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new releases September + October 2009

Discussion in 'Hentai Discussion' started by redrooster, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Mugesz

    Mugesz The Pr0n Father

    Makai Kishi Ingrid Ep2 out now...

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Ingrid 2: I've only given one hentai a 5 this year, and that was the first episode of Ingrid. So you can imagine how excited I was when Mugesz said Ingrid 2 was out. Somehow I missed the fact that it was coming out this month. Well.... sadly It's not very good. Most of the episode revolves around another girl, and the only action she gets is a tentacle scene. Ingrid herself gets two scenes, the very short opening scene which I liked, and the inflated stomach scene at the end which wasn't that great either. What a sad turn of events. 3.5/5 (.5 for Ingrid still being super hot)
  3. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    what do you expect from Pixy releases, they manage to even turn the best story into worst...
  4. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    I didn't realize it was out yet, either. I thought the first episode was okay. It had great art, a decent-to-good story, and one good sex scene (at the very very end). The second episode honestly wasn't much different. The story got a little sillier with the whole "hey look at me, I'm a punk scientist-traitor and I'm acting like a host at a gala event for the underworld's elite" plot development, but it's not like it's that much worse off. The animation was pretty bad this time whenever we were far away from girls (e.g. looking at Murasaki swinging her axe from far away, or looking at Ingrid onstage from far away), but every time we were up close to girls it was pretty much 90-95% as good as in Episode 1. The opening sex scene was good but it ended too soon, interrupted of course by the retarded main antagonist and the sex toys he ended up not even using on camera. (What the hell was the point, then?) The scenes with Murasaki were predictable: she fights, she gets the aphrodisiac injection just like Ingrid, she succumbs just like Ingrid, and then the guro scene from the game is hinted at without being explicitly shown on-camera. Then we go back to Ingrid and ...

    * she looks like she's pregnant. Whether or not she is, super-hot.
    * she's being addressed as 雌豚. Cool, cool. Let's see if her behavior matches.

    * aww man, she's still not broken. :\
    * aww man, it was just a butt plug and a ton of semen in her gut.
    * aww man, enough scat to upset most people (self included) but at the same time not enough scat to really please scat fans. So why even include it at all!? Either go the full mile or don't even bother.
    * what the fuck was with the constant cut-aways to the audience? I could have understood it if Ingrid was behaving like a slut and was ashamed of it, and the people's piercing gazes broke her down, but ... that didn't happen. And so all those cutaways amounted to was wasted screentime. :\

    And then the episode ends. And instead of seeing Sakura's debut (woot woot?), we see some white-haired doofus male that, by virtue of his manness, nobody gives a shit about. ^^;

    You mean Murasaki? As in, the main girl of the gain Taimanin Murasaki, the only game where Ingrid, a minor character, has appeared thus far? ;D (I'm teasing. Besides, didn't we talk about them making an Ingrid game back when the first anime episode came out?)

    Physically, I find Murasaki to be super super hot. Of all the character designs in the original HCG artwork, Murasaki is my #1 pick. (Ingrid comes off as way, way hotter than any of the other taimanin girls we've seen so far in the anime, I agree :), but in the HCG, Murasaki wins.) But the thing is, even if I love Murasaki's character design, well ... her whole backstory, the reason she's in the game, the audience she's meant to cater towards ... it ain't me. :\

    When you see Murasaki, think Wolverine from X-Men: super-duper regeneration. (Better yet, if you've ever played Xenosaga, then think Albedo. There you go, decapitation scene and all.) This special ability of hers makes her a must-have addition to any fan's collection if he is a fan of one or the other of these two fetishes:
    (1) deflowering / loss of virginity, and
    (2) guro / mutilation, amputation, etc.

    The reason being, Murasaki grows back that which she loses. So ... you tear through her hymen ("pop her cherry," so to speak), and after you let her recover, she's grown back a brand-new hymen. In other words, every vaginal sexual experience for her is virginal. So people who love virgins (and seeing them lose their virginity) should theoretically go ga-ga for Murasaki. Likewise, there are several scenes in the game where she loses an arm or is cut, only to regenerate. I think this is meant to be a balance between appealing to guro fans and not scaring away the rest of us.

    So, the whole point of her scene in the anime -- and I agree with you! It didn't do it for me, either! -- was the whole "omfg you're a virgin" thing. That was why the animators made it pretty obvious that she was bleeding. It's because, in a sense, that's her entire reason for being in the game.

