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  • Hi Javworlds, just wanted to let you know I appreciate all your posts. Any chance of refreshing the links to AUKS-099? I'm a big fan of that series (just posted upscales of Steamy Lesbians set), and haven't been able to find a clean 1080p copy like you posted anywhere.
    Someone else posted AUKS-099 for me, but thanks anyhow.
    Hi, thanks a lot for your effort.
    By the way, will you post BW-74 BWP Vol.74 Irregular 2vs1 Match? I like female handicap match like BW-52 that you had uploaded before. Also maybe you can post RBND-04 and BDO-01
    Hi, I noticed you deleted the link for BLRS-02. Is there any way you can repost it or send me a link? I'm a big fan of these two wrestlers and was looking forward to a rematch.

    Thank you.
    Thank you for your posting!
    By the way, can you upload BBWP series? i can't find it anywhere.
    Very appreciated!
    Re-up PLEASE.
    [CYAX-003] Incest. Lesbian Training By A Stepmom For Her Barely Legal Daughter 3 | 近親相姦 ○い娘にレズ調教するママ母 3
    thanks for upload [BPC-010] .
    i love this type of real upskirt shot of school girls very much.
    video's quality dosen't matter.
    hope you can upload more.
    Hi there! I am REALLY trying to find the HD version of Hard Boiled Lesbians - DVDES-599. All of your links are dead, can you reup for me? Thanks!
    I have missed out on the VS series links here on akiba. The filejoker links have expired. Do have them anywhere else that the links might still be good?
    thank you very much for all your effort for posting such many goodies! very appreciated ;) THANKS!!!
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