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Popular AV Idols who've done uncensored vids

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Nick_Wells, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. annoy1234

    annoy1234 New Member

    Why is julia's video so little :(
  2. Barthoi

    Barthoi New Member

    Very interesting and timely this topic. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks you for exist. Lol...
    I m a big fan of Haruki Sato and she done uncensored on xxx-av


    Lets the race run...

    Does anyone know of anything else or another AV star?
    (Kaho Kasumi, Kish Aino, Emiri Okazaki, Airi Kijima, Kana Tsuruta, etc. - These are among my favorites and my dream is to see all of them uncensored. Do I have any chances?)
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  3. DarthVergessenheit

    DarthVergessenheit New Member

    There's one Julia movie that got leaked uncensored, other than that I've never seen anything else, unless you're talking about another Julia...
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  4. kaninja

    kaninja New Member

    Any links for Azumi Mizushima and Julia uncensored? :)
  5. blu3ic3

    blu3ic3 New Member

    Saki Tsuji has a video
  6. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    many famous stars already done uncenssored, some of them using different stage name

    some work with uncenssored labels, and some others are censsored that have beeen re released as uncenssored
  7. ch131987

    ch131987 The Reader

    really helpful thread! i hope this gets updated
  8. grisa

    grisa Akiba Citizen

    Well. here comes the tiny update.
    Most of them I wouldn't have guessed, so I consider myself a lucky man :Xiexie::

    Tsuna Kimura 木村つな
    Ai Uehara 上原亜衣
    Rei Mizuna みづなれい
    Tsumugi Serizawa 芹沢つむぎ
    Ruri Narumiya 成宮ルリ
    Suzu Ichinose 一之瀬すず
    Kotomi Asakura 朝倉ことみ
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  9. cailon

    cailon New Member

    Awwh....I growing up jacking off to her...I think I have all of here uncensored video....
  10. Saejima

    Saejima New Member

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  11. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    DOES Tsumugi Serizawa 芹沢つむぎ have any uncensored movies?? I haven't seen any. At one point I was very into her and had lots of movies but I never saw any uncensored ones. I decided some time ago to delete all the movies that I had from her to save space, before I started doing big set torrents in here.

    One of her movie that totally did turn me off from getting more from her was that one where they actually pull out one of her tooths (teeth? Or whatever is the correct english term, not sure) with blood pouring out.
    I started thinking that "damn maybe Tsumugi is kind of crazy, maybe I can't support her anymore that much". Of course it's possible that she had a problem in that tooth so she would've had to go to a dentist anyway but who knows, still it was an impressively disgusting thing to see. Must be in like in the Top 3 or Top 5 most disgusting things I've seen in my life.

    Hah sorry for the dark off-topic :D
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  12. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    I'm a pretty big fan of her's during the early days when she looked more loli-ish. I have a good amount of her videos but I've never heard of her pulling her own teeth out WTF! What video is this? As horrifying as it sounds, I'm curious.
  13. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I like her, but I never seen her in extreme or weirdo action like that, maybe because I watch few of her videos, and only focusing on genre that I like

    don't remember if Tsumugi Serizawa has done uncenssored video, maybe she already did for Tokyo Hot or some other web base companies ?
  14. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    I'll try to search that which movie it was when I can, it was some kind of "rope bondage" thing, BDSM or what's that stuff called, I remember that the cover had lots of red color in it (I guess). When I have the time I'm try to search the name.
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  15. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    Reiko Kobayakawa
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  16. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    I don't think Ruka Kanae did uncensored stuff before this.



    Since her regular output slowed down considerably, let's hope it's not a sign that she's close to retiring.
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  17. melonwrench

    melonwrench Member

    She seems to be getting more adventurous. She's got her DP debut with Madonna October 25.

  18. realschule

    realschule New Member

    This is just a compilation of work she did years ago. E.g. the bride scene (second half of the video) is HEYZO-0629 and was released in june 2014.
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  19. Asvaldr

    Asvaldr 北斗神拳伝承者

    Uncensored in Japanese is 無修正 (mushuusei).
  20. realalone

    realalone New Member

    Maiko Yuki
    NANA (Moodyz & Queen8)
    Azusa Ayano (Nozomi Ichinohe)
    Manami Suzuki
    Satomi Suzuki