    For a guy like me who dislikes bloody or painful sex scenes, it's a real shame. 'Cause she's fucking hot. But! I'm a fair guy, and I realize that these two fan groups barely get any love whatsoever. So I'm all for Black Lilith saying, "You know what? Cherry-popping fans? Guro fans? This one's for you. ;D" Spreading the wealth's a nice thing to do.

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    Wow, how sad is it that while Ingrid might be my pick of the year as far as hentai anime goes (episode 1 at least) you still know way more about it than I do. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time you've schooled me on subjects I really like ;p

    So I didn't know who Murasaki was, my bad. She is hot, I'll give you that. I still prefer Ingrid personally on account that she's a dark skinned character, kind of a fetish of mine, and such a rarity too. Also, after hearing the whole concept of her character I think I'd like to stay far away from that. Hymen shattering isn't my thing, that goes double for guro.

    So looking at the longest scene in this episode, one which involves tentacles - which are alright if I'm in the mood, but usually not my thing, cherry popping, and a girl I didn't like as much - you can see why I might not like this episode as much.

    I'm glad you brought up the last scene though, because I didn't really go into why I didn't like it. But, you pretty much summed it up. Yes, it was hot that she looked pregnant, and yes it's still Ingrid getting fucked by monsters. But as you pointed out, it kept going back to the audience, which was really distracting. Ingrid also kept thinking to herself, so she was talking over her moans with inner dialogue so that kind of ruined it too. Oh yeah, then there's the shit at the end - whoops.

    I don't think we disagree about this much, but I just thought I'd expand on my feelings and echo some of your thoughts. Hopefully episode three will be better for me. And maybe I can learn about some of the actual story and characters in the meantime. It's kind of embarrassing to claim to like something so much - yet know so little about it. Just makes me seem like a poser. Then again, it's just fap material. Hm
  6. varintonza

    varintonza New Member

    thank you
  7. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    What do you guys think and expect about the remaining, future episodes then? Will pixy stick to the game plot and add the other two girls, or just plain Ingrid action like most people want to see? That second episode disappointed me very much.. why it had to lack action with Ingrid so much... Oh well.. I'm thankful for the first couple of priceless hot action minutes. The rest of the episode was lame imo.
  8. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    It's a tough call. Any hentai anime based off of Taimanin Murasaki is bound to have three disparate fan groups:

    (1) those who want to see a heavy focus on the main girl of the new game, Murasaki
    (2) those who want to see a heavy focus on the main girls of the old game, Taimanin Asagi
    (3) those who want to see a heavy focus on other characters, e.g. Ingrid

    The fact that this anime is called Makai Kishi Ingrid would seem to suggest, at least to me, that the anime ought to be catering towards Group #3 the most. This is supposed to be their show. If they were going to make a show with a heavy focus on Murasaki, then they should have called it Taimanin Murasaki. And if they wanted to have a heavy focus on Asagi and Sakura, then they should have just called it Taimanin Asagi 2 or some such.

    I still haven't quite answered your question, though. You didn't ask about where the Ingrid anime's focus is, but rather whether they're planning on devoting additional time in future episodes to the other girls. My thinking there is ... 100% you will see the other girls, but I have no clue for how long given the (likely) unenthusiastic response across Japan to Episode 2, given our own sentiments here at Akiba-Online. (Granted, we are a microcosm of the hentai community, but still ... :\ ... so far NOBODY here has said they loved the Murasaki scene or the second Ingrid scene.)

    I'm willing to bet, though, on the following things:
    * because of the fan demand for Sakura in Taimanin Asagi, we'll probably get to see at least one authentic Sakura sex scene. Asagi, however, may only appear in a "hey, look, they're all getting fucked" scene. Sort of like a cameo. Shrug.

    * because of the absence from Taimanin Asagi, and because once again we have multiple hot women succumbing to the pleasures of sex in the same span of time, I'm going to hazard a guess that there will be at least one lesbian sex scene in this show. Whether it's between Ingrid and Murasaki or between another coupling, who knows.
  9. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    It's not bad that the other two sluts will appear. Infact that's pretty neat, considering how hot they are! :nosebleed:
    Besides that, I'm deffinetly classifying to that third group (Ingrid fanboys) and I believe that character is going to be my alltime favorite if it isn't already. But I crave for more action! Like hoping atleast for one more pure Ogre-Ingrid gangbang!
    Nobody liked Murasaki tentacle? Well what's to be liked there.. you can't even see her tits from a good angle.
    And about that lesbo scene you mentioned.. I trully doubt it will happen'.. c'mon they are getting raped and abused over and over again, do you honestly thing after all that they will just FORGET what happend so far and start screwing eachother?
  10. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    Umm ... I began to explain how they wouldn't be lesbians, and how it'd be about succumbing to the pleasures of sex, the woman wanting to fuck anybody period, same gender or not, and how you haven't read much seduction-orgy hentai apparently, and--

