Kinky, huh! Well that’s the way these girls get off. They see a lone Asian man on the bus and begin to eye him. Then they get near him and starts to rub themselves against him. Then they reach for the zipper, pull it down and dig their sensitive hands into their pants (trousers). They pull the cock out and then begins the dance of wanking, sucking, tugging and everything else a girl would do to a cock, short of fucking it. A must watch for the lover of inter-racial videos.

Oh... Oh-oh-oh... skin turning green... ripping through shirt... oh, no! I feel another gripe coming on!

In this new digital age, we have all become videographers. So it won't surprise you when I say, a camera that is set on "automatic" and aimed at a bright window is going to adjust the light setting for the window. That means, the subject in the room is going to come out dark. This is why any sensible cameraperson sets the camera on "manual," and focuses the light setting on the subject. (The window becomes overexposed as a result, but so what? We want to see the people.)

So when the JAV crew set off to Los Angeles, they must have dug up some homeless person and enticed him with five hundred yen (worth about what? Thirty cents?) to man their camera, because we get a lot of lovely silhouettes in these movies. (Contrast with the professional "cinematography" in the usual chikan movie that takes place on a bus in Japan.)

Screen shots

567 MB painless download

He Pretended to Get On An International Commuter Bus For Blonds By Mistake and She Did Him Without a Condom Until a Cream Pie Came Vol.1 [DANDY-256]


Hey, I like the girls in this one (from the screen shots)... they are pretty cute.

EDIT: Came across a post on the "white actresses" thread (those guys really know how to I.D. white actresses), and here is how someone pegged some of the thespians here: "Alyssa Branch, Amy Quinn (w/ Keni Styles?), Chastity Lynn." (Scenes 2, 4, 6, respectively.)

This is marked as "Volume One," but according to DMM, it is the fourth and last (to date) of the international "blond" series.

And will you look at this! At least you get a little copulation, instead of boring blow jobs.

This is volume one of what promise(s) to be a movie that will entertain, thrill and excite you. All the girls featured in this movie are blondes. We are supposed to look at them as school girls, but in reality they are all in their twenties, and seasoned porn actresses. We see them wait for and board the bus which is already occupied by Japanese boys. Much of the action place in the aisle of the bus. The girls inch close to the guys and unlike the regular Chikan movie where it is the boys who take the initiative, in this one it is the girls who are aggressive. It is the girls’ hands which move to the front of the guy’s pants (trousers), pulled down the zipper and take out the cock. Some of the girls even had guns to make the guys do their bidding. So what did the girls do once the cocks were out? They pulled and jerked them. They rub the cock all over their ass and their pussy lips. They sucked on it. And then they fucked the boys. If only such things place in real life, how appetizing would the prospect of taking the public bus would be for us all.

Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search DANDY-256, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

No painless download, but I see in the Akiba-Online archives that you may pick this one up as a four-link Ryushare package totaling 1.5 GB, as well as an RMVB/976MB Torrent (which may or may not be active).

That's it for the blondies. Yet apparently the series proved so popular, DANDY came up with a couple of "Black-Haired" ones!

Pretended to Get On a Black-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake and Was Done, Vol.1 [DANDY-064], with Lexi Belle and Alexis Love


This is the one Walpola enjoyed. Product description translated:

Following the blonde girl in the series, this time information with the school children have black hair like Japanese Slut Nantes USA! I am anxious to make sure this rumor, he moved all the way. Techniques of GAL really black hair dynamite body ...? Inevitable agony to taste American tech body and that hard, but black hair!


Lexi Belle, from "Scene 2"

Fubardc's review, from

Scene 1: The movie opens with some nice clips from other movies of school girls jacking guys off on the bus.

Scene 2: The action starts with a brunette American girl getting rubbed up from behind by a young Japanese guy. She opens his fly and rubs him asking him "Kimochi?" and saying "Arigato" in thickly American accented Japanese. She eventually opens her shirt and gives him an energetic blowjob. She takes off her bra and plays with her boobs, then rubs herself through her white panties. She pulls her panties aside and plays with her totally shaved pussy. She kneels down and licks and pumps him until he cums in her open mouth.

Scene 3: In the next scene a light brown skinned girl starts rubbing the guy sitting next to her. She gets his dick out, jacking and sucking it. She opens her shirt and pulls out a nice pair of tits. It isn't long before he's cumming on his pants.

Scene 4: A south-east asian girl starts jacking off the guy sitting next to her. Soon another horny guy sits next to her and she has his dick out, pumping a dick on each side. She decides to get some help so a girl with a bump on her nose comes over and they each start blowing the guys. The girls take their boobs out and the asian girl has some nice big ones. The guys eventually come on the girls mouths and faces.

Scene 5: The next scene has latin-American pornstar Alexis Love riding the bus and looking for dick. She finds a white guy, takes his dick and starts rubbing it and giving it an A+ blowjob. She lets her boobs out and takes of her panties in order to ride the guys dick like the pro she is. They go at it for a while until he pops a nice load on her face.

Screen shots:

575 MB painless download

Pretended to Get On a Black-Haired International Commuter Bus By Mistake and Was Done, Vol.2 [DANDY-077] , with Sativa Rose and Amber Rayne


Imagine a school bus full of girls like Sativa Rose and Amber Rayne. Imagine too that you are Japanese male hungry for some white hands on your dick. Now imagine you get on this bus, what do you think is going to happen? You guess right, the girl is going to lean against you. She is going to brush her ass against your groin. She is going to make sure you have a hard-on. And then she is going to unzip your pants, reach into your pants and take your cock out. Then she is going to jerk and suck it till you cum. That is exactly what happens in this critically acclaimed movie. Great scenes, great international exchange.

Screen shots

No painless download, but I see Kappiah98 has updated his original 2010 presentation with now-working Uploaded links; 1.089 gb (801 + 256,40 MB):

Stewardesses on a Bus!

Letting the Blond International Cabin Attendant See Your Erection, Will You Be Done? Vol.1 [DANDY-071]

(EDIT, May 2015: With thanks to the AMWF thread, the cast: 1) S1) Kylie Reese S2 Bree Barrett S3) Emilianna 4) Holly Wellin 5) Lindsey Meadows)


Screen shots

Around 430 MB painless download

Seeing Off Then Pretending to Getting On a Commuter Bus For Premium Blond-Haired Cabin Attendants By Mistake and Was Done, Vol.1 [DANDY-098]


A proud set of mammaries on the cover babe, would you not say? You'll notice this one is marked as "Volume 1," same as the previous. I'm just simulating that "International pack" entry; sounds like there may be some second volumes in existence, if you wish to research further.

Screen shots

711 MB almost painless download; 146 minutes of what is reported as a 120 minute movie.

And now for something completely different; again, I'm simulating that "international pack" post, and this one was also included.

We Lesbians Will Act As Massage TheRapists at an International Women-Only Spa [DANDY-042], with Marlie Moore, Sammie Rhodes and Kelle Marie


Did spell the seventh word of their title like that on purpose? If so, rather clever… “The Rapists” for “therapists.”


The lesbian estheticians enjoy each other as they work over their victim

Member Kaiser501 opined back in 2009 about this one: "Good one! it's unique!!" So we’ve got three blond ladies from “Hollywood” (as the establishing shot informs), going in for their beauty treatment, little aware that their polite Japanese "theRapists" have ulterior purposes in mind. About what you’d expect, except some innovative tools and techniques are in store, such as fucking machines, soap bubbles, a dido attached to a kitchen electric mixer, and the last lady decorated in cake-style. With the possible exception of that third and last actress, the women at least don’t look too porno-ish. They all go along for the ride easily, without any complaints.

