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[R]ZZ Gundam 25-47

Discussion in 'Request Anime' started by wlwlgnsdl, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. wlwlgnsdl

    wlwlgnsdl New Member

    Although I won't be doing anything with it in the foreseeable future due to a lack of an English dub, I thought I'd mention that it was announced that Bandai Visual will be releasing ZZ Gundam on Blu-ray this fall. It looks like they will be following the release of Z Gundam, doing a pair of boxes.

    According to Cosmic-Era.com, the boxes are spec'd out as follows:

    •4:3 1080p resolution (except for the 1080i first episode)
    •Creditless openings and endings
    •48 pages booklet (for each Box)
    •Illustrations by Keiichi Satô
    Box 1 will contain episodes 1-24 and is releasing on September 25th. Box 2 will finish the series, with episodes 25-47 and releases November 25th. The price per box is 36,750 yen, or $387.60 USD according to Google as of this post. This is the same price the Z Gundam boxes retailed for at release.

    I still plan to get copies of the raws when I can in the event that Bandai ever gets around to dubbing the series. Hopefully, this is a trend Bandai Visual plans to continue and we'll start to see Blu-ray versions of some of the newer shows like Wing, SEED, and Destiny since we have dubs of all of them.

    yeah ..

    Im found this anime 1~24 ep torrent ..

    but in now .. 25-47 and releases November 25th. <---

    Where do I find !?!?!?

    is this anime releases ?? yes ! ... but I cant find this series ..

    I want to know it was on this torrent. O K ? im korean hellow and hi :()()():distressed: