[STAR-699] もりの小鳥 AV debut (2.59gb/mp4)


Miyagi Dojo
Oct 19, 2011
I’ll never understand the obsession with being the first to post something, even if it’s spammed crap. Eventually, someone gets fed up and posts a non 22366 or 480VIP movie, and that’s what I look for, and it’s worth waiting for. How many movies can one watch in a day anyway? Because it’s free we shouldn’t complain and just blindly download? NO thanks. Most of these movies have been posted by the poster paid by the spammers. But NONE of them have been clean like these. This is THE way to watch JAV, without having to stare at the Chinese crap that often blocks the view. Enjoy.

@ 201flyer - For you - a completely clean version with NO watermarks

Starring: Morino Odori
NOTES: Every post of this movie has been heavily spammed by various Chinese spammers, even spamming on top of one another. This is the first clean one. Odori is a young girl, looks like a teenager more suited for Idol films, but she gets taken in a variety of ways and you can sense her inexperience and innocence in this film, which is a turn on for some. Odori made her debut in this film, released last month, and has made another one in August.
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Akiba Citizen
Dec 8, 2009
[STAR-699] [720p] Kotori Morino もりの小鳥 - Debut (Javplayer)

5.21 GB mp4 720p watermarked - 2 small (and one large removed which is transparent): check out screens

Scene - 1  Kotori Morino-  AV Debut (STAR699)_000.mp4.jpg Scene - 2  Kotori Morino-  AV Debut (STAR699)_000.mp4.jpg Scene - 3  Kotori Morino-  AV Debut (STAR699)_000.mp4.jpg


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