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OpenNap and Utatane FAQ

Discussion in 'P2P Support' started by Fuurin, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Mameya is the client of choice for the Mac. It is in Japanese, or you can try things like xnap, 2get, iswipe or drumbeat.
  2. furryballs

    furryballs New Member

    Having trouble downloading and uploading. Some servers say I'm only sharing 16 files and need to share more but I've got over 300 files 120GB. Is it a problem with the filename encoding that's making some servers not recognize all my files? After it says "Adding shared files" next to the server, should the number of shared files be going up? Here's some of the server error messages I'm seeing.

    I've tried connecting directly to my modem, turned off windows firewall, uninstalled anti-virus software, and I'm using Vista. In the "Regional and Language Options" it has "Current format" set to "Japanese (Japan)", "Current location" set to "Japan", "Default input language" set to "Japanese (Japan) - Microsoft IME", "non-unicode locale" set to "Japanese (Japan)". I've tried using the Japanese version and English version of Utatane, and I've read all the Faqs, Manuals, Forum posts.


    Please help!!

  3. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Is ゼロ戦 seeing all of your files? Some of the servers are a bit slow to scan file libraries. I've never had much luck with Train and KOOL myself. How about the other servers like Endless and zero?
  4. arcades

    arcades Member

    Hi Fuurin,

    Could you tell, how to organize movie collection so it will be more understandable to japan users ? Are there any examples how people name their files. (only related to adult movies)

    Guess I'm not repeating.
  5. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    The format for titles usually runs Genre Producer Title Actress Product-code, for example, 【露出】SODクリエイト 芸能人 範田紗々 タオル一枚男湯入ってみませんか?スペシャル 範田紗々 STAR-157.avi. Some people leave out the product code, and others put in the release date, especially if it is a new video. The most important thing is to have all of your files organized and labeled in a way that is easy for Japanese people to read. I also use text dummies to represent files that I've burned to DVD-R.
  6. arcades

    arcades Member

    For example if I have lots of Bukkake & Gokkun movies. Should I add "genre" tag into file names ?

    As example let see this movie:

    Moodyz [MIGD-261] Gokkun Idol - Ari

    Title: ゴックンアイドル 亜梨
    Actress: 亜梨
    Code: MIGD-261
    Genre: ごっくん,

    How then should name of video organized for use of Japan p2p networks ?

    18禁 - 18 only
    (AV) - Adult Video

    Do they use abbreviation (JAV) ??

    I guess my file should look like:

    (18禁) (AV) Moodyz ゴックンアイドル 亜梨 [MIGD-261].avi

    is this OK ? :)
  7. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    I would include genre tags to divide your collection into different types, so it is easier to sort through with one click. People who collect mostly mainstream movies or dramas will put AV in front of their adult videos, but in your case, I'd probably use specific genres. I'd call that file:

    【ごっくん】【新作】MOODYZ Gati ゴックンアイドル 亜梨 2009.12.01 MIGD-261.avi

    I might stick the word 新作 in to indicate that it was new and/or include the release date 2009.12.01. As you can guess, OpenNap collectors love new videos like this.
  8. arcades

    arcades Member

    Thanks for the tips!

    If my movie is split into two parts, then it's better to add [DISC-1] and [DISC-2] ?

    How do you write such japan encoding symbols like " 【 ", it really looks different from my " [ " ?
  9. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Yes, I would probably stick in disc1 and disc2 somewhere. If you are using Microsoft's IME, just type in a bracket and scroll through the options and until you get to the "【." It seems to be called すみつきカッコ. You could also use the Character Map accessory for a Japanese font like MS Gothic, or even copy, and paste from my post above.
  10. arcades

    arcades Member


    One more thing which makes me pain.

    How do I copy filename from user's share list ?

    Is there a tweak or plugin for Utatane ?

    I just can't download file if I don't see that movie's cover.
    I want copy file name, search in google, and decide whether I need it or not.

