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Please post all forum bugs here

Discussion in 'Site Support & Bugs' started by elgringo14, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. C00Lzero

    C00Lzero Administrator Conqueror

    i'm feeling offended <.<

    i enabled debugging
    > all okay

    so... debugging is now enabled by default.
    perhaps i'm going to somewhere add the server you are hitting, so that we can somehow find the missbehaving server faster...
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2020
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  2. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    That missy is not letting go of me, so she holds quite the power.
  3. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    Glory glory halleluyah! Styles have (been) finally fixed! At least for now... Maybe I have found that legendary server that still works.

    Edit: LOL it's already gone after six minutes! Maybe these logs will show if anything has happened in that moment...
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2020
  4. khanhav

    khanhav Akiba Citizen

    Styles theme New Rei error

    Upload images new post theme Ed (Dark) . it's direct to filejoker.net. Can't upload files!

    Thank you!
  5. sulpher

    sulpher Active Member

    Layout of the site is again completely f*cked up for me. Site is almost not useable with this messed up formatting. :(
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  6. PJB

    PJB Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's happening so often now I just gave up and switched to the dark theme. It's difficult to quickly navigate with the dark theme but it's better than nothing..

    Please park your stylesheets on a different server or something..
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  7. C00Lzero

    C00Lzero Administrator Conqueror

    seems like it's now working as expected
    at least since new year :D

    i've completely removed all references to the old static server (hopefully). But there are still some people requesting data from it - probably some cached settings.
    so i wil leave it at the moment as it is.

    Since it looks like this is all working quite stable now, the next step will be activating geo-aware dns.
    Though... i'm not exactly sure where to point the us-people to ^^'