Screen shots

770 MB stream download.

Regarding this last entry, if you are in the mood to watch two impolite Japanese theRapists (well, maybe one Japanese-American, and the other Chinese-American... who can tell with fake porno names) work over a beautiful but stuck-up blonde in a Los Angeles boutique, you may want to look into a "Wired Pussy" episode of KINK.COM. Asa Akira and Tia Ling "play two pissed off manicurists who take revenge" on the wonderful Krissy Lynn.



  • DANDY-042.jpg
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  • DANDY-042 pic.jpg
    DANDY-042 pic.jpg
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  • DANDY-077.jpg
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  • DANDY-256.jpg
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  • DANDY-034.jpg
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  • DANDY-047.jpg
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  • DANDY-047 Bree.jpg
    DANDY-047 Bree.jpg
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  • DANDY-090.jpg
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  • DANDY-064.jpg
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  • DANDY-064 Lexi.jpg
    DANDY-064 Lexi.jpg
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  • DANDY-034 bROOK.jpg
    DANDY-034 bROOK.jpg
    18.4 KB · Views: 9,774
  • DANDY-098.jpg
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  • DANDY-071.jpg
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Thanks, Lubaka.

I was over at a new thread in the Discussion section, and thought of adding a few painless download links for the readers there, on the movies that were mentioned. (I have been doing that, you know, even before I started this thread; you'll find painless download links in the oddest of places, such as the Identification Help areas.) The thread is called "Movies where the girl enjoys rough sex?" Yet as I got into the research, and discovered there were whole series to the movies (that, at this point, Member JavFanatic had brought up), it got to be too much. I'll post my findings here, instead. (But without too much blather. You'll be saved from my hot air.)

In fact, there are three series in all, and if I continue, I'll break them up into two sections. I'll start off with the one I like.

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience

There are six in the series, to date:


[B]Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-286], with Akiho Yoshizawa[/B]


I don't have this one. I'd like to have it. There is a download available, as you will see below, but one must weigh the tortures of Ryushare, as a free downloader.

Screen shots

No painless download; in the Akiba-Online archives, there is a 1130 MB Ryushare package. Please check all links before you begin.

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-386], with Yuma Asami


This is very good. Yuma Asami is vulnerable, and irresistible. And she is a Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience.

It's wonderful to see her get into all kinds of humiliations, in (and especially out of) her smart-looking professional outfit. The whole office does it to her, and she lets them do everything... including foot-licking, photograph-taking, getting tied up... the works.


At one point, the evil ones force Yuma to observe herself as she is getting "done."

Screen shots

609 MB painless download

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-493], with Megu Fujiura


Megu works for the "Shirogane Agency Corp.," as the beginning title tells us in English. Her boss is "Mr. Dignified," whom she has to service under his desk while he's at a meeting. (Does she have to get so much into it?) She has to show her wares to some other employee. "The Bad" (see link for Mr. Dignified) works at the office too, and he also gets a piece of Megu. (Now that's masochism; who would have sex with that guy?) How dare he spank her while a schnook like him could get so lucky. She gets tied up, an overweight female co-worker (nice touch) appears aware of the sad goings-on, and the boss shares his secretary with another, while holding a chain leash. Lots of fun for the whole family, except for the family members besides you.

Screen shots

474 MB painless download

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-523], with Sola Aoi


The very sexy Sola Aoi gets manhandled, and then we cut to a bedroom with some fellow at the office. A superior, who looks like a less pleasant version of "Oddjob" from "Goldfinger" must have some goods on her, because next we know, he is holding one of those remote control vibrator devices to humiliate Sola in the office. Then somebody else gets his digs on her, and another. (The first actor is Masatoshi Kuroda, you know, the one who looks like a neanderthal - as we have learned from Nick Wells' excellent "Other Performers" thread.) They really dig her, and can you blame them? She seems more troubled by the goings-on, and not as welcomingly masochistic. In the final scene, they pull the old look at your private parts in the mirror trick. Can this get any more humiliating for poor Sola?

Screen shots

404 MB painless download

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-634], with Hana Haruna


Hope you'll have better luck than I in finding links for this one.

Screen shots

Masochistic Secretary Of Complete Obedience [SOE-641], with Cororo Maki


Unfortunately, this one's links are also on the blink.

Screen shots



  • SOE-286.jpg
    64 KB · Views: 9,529
  • SOE-386.jpg
    65.2 KB · Views: 9,485
  • SOE-386 - MIRROR.jpg
    SOE-386 - MIRROR.jpg
    19.1 KB · Views: 9,458
  • SOE-493.jpg
    59.2 KB · Views: 9,467
  • SOE-523.jpg
    61.3 KB · Views: 9,475
  • SOE-634.jpg
    63 KB · Views: 9,457
  • SOE-641.jpg
    65 KB · Views: 9,451
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Rough Sex JAV

As I mentioned in the previous post, i contemplated contributing to another thread that brought up a few movies, but when I discovered that these films had sizable series behind them, I shifted the business here.

I like rough sex, but am not too crazy when the women are totally degraded. Yet the idea of these posts should not always involve what I like. The gist is, because neither of these two series I will be featuring below spoke to me, I can't do that much commenting. (Not there is all that much to comment about; the women are treated as garbage.)

In fact, the second series, "Hellish Thrust," reminded me very much of American porn that has ventured in this direction. We all know it's not as though JAV can't be disrespectful toward women, but they pull out the stops in both of these series.

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll

AKA M-Drug Human Toilet Failed Attempt, as well as other translations.

There are more entries to this series, according to DMM; I am only including the ones with the same style box art, the woman bound on a toilet seat:

DDT-169 "X" (*)
DDT-347 3D
DDT-363 3D

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-153], with Marin Izumi


Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search DDT-153, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

828 MB, 166m painless download

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-169], with Saya Misaki


Catch note of the asterisk in the series list above? I wished to highlight this one because it is the only one in the series with a large "X" marked across the box photo. Sort of like what TIME Magazine did to announce the deaths of Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. I wonder what poor Saya did to get the dreaded X.

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-194], with Misaki Asoh


Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search DDT-194, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

703 MB, 142m painless download

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-263], with Tsubomi


I have this one in my collection, downloaded as a curiosity, one of the many I haven't had the chance to watch yet. But I dug it up and fast-forwarded, to offer some ideas about what is going on with this series. There is a lot of forced fellatio, which continues as Tsubomi lies on her back. This provides the man with the leverage to really ram it into her throat, until she gags, and vomits. (I guess there are some who would find that erotic... but I would further guess not all that many.)


Poor Tsubomi keeps getting brutalized as two other men join in on the action. As she is strapped down to the toilet seat, she gets urinated on. More fellatio, more intercourse, as she is bound... I get it, I get it. She is a "meat urinal."

Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search DDT-194, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

547 MB painless download

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-267], with Hikari Hino


Paying mind to DDT-267, pointed out as it was by JavFanatic in the thread that got this post going.

Meat urinal second generation 14 of the body of the strongest ever M drag. Hikari Hino appeared! In continuous Iramagero, stet pewter soup Belo continuous fuck cum. Even six consecutive vaginal cum shot barrage in six fellatio, it is still not enough? It is strongest erotic meat urinal!

Screen shots

Sorry, no painless download, or even a painful one.

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-287], with Emiru Momose


713 MB, 145m painless download

Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll [DDT-347], with Rei Mizuna


It's one of two from the series in 3-D.

Screen shots

434 MB, 114m painless download

Hellish Thrust

AKA "Blow Job Hell" and "Wife Oral Orgasm Hell," as well as other translations; the literal translation from the Japanese is "Thrust Hell."

The Series:


YNB-002, 240m COMP

I will, for some odd reason, pay note to every one in the series, even though download links may be unavailable. Maybe I could not resist the effect of the rolled-back eyes on the box art, which looks zombie-cool. When the American colonel at the Battle of Bunker Hiill said, "Don't shoot until you see the white of their eyes," maybe he meant shooting in the ejaculation sense.

Hellish Thrust [YSN-187], with Hikari Hino


Yes, the beautiful Hikari Hino could not get enough of the meat urinal treatment in the series above, and has come back for further abuse.

Screen shots

No painless download, but you may pick up a 1120 MB Ryushare Premium and Filevice package from the Akiba-Online archives. (I thought I'd give the unfamiliar Filevice a test; they offered good speeds for the free downloader, the one time I tried.) As always, please check the validity of all links, should you choose to give this one a go.

Hellish Thrust [YSN-200], with Mirei Kazuha


Hellish Thrust [YSN-209], with Shizuka Kanno


Hellish Thrust [YSN-216], with Yui Shiina


Screen shots

Hellish Thrust [YSN-219], with Ryo Tsujimoto


Screen shots

Hellish Thrust [YSN-235], with Ryoko Hirosaki


Screen shots

Hellish Thrust [YSN-242], with Anri Hoshizaki


Screen shots

Hellish Thrust [YSN-249], with Marika


As you can tell by now, download links for this series, painless and otherwise, are bleak. I got my hands on this one, at least to give you an idea of what is going on.

Marika is pretty, vulnerable, and endearing; it's not the first time she has engaged in the masochistic role. The film begins with a naked man hurriedly rushing to Marika as she enters the house with another fellow, dressed in a white shirt, and the naked man forcefully begins stuffing Marika's mouth, by the front doorway. The man in the white shirt objects, but the naked man pushes the clothed one away. We then see Marika sitting on a couch, perhaps meant as a flashback, engaged in chatter. (The couch scene is present in other films of this series; is it the old lonely housewife answering an ad because she wants to be taken bit? Or is the man in the white shirt her husband, and they have made a deal - the old paying off their debts bit?)

The translation of the description, in hopes of getting better clarity on what's going on:

Target this time, Marika. Deep in the wake of a force, became the sacrifice for this interview. Until now, "Oh cute, you're beautiful" in the menu of hospitality staff hell devil disregard for human rights, she has been around and be pampered from. Deep in purgatory ... from beginning to end shooting, continuous convulsions, crying, screaming Nakifuseru forced to act like feed to the brink of the hospital, and "! Please forgive me" even de M, also turn to man the office was ...! ! Still act that does not end, do you be able to end recording Marika?

Okay, that explains... everything?



The naked man keeps scurrying up to Marika and takes her at will, throughout. Once, we see the man in the white shirt go about his business nonchalantly, as Marika gets worked over in the background. A second man joins in on the fun when Marika is in the bathroom. (Can't tell if it's the man in the white shirt, or somebody else.)

She gets taken by the stairway, crawls on hands and knees, then gets taken in the living room. They take her in every corner of the house until she lies exhausted, by film's end. There are givers and takers in this world, and all these guys do is take.

Screen shots (If link is disallowed, please go to root URL, search YSN-249, go to next-to-last column under the magnifying glass icon, click on second "camera" icon.)

387 MB, 98m painless download

Hellish Thrust [YSN-272], with Mana Izumi


Quick online glances at the film's beginning reveals greater civility, Mana is sitting on the couch having her "interview," and is given a dildo which she puts in her mouth. She's not attacked, she's smiling, and she seems in on the gag. (Much as her mouth gets gagged immediately afterwards.)


I don't like blond hair on Japanese women, unless they are playing roles of bad girls. Mana is heavily made up and has extra-long fingernails, a little too slutty-looking for my taste.

Screen shots

473 MB, 120m painless download

Hellish Thrust [YSN-302], with Ruka Ishikawa


No painless download, but if you think you might enjoy getting thrust into hell in your own right, in the Akiba-Online archives lies a package of around 2.5 GB. (At least the Extmatrix links are friendly to free downloaders, as far as the speed.)

Hellish Thrust [YSN-313], with Airu


Hellish Thrust [YSN-353], with Sayaka Aishiro


Screen shots

No painless download, but in the Akiba-Online archives you will find possibilities. I like the 1.46 GB one offered by Griss, only because the Depositfiles links offer less headaches for the freeloader, and there are fewer links to deal with.



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