Popular AV Idols who've done uncensored vids


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Nov 13, 2011
Outstanding work! I can't seem to find any uncensored videos by 水嶋あずみ Azumi Mizushima. I love all her uncensored work but would love to see more!:pandalaugh:

Am I missing something?


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Nov 27, 2007
unmosaiced / mosaiced

[I searched this thread.] While researching my most recent JAV purchases, this video came out:
(Hyper Anal Rape) [Arisa Shiraishi, Ayumi Shiina, Minayo Saeki] (2005) NNN-004 (MTD-008 ~ Arisa's scene (& maybe other 2) was released unmosaiced.) 150' {CD case}
These were three 50-minute segments on NNN-004. Arisa's episode seemed to be traceable to the MTD-008 release which was unmosaiced. I wonder if all three episodes on NNN-004 were originally released unmosaiced?


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Feb 26, 2011
I'm not sure if these girls are already on the list:

Akubi Yumemi
Mei Yuki
Asami Nanase
Hitomi Fujiwara
Natsu Aoi
Nozomi Aiuchi
Ren Azumi
Kaori Nishio
Hitomi Oki
Ayane Okura

Have Sumire, Yuu Shinoda and Ayaka Tomoda already done uncensored? I'm looking forward to these haha.

P.S Last year I downloaded one short uncensored clip of Nana Ogura masterbating (which came with her gravure video torrent but no clear shot of her vagina) but I don't think this one considered as an uncensored movie because I didn't find anything else of her video uncensored.


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Jan 20, 2012
The extent of knowledge on this thread is overwhelming; I'm not going to contribute to the main theme and go off-track a tad, because one of the posts fascinated me (and also because I can't hold a candle to the professors at this university. Nick Wells has already proven himself time and again to be the well-established scholar that he is).

(Also, I know so pathetically little about the uncensored side of things. It's pretty much limited to this recent post of mine wondering about a Maki Hojo movie. I wasn't even aware that it - actually, the second of the two films that were brought up - was uncensored, at the time.)

So this is what got me to compose this ditty; on the previous page, Member Janklodvandam put up the following photograph (which has been backed up here, in case the original link goes down):


... And I was so taken by that beautiful and expressive face, I wanted to know about the film, and who the actress was. I looked at the posts above and below to see if there was reference, and I couldn't find any. (I see Member R00g offered his thanks, and I can now see from his list on a previous page - which was a pretty damned impressive list - that the actress was featured at the top of the list.)

For those who are also curious, the actress is Azumi Mizushima (水嶋あずみ), and the film is Freaky Beautiful Teacher Who Foams At the Mouth and Convulses in Her Class Where She Talks Dirty While Giving Rigid Guidance [VSPDS-606]. For more screen shots, here's the page that helped me narrow down the possibilities, also featuring very intriguing shots from another Azumi movie which one apparently can't find hide nor hair of on the entire Internet. (WHY-16, "Hypno Recreation 3," co-starring Haruna Saeki.)

VSPDS-606 has caught the interest of other Akiba-Online members, but unfortunately it is a title that has evidently never made the rounds. There's also another potentially cool entry from the same series featuring a mother and daughters (VSPDS-653), and a compilation movie where excerpts of both films have been featured [VANDR-012], but these two have been similarly shy from the usual circulation.

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Feb 16, 2009
Anyone knows Runa Ayase ? Had she done any censored jav before she acted in Sky Angel Vol.158 ?


Nov 10, 2009
sorry, but i found this thread while doing a search for ayaka tomoda uncensored vids...... apparently she doesn't do any (wish she'll do some some day!)

anyway, just to add on to the list: another new former idol doing uncensored, yuu asakura. she used to be quite popular too

also, scanning through all the lists, i seem to find the nao tachibana uncensored vids look totally different. same for ai uehara and michiru tsukino, the two feel like different actresses as well.

anyone can shed some light on these two and whether they really did uncensored?


Sep 2, 2008
I'm not sure if anyone mention Kimiko Matsuzaka yet. I saw a couple of her uncensored.
She is the very first AV idol I know.



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Nov 13, 2011
I've only seen Azumi Mizushima do one uncensored video. She is one of my favorites, I hope she does more!


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Nov 3, 2008
Megumi Osawa she had a video before she retired. I still remember the title " Beautiful Dolls". I had it but few year ago my hard drive got problems so I lost it. Anyone had this, please upload it via torrent pls. Thanks

and Chinatsu Isawa has 2 uncensored movies after she had alot of censored movies