    Because many users have their collections without movie codes, so I can't find them.

    I also get many "socket error" when connecting to servers or when placing files for download. What could cause these errors?

    And I have problem with upload speed. Maximum upload speed is about 20 KB/s, while my download is up to 60 KB/s. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Up at the top, there is a Save button which lets you save a list of all of the user's filenames to a csv for viewing in MS Excel.

    The server may be down, or experiencing technical difficulties. I find Zerosen to be reliable, but some of the smaller servers are more hit and miss.

    Download and upload speeds are determined by the compatibility of your connection with the other person's. File transfers are direct, not through any server. Just make sure that you haven't limited the bandwidth yourself, and maybe disable counter queue. Japanese users are almost always on very fast connections, so you might want to consider upgrading to a faster type through your ISP.
  12. Marupinku

    Marupinku New Member

    I mostly have music, and that's probably what I'll mostly be using Utatane for. So, I had a couple of questions regarding my shared files, since most of what's been talked about here was video files. First, the impression I've gotten is that with music releases the folders should be zipped and share the archive, rather than the folder itself. Am I correct in thinking that?

    Second, what all information should I include in the file name? I'm guessing something along the lines of [ALBUM/SINGLE/EP/Et cetera] Artist Name - [year.month.day] Album Name (Bitrate), but I'm not really sure.

  13. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    I'm sorry. I haven't really tried downloading too much music on OpenNap. My impression was that on the Western OpenNap servers and WinMX people just shared individual songs. There is a certain suspicion of zip files, because a lot of them are fakes. Just offhand I think the format might be something like 【MP3】The Beatles - The White Album.mp3. You also might want to try Cabos or WinMX for music, and there are also western jpop torrent trackers like jpopsuki.
  14. arcades

    arcades Member

    Everything worked fine for me, but already for a week I can't connect to ENDLESS and zerosen. Very few from servers now work for me. Previously I could connect to almost every server.

    Fuurin, do you have the same problems ?

    I just need to know if there are problem on japanese servers or those are problems from my side related to my ISP.
  15. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Same here. Zerosen's page is dead even.
    At the moment the main servers left are kujira, high-point, station, KOOL, station and magicant. Though with the last one nothing seems to be shared.
    I can connect up to 10 servers at a time, combining the main list and some secondary one that is there:

  16. arcades

    arcades Member

    maybe they have disabled foreign connections ?

    just can't imagine that they make upgrades for two biggest servers (Zerosen, Endless) or both servers have technical problems.
  17. arcades

    arcades Member

    My mate from japan told that Zerosen is dead because of crisis. He also said that Endless works OK for him.

    But I still have connecting problems with Endless server.
  18. degoldro

    degoldro New Member

    12 servers are OK for me now:


    Endless worked several days after problems with Zerosen
    I am 24/7 online on OpenNap with terabytes of JAV
    and have to say the p2p things are getting worse
    last year it was possible to get much more movies
  19. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    I have the same list of working servers, minus 2 (COBRA and CONVOY).
    There is still a lot of stuff on Utatane (at least on what I'm interested). The problem is that many "big" users don't share their stuff so easily.
  20. arcades

    arcades Member

    I have exactly the same problem!

    I run Win XP.
    Utatane version is: v0.253

    I tested speed with Japan with speedtest.net

    In result:

    Download 500 KB/s
    Upload: 250 KB/s

    When I download or upload in Utatane one file my maximum speed is 50 KB/s both upload and download.

    When I'm exchanging multiple files:

    File 1: 50 KB/s Upload / Download
    File 2: 50 KB/s Upload / Download
    File 3: 50 KB/s Upload / Download

    It seems there's a 50 KB/s limit per connection.

    I just can't understand what causes this limit ?

    I tried changing my ISP.
    I tried tweaking my registry with Japanese Net Tune program.

    Nothing helped.

    Fuurin, have you got any idea why this could happen and how to solve my problem? What else can I try to fix my speed ?