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[OGY-024]Ayaka Fukai 深井彩夏 - 甘美な指先

Discussion in 'IV Torrents' started by Beam~, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    Fukai Ayaka (深井彩夏)

    Released in 2018-06-20.

    720p MP4 is 3.15GB

    The DVD version is OGY-24, this seems to be the Blu-Ray version OGY-24B.

    This is not my original release so no ISO-files or other versions available from me. It has been converted from an 1080p file, which I don't have.

    The translation to the name 甘美な指先 is Kanbina Yubisaki which means: Sweet Fingertips

    Watermarked! But the quality is still pretty good I'd say.
    OGY-24B. OGY-24. OGY-24B Screenshots.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  2. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    this is a confusing file

    MP4 720 is not bluray, the code on the cover is not OGY-24B, the first cover says OGY-024, the second cover says OGY-024B, (it does help to get this info right for searches) hence that is the title taken from the first cover (here now that both codes are posted it is a little better). until it can be cleared up what is posted

    now if it was ripped from bluray, surely it should be said as such, and as it has been watermarked, the quality will be poorer as well
    yuumi_fan likes this.
  3. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    It is made from the Blu-Ray's 1080p version, so it is from BR. Like I wrote.

    For some reason the system that uploads the pictures wouldn't let me make OGY-024B cover to be the first pic this time around. So now confusion should be solved.
  4. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    Now the pics should be in order. There seems to be somekind of change in the picture system which made it harder, now I had to upload them one by one, if I wouldn't have done that they again would have been in an wrong order automatically.
  5. The Prisoner

    The Prisoner Number Six

    It seems nowhere in the video is she shown wearing the outfit she's wearing on the cover. Little bit disappointing, 'cause that's the scene I was most looking forward to. Thanks, as always.
    Beam~ likes this.
  6. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's weird, sometimes I've noticed that the things in the cover don't actually appear in the movies. False advertisement.
    RSHERMVIKES and The Prisoner like this.
  7. feralman

    feralman Member

    Starting at about 1:47:40 or thereabouts. Just for a couple minutes and all close-ups, so you never get to see the whole outfit at once. And she never hits that pose on the back cover, which is another disappointment.
    Beam~ likes this.

    RSHERMVIKES Active Member

    Beam- - - Thanks for introducing me to Fukai Ayaka! What an example of the perfection of a Japanese woman! Her beautiful face, body, sexy attitude, are awesome!
    All 4 DVD's are WOW's! Hopefully we can find more of her to share!
    Beam~ likes this.
  9. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    You're welcome! :)

    And some good news! I discovered two movies more from her so I'll be posting them too as soon as possible :)
    RSHERMVIKES likes this.

    RSHERMVIKES Active Member

    Beam- - -Thanks! Looking forward to them!
    tamino44 and Beam~ like this.
  11. tangina1234

    tangina1234 Active Member

    she is starting to become my favorite
    Beam~ likes this.