    And then I realized pictures would just make it easier. ;)

    These pictures don't show any lesbian sex scenes. What they do show is the kind of situation the women might find themselves in -- one which you didn't seem to think would be all that realistic or plausible -- situations which are conducive to, though not requiring, lesbian sex. I think you pictured it as two women all alone in a bedroom by themselves, and that's so-lol-not what I meant. :) What I was talking about, and what you've surely seen numerous times if you've been reading/watching hentai for at least a couple years, is where you have one girl being fucked up the butt by a dildo (or another guy), up her vagina by a man she's riding cowgirl-style, and she's facing another girl. This other girl is also riding the man cowgirl-style with her vagina in his face, and he's doing oral on her. Meanwhile, she has a guy of her own behind her and he's fucking her up the ass. The two womens' breasts are smushing against one another and then, caught up in the moment, drowning in sexual ecstasy, one girl kisses the other and (more often than not) the second girl reciprocates and they start french kissing.

    Is this my fetish? Not even close. I'm just saying, I know a lot of yuri fans and they were disappointed by the lack of Asagi x Sakura, Asagi x Oboro, or Sakura x Oboro action in the Taimanin Asagi anime. So I think that this second time around things might be different, and they'll get one scene -- just one! -- where two girls will be being fucked side-by-side, one thing will lead to another, and before you know it it's an orgy and the girls are kissing one another and groping one another while ogres are fucking their downstairs-parts.

    HENTAIBEN The Nesta

    I really need to get this CG set, lol. *looks*
  12. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    The unfortunate thing about Black Lilith's HCG sets, from the ones I've seen/collected, is that no one girl gets all that many sex scenes. I think his games are probably on the shorter side of the spectrum, like Inyouchuu Shoku was, and not as long nor as convoluted as, say, Infection 3 was. :)

    Specifically, Ingrid is only in two sequences in Taimanin Murasaki. One of them I've already posted in its entirety. The other one is where she's being tortured by ogres in the Underworld with electric dildo-prods.
  13. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    please: remember that Lilith / Black Lilith material (even the CG sets) are Anime Antena material which may not be posted here, games and CG sets are DLsite material as well...

    talking / writing about it is o.k., even posting some samples, but information about complete sets -> PM
  14. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    LOL I just had a flashback of my silly face from yesterday, sitting and imagining a lesbian scene exactly the way you described it! XD

    But yeah that kind "orgy" or "pose" is something you oftenly see in hentai. It will be worthy hot if we see something like this in Makai Kishi Ingrid 3 or 4. It's not my favorite thing either, I'm sort of oral fetishist (which is why I enjoyed the first minute of Ep 2 so much.. ;P ), but now when you speak I think it will be very kewl if we get to see this kind of action or anything close to it! I also wonder if they will stop resisting it and brake into mindless cumdumps at some point.

    By far you seem to show some solid knowledge alot about the "series" so I you got my attention now.. maybe there's another big juicy gossip? Or few?! :O Heheh I don't wanna torture you, really. But maybe you can enlighten me about the characters' names.. I don't know them except Ingrid and Murasaki and it would be sweet if I get to know who is who. :love:
  15. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    Oh and Hi Redrooster! :eek: *sneaks out of his lurker-cave for first time*
  16. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    There's not much to tell. I haven't played the games, and as for names, I can answer that in just four additional lines:

    Asagi = purple clothes, long black hair, green eyes, white skin
    Sakura = black and yellow clothes, short blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin
    Murasaki = white clothes, long blue hair, red eyes, white skin
    Ingrid = black clothes, long pink hair, yellow eyes, brown skin
  17. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    Thanks bruv <3

    Oh and by the way I wasn't supposed to greet redrooster, but it was reingiolt.. oh well ... fail. :defeat:
  18. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    I can take it...

  19. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    well nothing fails as they are R & R bros :XD:
    btw Stringendo 3 dissapointed me not gooey enough :donotwant: 3/5
  20. asd812

    asd812 New Member

    Same! :surprised2: