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Posting in games [Please read!]

Discussion in 'Game Downloads' started by techie, May 18, 2010.

  1. techie

    techie SuupaOtaku

    Due to certain posts coming back somewhat illegible to some users
    it is suggested you take good care posting complete information
    about the material you wish to share information about.

    It is strongly recommended that you include at a bare minimum
    the following information with your posts to simplify for downloaders
    to access your information in a faster and simpler manner;

    1. Check Prefix in post title if not clear from the post link or
    unless it is multiple link sources provided to several DDL sites.

    2. The complete name of the game

    This should preferably include original name (original language)
    as well as Romaji or English translation so that visitors
    can search for more details easily.

    As an alternative, if you know a wiki style page about the product
    ensure you include links which are URL encoded for foreign language
    so the link will not break in the browser.

    3. File content MUST be clear.

    It is doubtful anyone will download a file without an extension
    as this is a dead give away to that the files may be corrupt or
    not work properly on their machine.

    If for any reason a filehost drops the extension,
    please ensure that you include complete instructions on the content
    and how to put, for example, split files back together again.

    4. Specify minimum requirements for the game to run.
    This does not only include VGA, RAM, disk space and so on
    but very importantly, which O/S requirement the game has.

    Especially important is this for games which requires
    a japanese windows version, or extended MUI support
    to be installed for the game to run.

    5. Most importantly for the forum to function properly

    A) Do not post prohibited material in here.
    Check the lists for what is not to be uploaded.

    B) Check the general forum rules for other guidelines.
  2. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Are erogames/H-games supposed to be uploaded here?
    If so, I foresee a lot of flying threads... :notagain:
    It's not clear even for me, since "hentai games" are both hentai and game.
  3. techie

    techie SuupaOtaku

    If it's a game it goes here.
    Just check the do not upload list first.
  4. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

  5. manqm2007

    manqm2007 New Member

    Thank for the information very helpfull.:hi: