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[OMGZ-087] Kaoru Sakakibara 榊原かおる - 39歳、遅咲きのQUEEN [1.25 GB]

Discussion in 'Idol DVD & Bluray Downloads' started by mamorutakeda, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. mamorutakeda

    mamorutakeda cospl.net

    [OMGZ-087] Kaoru Sakakibara 榊原かおる - 39歳、遅咲きのQUEEN [1.25 GB]


    omgz_087_1.mp4 |Size: 289.87 MB| Duration: 00:24:49| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 873x480
    omgz_087_2.mp4 |Size: 379.84 MB| Duration: 00:32:32| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 873x480
    omgz_087_3.mp4 |Size: 576.15 MB| Duration: 00:49:20| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 873x480

    84-1508488763-omgz_087_1_s. 75-1508488768-omgz_087_2_s. 24-1508488774-omgz_087_3_s.

    omgz_087_1.mp4 (289.9 Mb)
    omgz_087_2.mp4 (379.8 Mb)
    omgz_087_3.mp4 (576.1 Mb)

    omgz_087_1.mp4 - 289.9 MB
    omgz_087_2.mp4 - 379.8 MB
    omgz_087_3.mp4 - 576.1 MB
  2. Golits

    Golits Active Member

    It's nice to see mature women - in her case, 39 years old (this is the meaning of the kanji "歳" - age [sai]) in this videos.

    Actually, I think that could be interesting more videos with women like her, others "Queens of the Late Bloom" (it's the translation of the name of this video)/Osozaki no Queens ^^
    mamorutakeda, tliu223 and MelonBuns like this.
  3. MelonBuns

    MelonBuns Active Member

    I agree so much. Variety is always nice. This is a bit of a weird question but is she cleanly shaven "down there"? I can't tell from the screenshots.:malu3:
    mamorutakeda, tliu223 and RiceLover like this.
  4. Golits

    Golits Active Member

    I didn't download everything (just dowloaded the part 1) to check, then I can't answer your curious question.

    But, if I could see "Down there" (of hers and of all others women and girls that starring photosets and videos), I would prefer to see - like I usually to say - a "local vegetation" because, honestly, I think more beautiful to see ^^
    mamorutakeda and tliu223 like this.
  5. MelonBuns

    MelonBuns Active Member

    I am happy to report that Kaoru did not leave a single strand of hair down-under. :malu2: And she has great skin for being 39! Hope we see more mature idols like her!